How Do Ticket Prices to the 2019 Super Bowl Compare to Recent Super Bowls?

Attending the Super Bowl is an expensive affair. Hotels, flights, restaurant reservations, and local transportation will be in high demand in Atlanta the weekend that the city is hosting Super Bowl LIII. Fans from all over the world are flocking to the city to see the final matchup of the season between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. The most expensive aspect of being a part of the action is the actual ticket to the game. Just how expensive is a ticket to Super Bowl LIII and how does it compare to ticket prices in recent years?

According to SeatGeek’s ticket tracker, tickets to the big game in Atlanta are averaging at $5,059 just five days before the event. This figure is higher than the average ticket price at five days out for 2013-2017 but on par with the 2018 Super Bowl.

In order to understand the factors influencing prices and ticket purchase traffic, it is important to note the teams that played in the Super Bowl and the location of the game each year.

2013: New Orleans, Louisiana – Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

With just five days left before the 2013 Super Bowl, ticket prices averaged at about $2,500, which is roughly half of what they are at currently. In the days remaining, prices slowly decreased, despite the fact that demand was on the upturn. The number of tickets purchased steeply peaked in the day following the NFC and AFC championship games. At that point, ticket prices sat around $2k.

What influenced this? The Ravens had not been to a Super Bowl since 2001, when they defeated the New York Giants in Tampa. The 49ers last saw Super Bowl playing time in 1995 when they beat the San Diego Chargers in Miami. 49ers fans faced a more significant travel experience across the country, compared to the mid-atlantic based Ravens fans.

2014: East Rutherford, New Jersey – Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

Ticket prices were averaging at about $3k leading up to the conference championships. At that point, they dropped down to $2k when the teams playing were decided and remained around that price point for the remainder of the time leading up to the game. Demand increased with almost 3,000 people purchasing tickets the day of the conference championships, but the vast majority making their ticket purchases in the final few days, with almost 4,000 tickets being purchased the day before the game.

What influenced this? The location of the game may have deterred fans initially, with both teams being based on the opposite side of the country from the east coast stadium. Denver’s last Super Bowl appearance was in 1999 and Seattle’s was in 2006.

2015: Glendale, Arizona – New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

With five days remaining before the 2015 Super Bowl, ticket prices averaged at roughly $4k and steadily increased in the remaining days, hitting a peak at nearly $10k the morning of the game. Over 4,000 tickets were purchased the night of the conference championships, and slowly tapered off in the next two weeks.

What influenced this? Many New England fans believed that this would be Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl, at age 37. When the Patriots won the AFC championship, fans rushed to purchase tickets for their final chance to see the quarterback play in a Super Bowl. Seahawks fans were eager to see their team play in another Super Bowl now that the game was taking place on their own side of the country.

2016: Santa Clara, California – Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

The average ticket price remained relatively constant throughout the season leading up to the Super Bowl with prices staying in the $4k-$5k range. Demand fluctuated in the two weeks before the game but spiked in the final days, with almost 4,000 tickets purchased in the last 24 hours.

What influenced this? Broncos fans had recently seen a Super Bowl loss just a few years earlier and were hopeful that their team could pull off a win over the young Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton. Newton was 2015 NFL Regular Season MVP and put up impressive stats with a 15-1 regular season record for the team.

2017: Houston, Texas – New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Average ticket price hovered between $4k-$6k in the weeks leading up to the conference championships but dipping down to about $3k right after the AFC and NFC champions were decided. Prices remained constant for the remaining days before the game. Ticket purchase traffic also remained constant with only a small initial spike after the conference championship games and fluctuating between about 500 and 1,500 tickets purchased daily 

What influenced this? The Patriots were back for the second time in three years. Tom Brady was set to turn 40 at the end of the summer in 2017 and again, many fans believed that he would not play in another Super Bowl. The Falcons (whose stadium is hosting the 2019 Super Bowl) had only ever appeared in one other Super Bowl about a decade earlier in 1998.

2018: Minneapolis, Minnesota – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Ticket prices to the game in Minneapolis hovered around the same price that they are at currently (about $5k) throughout the duration of the time leading up to the game. Ticket sales only experienced a minor spike following the conference championship games and maxed out with a peak of about 1,000 tickets purchased in a single day. Other than that initial spike, ticket sales ranged between 300-450 daily.

What influenced this? The Eagles had never won a Super Bowl and were facing up against a team that is tied for the record of second most Super Bowl wins (5). This was the underdog story of the century for Philadelphia fans. Again, Patriots fans envisioned this being the last time now 40 year old quarterback Tom Brady would be playing in a Super Bowl and fears of Brady’s retirement hung in the air. However, many Patriots fans that had made the financial investment to attend the game in 2015 and 2017 were priced out and others were disinterested in attending yet another Patriots Super Bowl.

2019: Atlanta, Georgia – New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

Just five days ahead of Super Bowl LIII with ticket prices hovering just over $5k, an estimated number of 430 tickets were purchased. Prices have remained constant, as have ticket purchase numbers. Ticket purchases experienced a slight peak to 1,075 immediately following the conference championships but leveled off to hover between 350-500.

What influences this? This will be New England’s FOURTH Super Bowl appearance in just five years. Some fans are sick of seeing the Patriots reappear in the early February football matchup and worn out by the annual speculation of Brady’s retirement. The Rams have a weak fan base due to their recent moving around and 2016 relocation to Los Angeles. LA is also home to another NFL team so the Rams lose fans the Chargers. With the game being on the east coast, the Rams fans may not be willing to travel across the country for a team that only recently came to LA.

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