10 Things You Didn’t Know About Holland America

Holland America is one of the most popular cruise lines in the world. For many years it was known as the line that was made for the elderly. While there are plenty of elders who have enjoyed sailing aboard their floating luxury hotels, this is a myth. They’re made for everyone. If you haven’t personally booked a cruise with the line, then here are ten things that you didn’t know about Holland America but may be glad to learn.

1. There is a Lido Pool with a retractable roof

This is one of the coolest midship swimming pools we’ve ever seen. If there is weather about the retractable roof is a great cover so guest can enjoy a swim regardless of the weather outside. But when it’s a beautiful sunny day or a romantic starry night, it’s nice to have the roof pulled back to enjoy the full benefits of the daytime or nighttime skies. It’s a clever innovation and it’s just one of the features that make Holland America an interesting line to cruise with.

2. They offer a Chocolate Surprise

Near the end of the cruise, the ship lines provide guests with a gala for the last night of the voyage. It’s a formal night where everyone gets to put on their very best attire and join the glam club. The crew appears in the dining room and they bring around trayfuls of the most amazing chocolate confections that you’ve ever had in your life. It’s a chocoholics trip to heaven for a little while. It’s nothing short of phenomenal and they even offer the same treats in the Ocean bar and at the casino. All of Holland America’s ships in their fleet do this on the last night of the cruise and it’s something that everyone needs to know about.

3. They feature the Yum Yum Man

The Yum Yum man is also known as the Ginger Guy comes around with a cart of ginger candies which are out of this world. This is after you’ve binged your brains out on dinner. He’s outside of the dining room entrance every night and he also offers a variety of mints and dried fruits. It’s an amazing way to settle your stomach after eating dinner.

4. Holland America features three new music venues

Through the years Holland America has maintained some great music for guests, but their latest addition has been labeled as Music Walk. It features Billboard onboard with is a music lounge where you can go and hear live dueling pianos and a variety of vocalists who sing the latest chart-topping hits from current hits to fifty years back in time. It’s something that people of all ages can really get into. The BB King Blues club also features live all-star bands playing blues, funk and much more. The music is nothing short of spectacular aboard Holland America.

5. Holland America features America’s Test Kitchen

Did you know that Holland America features America’s Test Kitchen? It’s right onboard their ships. Guests aboard the ship are invited to participate in their demonstrative cooking shows. Yes, it’s actually a part of the television series that you may have seen aired. You’re welcome to participate in hands-on cooking experiments or if you prefer, you can just kick back and watch the show. Either way, you could learn some interesting new cooking methods.

6. The Crow’s Nest is a three in one venue

The iconic Crow’s Nest is something that you can only find aboard Holland America lines. It’s a combination venue that offers all of the amenities you’d find in a bar, a cafe, an internet cafe, and a library. All of this comes with panoramic views of the sea. It’s one of the most amazing places to go to read, to play, to enjoy a drink or grab a bite to eat. You can also get connected to the internet here.

7. The Lido Market is only aboard Holland America

The Lido Market is the buffet station offering a variety of stations for your dining pleasure. While most onboard buffets are self-serve, this one is not. They do this for a specific reason. It’s a bit disturbing to watch guests with unwashed hands picking over buffet items and leaving germs behind on the food. With staff serving each diner, there is no more worry over unsanitary conditions, which have become a topic of concern in recent years.

8. They have a massive theater

Holland America has a large theater that is called the Mainstage. They offer balcony theater seats on the ship to give you a bird’s eye view of the entertainment that’s happening below. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers getting upper deck seating, but they also offer lower venue seating for those who prefer to get closer to the stage. There’s a little something for everyone because their goal is to satisfy the individual preferences of every guest. They also offer some really cool live shows at the theater.

9. You can order takeout pizza and burgers for poolside dining

This is another great service that Holland America offers. You simply go to the ordering station and tell them what you want and they give you a pager. When your freshly made New York style pizza or burgers are ready, the pager goes off. You can pick them up at a very convenient window and take them back to one of the tables and enjoy a poolside meal with no hassles about food or beverages near the pool. Incidentally, this eatery is called the Dive In.

10. Holland America isn’t just for the elderly anymore

We previously mentioned that Holland America was once known as the cruise line for older people. They’ve turned all of that around. Although older people are still comfortable aboard the cruise ships there are more things that are geared for every age group. This makes it the perfect venue for family vacation cruises. They offer fun entertainment, activities, and foods that are geared for people of every age.

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