How Electric-Dirt Bike Startup Cake Could be a Game Changer

CAKE is a Swedish motorcycle manufacturer. To be exact, CAKE is a Swedish motorcycle manufacturer that has produced a very minimalist off-road motorcycle with an electric motor that has been getting a lot of interest in recent times. There are a number of reasons that CAKE’s electric motorcycle has been getting so much interest. In some cases, it seems probable that people are getting caught up in the general enthusiasm for environmentalism, which to be perfectly fair, is pretty important in a world in which the consequences of environment degradation are becoming clearer and clearer. However, it should also be noted that CAKE’s electric motorcycle possesses real merits of its own, which possess the potential to tap into underserved markets of potential motorcycle consumers.

First, electric is in. This makes sense because there is rising concern with the use of fossil fuels, which is based on a number of powerful motivators. One example would be the greenhouse gases released in the process of that use, which are making the planet warmer and warmer by keeping more and more of the energy contained in sunlight trapped on our planet rather than being reflected into outer space. Another example would be the limited supplies of fossil fuels, meaning that unrestrained use cannot be sustained forever. As a result, electric vehicles have received a significant boost in recent times because of this trend, even though they are still very far from the point when they can replace their counterparts altogether.

Second, while CAKE’s electric motorcycle won’t impress anyone who loves big, powerful machines, it is so simple and straightforward that it has been finding success with even non-traditional segments of potential motorcycle consumers. After all, increased convenience means fewer barriers to prevent potential customers from making purchases, thus making a product that much more viable in the process. On top of its convenience, it should be mentioned that CAKE’s electric motorcycle benefits from its use of electricity in the sense that it is not just light but also silent when in use, which tends to be a selling point for a lot of motorcycle consumers out there. Better still, it needs less maintenance than most of its counterparts, which can be credited to both its minimalism and its reliance on an electric motor.

What Are Some Challenges that Need to Be Overcome?

Having said this, there are still numerous obstacles that must be overcome before CAKE can become a significant player in its chosen market. To his credit, CAKE CEO Stefan Ytterborn recognizes this fact, as shown by how he outright stated some of them in an interview with Cycle World. For example, Ytterborn has stated that while electric motors have the potential to do much for the environment, there is still a long way to go before that potential can be realized because the existing infrastructure is still based on old ways of doing things. Likewise, Ytterborn has mentioned how the motorcycle manufacturer needs to secure around $25 million to fuel the full range of its expansion plans, which will take a fair amount of effort on its part. Still, CAKE has already overcome a number of obstacles standing in the way of its ambition, meaning that it would be premature to dismiss it just because it is still in the process of really getting off of the ground.

Will CAKE Be a Game Changer?

As for the issue of whether CAKE will prove to be a game changer or not, that remains to be seen. Yes, its motorcycles are very interesting. However, as Ytterborn has noted, it isn’t the sole player in its chosen market but rather one constituent of an emerging wave, meaning that even if it changes the world in a significant manner, it will be changing the world in cooperation with other like-minded entities. Of course, this is based on the assumption that CAKE will continue to succeed in the times to come, which is by no means guaranteed because new businesses have high failure rates in spite of promising products because they have fewer resources to fall back on when a serious problem shows up. Still, even if CAKE fails, the concept of a minimalist electric motorcycle is interesting enough that other companies are bound to launch their own versions in the future.

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