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How Boot Barn Became One Of The Leading Clothing Retailers

Boot Barn

Boot Barn is your one-stop-shop for cowboy or cowgirl workwear, boots, and hats. According to CNBC, Boot Barn currently has over 250 locations in the US. The retail center has its eyes on expanding to double its current geographical footprint. So how did Boot Barn rise to become one of the leading clothing retailers in the US? This article details how the retailer achieved such success. Read on.

What Is Boot Barn?

Boot Barn is a clothing retailer founded by Ken Meany as a family-run storefront in 1978. The store eventually grew into a large company with over 200 locations in over 30 states. The company has grown even on the online storefront and has an eCommerce website where they reach their customers for a one on one interaction. As the name suggests, Boot Barn specializes in footwear and boots. The company’s sales are mostly male geared, but that focus is seemingly changing with their new collection, the Wonderwest.

Annual Sales Reports

According to Forbes, Boot Barn registered a 14.6% growth in the fiscal year 2019, with sales skyrocketing to $776.9 million. The company projects to close the financial year with a gross total of $850 million by March 2020.

In 2019, Boot Barn's in-store business brought in 83% of sales with the three eCommerce websites contributing close to 17% of the total profit registered. The three eCommerce websites affiliated with Boot Barn are,, and Boot Barn is famous for their footwear, and most of their client list comprises of men who make up to 65% of their sales. Their footwear generates over 50% of sales. While Boot Barn boasts of a remarkable online presence, it is their brick and mortar presence that registers the most success.

An analysis of the company discovered that its foot traffic increased steadily every year since 2017. Marketing experts believe that the trend will continue because Boot Barn has proven their expertise in locating store locations that draw the most viable customers. Experts also added that it has a strategic store placement across the country, thereby giving it room to expand into uncharted territory. Additionally, the company’s niche market and understanding of Western fashion allows it little competition among the clothing index.

How Does Boot Barn Bring in Its Customers?

Boot Barn describes itself as a house of brands that offers a wide selection of workwear and Western brands. However, the company's in-house exclusive brands are some of the contributors to the company's traction in the clothing retailing industry. The sales from the exclusive brands account for over 20% of the total sales thus fiscal year, this being a growth from last year’s 16% sales. Some of the leading in house brands the retailer stocks include Shyanne, which is primarily made for women, and Cody James, made for men. These two brands rank second and fourth on Boot Barn’s top five successful brands. The company also offers a close and personal relationship with its customers, thereby interacting with them and making them aware of exclusive offerings such as from music stars like Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley.

Tapping Into The Female Market.

It is evident that men's clothing, boots, and workwear make-up close to two-thirds of the company's sales. The women's fashion, which comprises less than a fourth of sales of the company, however, represents a robust potential category. The company calls its contemporary women’s fashion, the’ Wonderwest.' This collection comprises of female boots and workwear and is sold on the company's website as well as on a free-standing site.

The ’Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert’ collection got featured significantly in the Wonderwest. The pop star said that her line represented everything she was as a person. She added that her clothes were meant for the everyday girl who excels at what she does. Lambert concluded, that her clothes are meant to be comfortable for any woman regardless of size and age. The fashion styles in the collection might not appeal to every woman out there, but the branding message passed by Miranda lambert encourages body positivity in all forms and aspects.

Boot Barn Understands The Western Lifestyle

Boot Barn understands its customers’ values and lives. The company prides itself on being a genuine lifestyle brand that trades on loyal customers looking for authenticity. The company gathers insights from its database, allowing it to tailor its merchandise to each local market and trade in what is hot and trendy at the moment. Boot Barn also uses television and radio to reach new customers and also to keep the current ones engaged with emails and catalogs, thus supporting more precise and direct targeting. Social media is also an essential tool for the company. Boot Barn has over 2 million followers on Facebook and almost 300,000 followers on Instagram.

According to BCC Advisers, Boot Barn also acquired G&L Clothing in 2019. G&L Clothing was a retailer that was synonymous with work clothes that came in a wide variety of sizes. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017, and that long-standing tradition is what got Boot Barn interested in the company. G&L Clothing opened its first store in 1917 in downtown Des Moines attracting farmers and construction workers. After the acquisition by Boot Barn, G&L Clothing maintained its store at 1801 Ingersoll Avenue, and some of the employees at the company got job offers as well.

Final Thoughts

Boot Barn is arguably the best Western clothing retailer in the US and has a seemingly large market. The company’s CEO, Jim Conroy, announced that the company would be expanding to double its size. If the sales numbers are anything to go by, the company is on its way to becoming the largest clothing retailer in the country.

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