The 20 Highest Rated Colleges in Boston in 2019

Harvard University

Finding the best college possible is vital as this will affect the qualifications you receive and can impact on your future career choices. Each college has its own pros, cons, and specialties. If you are planning to attend a college in Boston or the surrounding area, there is a vast choice of educational establishments. Which you choose will partly depend on which course you want to take and the qualification you want to achieve. It can also depend on the reputation and credentials of the college. Here are 20 of the best colleges in Boston in 2019 for you to consider.

20. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

For those wanting to pursue a career in pharmacy or health sciences, one of the top universities to apply to is the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Following a six-year course, 72 percent of students graduate in their chosen field. The university has a focus on success and is dedicated to delivering education in innovative ways and using the latest technology. In addition to academic studies, students have the chance to get hands-on experience to develop their skills and knowledge. The college is located on Longwood Avenue in Boston.

19. Stonehill College

Located in Easton just outside Boston, Stonehill College is one of the best computer science and technology colleges in the area and one of the few in the United States that offers a financial technology programming course. This college has some excellent success rates, with 94 percent of graduates gaining employment following graduation and an 87 percent career goals success rate. Student life for those who attend this college is exciting as they offer a range of recreational activities and sports programs.

18. Hult International Business School

Business is a very competitive field, so choosing a top university is important if you want to succeed. Ranked one of the top colleges for studying business in Boston is Hult International Business School. There are seven Hult campuses internationally and the Boston campus is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There is the opportunity for students to begin their studies at Boston, and then to move to another of the international campuses for a rounded, diverse, and exciting education. The main courses of study at this college are international business and trade and business administration and management. This is a smaller college, so students can have a more in-depth learning experience.

17. Berklee College of Music

Boston is a fantastic place to study for a degree in music, and one of the top establishments for this course of study is Berklee College of Music. Students who attend this college can expect a diverse education that covers many aspects of music and working in the music industry while focusing on their chosen subject. Some of the most popular courses at this college include theory and composition, music performance, and music management. In total, there are 12 majors on offer, and students will have the opportunity to develop their musical skills and performances. The residence halls of the college are located in the Fenway neighborhood, which is close to many local amenities, There are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to enjoy

16. Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Those who wish to pursue a career in the fields of art and design should consider studying at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Founded in 1873, this is a four-year independent college od art that is located in the Fenway district at the heart of Boston. Students have access to a wide range of arts and designs courses, with some of the most popular including art teacher, graphic arts, fashion design, cinema and film, sculpture, and industrial design. Students can choose their majors and then decide to focus on specific disciplines within these subject areas.

15. Babson College

Babson College is considered one of the top colleges for those who want to study business in the Boston area. The two most popular degree subjects are accounting and business administration and management. This educational establishment is also a popular choice among those who wish to study for an MBA. Babson College is ranked amongst the top colleges in the world for entrepreneurship and the college has received awards for both the undergraduate and graduate programs in this field.

14. Simmons College

Simmons College is a private women’s college that is located in the Fenway area at the heart of Boston. An interesting fact about this college is that it was the first to offer a liberal arts education to women in the United States. There are over 40 majors available form which students can choose, and there is the option to combine different fields of study to tailor their education to meet their academic and professional goals. This college stands out from other liberal arts colleges because they believe that real-life experience is just as important as the academic studies on offer.

13. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is located just five miles outside the center of Boston. It offers various levels of degrees, including certificates, associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorates. Some of the most popular courses of study at this university are business, nursing, education, economics, biology, criminal justice, English literature, psychology, and physical education. Despite its large size, this university offers a small college experience as there are nine colleges within the university.

12. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

One of the top colleges in the Boston area for students wanting to study engineering is the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. This is a relatively new college as it was not formed until 2002. Despite being new, it has already built a strong reputation as one of the best engineering schools available. The college offers courses in a vast range of engineering fields, but some of the most popular majors are engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The curriculum at the college is built around students gaining some first-hand experience along with their academic studies. There is also a strong focus on the design elements of engineering.

