10 Ridiculous Bounties Offered by Billionaires


When it comes to options in life, billionaires have more than most. If they want something, they will find a way to get it, especially if it can be bought. When you have almost unlimited resources, you can accomplish just about anything that you put your mind to. Most average people cannot imagine offering millions of dollars to accomplish a personal goal but to these elite individuals, it is of no consequence. They are easily able to dish out large sums of money to motivate average citizens to accomplish unusual and sometimes dangerous tasks that the billionaires themselves are unable to do.

Money is the universal motivator. Some of the requests are plain outrageous or have an unknown value to the individual. Either way, people come out of the woodwork to try their hands at getting the fortunes that are up for grabs. Although many of the bounties have not been awarded, the fact that they exist will grab people’s attention and leave some contemplating how they can get their hands on it. This is a list of some of the most talked about billionaire bounties in recent history.

1. Billionaire Hong Kong businessman offers $180 million to any man that can convince his daughter to leave her lesbian wife.

This woman’s father is desperate enough to try to convert his lesbian daughter to become heterosexual that he is willing to pay any man that can woo her sixty-five million dollars which was later increased to one hundred eighty million for their troubles.  Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung made the announcement shortly after the marriage of his daughter Gigi Choa to her longtime girlfriend of seven years Sean Eav. Her father denies the reports of the marriage and has even gone as far as to help prospective businessmen that can romance his daughter help to get their own business off the ground providing that they provide their own manpower. Gigi goes on to say that she considers her dad more of a friend than a parent.

2. Saudi prince offer Bentley’s to pilot bombers after a military operation.

Prince Talal bin Al Waleed tweeted that he would buy military pilots each a Bentley, over one hundred in all to celebrate successful bombing in an operation dubbed Decisive Storm. He later removed the tweet but not before it could be shared twenty-eight thousand times. He stated that he removed the tweet because some felt that he was too excessive with his money.

3. Warren Buffet offered one billion dollars to anyone who got the March Madness bracket correct.

Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway teamed up with Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert, who also happens to own the Cleveland Cavaliers, to offer the Quicken Loans One Billion Dollar Bracket Giveaway. The odds of winning were astronomical, but it did garner quite a bit of attention to March Madness.

4. $50 million dollar prize for solving traffic woes

Paul Allen is a Seattle resident and billionaire that has offered any city that comes up with a revolutionary new idea to solve traffic problems fifty million dollars in prize money. Apparently even the super wealthy suffer from the hassles of traffic delays. He is hoping that someone comes up with an idea that can be used around the world to make traffic flow more smoothly.

5.$10 million dollar prize awarded to build a craft the can venture to space.

Billionaire Peter Diamandis offered ten million dollars to the first privately funded group to successfully build a three-person craft that could successfully venture into outer space. The task was completed successfully by a team called Mojave Aerospace Ventures. They successfully made it to suborbital flight twice within two weeks. This was later dubbed the X Prize.

6. Marc Zuckerburg offers bounties to hackers that can expose flaws and bugs in Facebook.

When details came to light regarding a young man using an old laptop in a third world country hacking Zuckerburg’s personal account, it became quite embarrassing for the company. Facebook was notified of the bug but initially dismissed the findings. The young many resorted to hacking Zuckerburg’s account to get his message across. Hackers all over the world are raising money to help the young man in light of Facebook refusing to award him the money offered to other hackers.

7. Five Los Angeles billionaires put a large bounty on the head of Bin Laden in 2001.

Nevermind the government issuing a declaration of war on Bin Laden and his terrorist organization. Five billionaires from Los Angeles, California decided to take matters into their hands and hoped to attract guns for hire to lure them into Iran to kill Bin Laden and the Taliban affiliates.

8. Ukrainian billionaire puts a bounty on the heads of Russians.

Energy tycoon Igor Kolomoisky was appointed the head of the new government in Kiev. He offered bounties to the military that shot protesters and other individuals that opposed the new system of government. He views their actions as sabotage to the new order that is in place in Ukraine. He also offered $200,000 to people the liberated an occupied public building. This was a way for him to take control of the area and rid it of opposition and protesters.

9. El Chapo puts a 100 million dollar bounty on Donald Trump

Rumors swirled that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman put a $100 million dollar reward on the head of Donald Trump following Trump’s remarks regarding individuals of Mexican heritage. Apparently, the drug lord really has an aversion to Donald Trump.

10. American billionaire offers large bounty for the recovery of a warship’s bell

Co-Founder of Microsoft Paul Allen offered a rather large undisclosed sum for the recovery of the USS Bell that was sunk in 1941 taking with it over 1400 lives. Eventually, Mr. Allen recovered the bell using his own resources which cost in the millions to accomplish.

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