How Crutchfield is Challenging Amazon at Sales Experience

Who doesn’t shop at Amazon these days? After all, you can find virtually anything there. The truth is, if it can’t be found at Amazon, there’s a very real possibility that it simply can’t be found anywhere. Therefore, this is a site that has been growing in popularity over several years now. Currently, it is the go-to place for virtually anyone that wants to get anything at a rock-bottom price. That being said, have you ever asked yourself if you’re really getting the best deal possible overall? In other words, are you really getting the product you want or are you merely getting whatever shows up on the page first? Furthermore, what do you know about the quality of that item, especially when it comes to things that have to be installed?

As it turns out, Crutchfield is doing a pretty good job of beating Amazon at its own game. This is largely because they’re able to do something that Amazon really never has done. They give you more information about the product that you want to purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting. You also know if there’s something else that you need in order to make that item work, such as a special cable, so on and so forth. This information is not always provided by Amazon. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t. It’s beyond frustrating to make a purchase without knowing exactly what you need in its entirety until you receive the item and then find out that there’s something else you should have ordered along with it. Furthermore, Crutchfield is doing a really good job of including everything that you need as a package deal, as opposed to making you pay more money for a separate product. At Amazon, you’re probably going to have to pay for the item in question and then pay separately for the cable or whatever you need in order to make it work, provided that you even know that ahead of time.

Another thing that Crutchfield is doing is providing comprehensive customer support when it comes to things like technical support. Again, this has never been Amazon’s strong suit. You can read online reviews all day long, but at this point, you have to start wondering how many of those reviews are honestly reviewing the product from a customer’s perspective and how many of them are showing up on the page because they’re sponsored by the company that sells the product in question. If you’ve ever ordered anything off of Amazon and then found a problem with it after you unpacked it, you already know that calling them and getting any kind of effective technical support is probably not going to happen. There’s no doubt that you can reach out to them, and they probably will offer you a full refund, but that’s about where their support stops. If you’re more interested in finding out why a certain feature on a product doesn’t work and correcting the issue, they don’t really have anybody employed that can help you. Amazon’s attitude toward such things is that you should just call the company that manufactures it. After all, they only sell it, so why should they know any more about the product than you do?

Obviously, you can probably see where this would pose a problem for most customers. When you buy something, you want to know that it is capable of getting the job done or you wouldn’t be purchasing it in first place. Having a sales team in place that knows something about the product and can offer some tangible advice when it comes to getting things to work correctly is invaluable to a lot of customers. So is having the opportunity to get the very best products at a fair price. Amazon is frequently about showing you dozens upon dozens of products so you can choose the one that costs the very least. For some people, that works because that’s what they’re searching for. For others, it just isn’t enough to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a company that has some decent technical support, will offer you a refund when they should, and is capable of providing the highest quality products for only a couple of dollars more than Amazon, Crutchfield is really the place to look. In time, they just might become more popular than Amazon, as they already are at that level with customers that want something more than just the lowest price.

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