11. Amherst College

The most popular majors at Amherst College include economics, biology, English, psychology, and history, although it offers a wide range of Bachelor of Arts degrees. In total, there are 850 courses available, including a range of interdisciplinary fields. Students have the option to tailor their course rather than following a core curriculum. The college is located outside Boston in Amherst and it was founded in 1821. The campus is spread over 1,000-acres, and students can enjoy a range of sporting and extracurricular activities.

10. Gordon College

At Gordon College, students have a choice of 38 majors, 42 concentrations, and 15 minors. The focus of many of the degrees in education and music, as these are the college’s specialist fields. Other popular majors at this university include psychology, business, English literature, biology, youth ministry, communications, and social work. Gordon college has many varsity teams and is located close to Massachusetts’ picturesque beaches.

9. Wellesley College

Just outside Boston in Wellesley is Wellesley College. It is a private women’s liberal arts college that was founded in 1870. It is in the top ten liberal arts colleges in the United States. Personalization is key to studying at this college as students can tailor their course to suit their needs. They offer 32 majors and 22 interdepartmental majors, along with an impressive range of educational opportunities, including internships, advocacy programs, and extracurricular activities. This college has 14 varsity sports team and a range of clubs and societies.

8. Emerson College

Located on Boylston Street in Boston, Emerson College is widely considered one of the top colleges in the Boston area. They offer 27 undergraduate programs and 10 graduate degrees with the main focus on visual and performing arts and communications. They also offer 25 minor degrees in various aspects of liberal arts studies. Emerson College’s downtown location means that students are at the heart of the city’s Theater District. This gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of arts and performing.

7. Bentley University

Bentley University is located just outside Boston on Forest Street in Waltham, Massachusetts. There are 25 major programs available at this college, including media and culture, English, history, accounting, marketing, Spanish studies, philosophy, and health studies. Along with the majors on offer, there are also minors and graduate programs. Students can expect an excellent standard of university life, with many clubs, organization, societies, varsity sports, and amenities.

6. Brandeis University

Brandeis University is a private research university that is located nine miles west of the city of Boston. The campus covers 235 acres with over 100 residential and academic buildings. There are 542 faculties, 260 clubs or organizations, and 19 varsity sports. This university has an acceptance rate of 31 percent. Brandeis University is a good choice for those studying business, management, arts, sciences, technology, or social policy.

5. Tufts University

With an acceptance rate of 16 percent and a graduation rate of 92 percent, Tufts University is considered one of the premier universities in the United States. The list of fields of study at this university includes medicine, arts, sciences, medicine, dental medicine, and veterinary medicine, among others. The university, which was established in 1852, has six libraries, 341 student organizations, and 132 graduate and professional clubs and organization. They say that 93.8 percent of their students take part in at least one extra-curricular activity.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Although MIT is a top university in many subjects, it’s specialist subjects are technology, engineering, computer science, and business. However, there are courses in many other areas, including arts, humanities, social sciences, and architecture. This is a center for both research and education, with a total of 30 departments across five schools. They are pioneers in offering new and innovative ways of teaching and learning. Students have the option to live on site, and there are many amenities available. Athletica and recreational activities are an important element of campus life at this university.

3. Boston College

According to Boston College, it was the first institution to offer higher education in the city of Boston and it is now one of the top universities in the country. There are four undergraduate divisions at this university; Carroll School of Management, Connell School of Nursing, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, and Morrisey College of Arts & Sciences. Within these divisions, there is a range of courses from which students can choose. Students at this university can also develop personally, thanks to societies, social events, and activities.

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is both a college and a research facility. They offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 90 subjects. It is considered one of the top colleges in the country for science, computer science, and technology. The research programs include health, sustainability, and security. There is also a strong athletics program and the college delivers an excellent standard of life on campus with many activities and amenities.

1. Harvard University

It is a well-known fact that Harvard University is one of the top universities in the United States, so it makes sense that it tops the list for the best colleges in Boston. Harvard University is one of the most desirable colleges in the United States because of the diversity of its courses, the quality of the tuition, and the overall experience that this university provides to its students. There are many colleges within this university that specialize in different fields. These include business, dental, design, law, medicine, education, public health, arts, and sciences.

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