How Hologram Technology is Becoming Part of the Mainstream

When we were children, those little holographic stickers were the top of the line. We dreamed of having the fully realized holograms you saw on tv and in movies like Simone. Unfortunately, the holograms of the 1980s and 1990s were like 3-d glasses and flying cars, we all loved them, but ultimately they went nowhere. Or so we thought. Fortunately, those technologies were just in hibernation. 3D made a big comeback with movies like Avatar available on 3D TVs. The flying car finally hit the market this year, but it’s holograms we are the most excited about. The potential applications of the technology are stunning. They’re already being used in some pretty spectacular ways, with more to come.

All the World’s a Stage

You may have heard that Amy Winehouse’s latest tour was canceled. She’s not the only voice that’s set to be resurrected, however.  Though some people find it morally challenging to consider the rights of and respect for the deceased when they can be returned in this way, we think it’s wonderful. Technology is going to allow spectators to view full 3D holograms backed by live bands and voice recordings. This stroke of genius will let people all over the world catch shows they could never reach otherwise for physical and temporal reasons. We’re hoping they extend this to plays as well. The chance to be at Hamilton’s opening night or see a Broadway show in a small town are only two of the incredible possibilities. Entertainment will never be the same, and in the future, you may even be able to meet the stars who passed away before you were ever born if you spring for the backstage passes.

Safer Paths Home

Hyundai and WayRay are already colluding on a brilliant augmented reality hologram for your car. They’ve decided to take the heads up display concept into the future with this beautiful idea. Instead of a screen, you need to look down to see. They plan to display pertinent information in a way that appears on the road in front of you. Because they plan to use your windshield instead of a forward projected display, other drivers on the road won’t see what your car is telling you. Alerts about dangers, traffic and road conditions will display right before your eyes helping to get you home faster and safer than before. You won’t even need to look away, so the tech will help eliminate that form of distraction, which is beneficial to everyone on the road.

Holograms in Your Pocket

One of the toughest things about developing new technology is creating increasingly compact versions. Smaller tech means less weight and many more applications. When computers were new in the world, they took up an entire wall and had very little memory or capabilities. Bringing them down to size so that they could be brought into the home while increasing their memory and available programming took time and the minds of many brilliant scientists. Hologram technology can’t fit inside a phone or a set of 3D glasses. Or rather, it couldn’t happen until now. According to The Optical Society,  researchers have created a more compact version free from the bulky parts that were holding back the tech. With this new advance, a phone with a palm-sized hologram is now one of the many possibilities. A heads up display that can literally display your head while you holo-skype isn’t too far off.

Goodbye Alexa, Hello Ron

Your digital assistant still can’t do your laundry, but soon the technology will have an upgrade that is indeed next level. Rather than the disembodied voices of Siri and Alexa, you’ll be able to get your hands on a Ron.  The new voice-assisted technology will be taking one more step toward being a ‘real boy’ with the help of holograms. Soon your smart devices will have the ability to project images. Ron will be a more fully realized and interactive aide than any that came before. In addition to his new look, they plan to integrate AI capabilities. Tomorrow’s digital assistant will think for himself and be more capable of actually helping you find solutions to your inquiries. In case you have seen I-Robot too many times, bear in mind, holograms aren’t capable of violence, so the worst he could do is develop a sense of humor and give you a good jump scare on Halloween.

YouTube 3D

With all the buzz about 5G, you’re probably wondering what that could mean for you, practically speaking. The applications are myriad, but one of the most exciting new ways holograms will be used with the new network capabilities is recording. Imagine watching your favorite youtube videos live in the room. Being able to walk around your favorite fashion influencer and look at the exact details of her outfit, or check a different angle to see how an artist drew something in the video they uploaded are going to be options very soon. The capability already exists; it’s mostly a matter of getting it into the right hands. All those toy unboxing videos and news stories and other forms of content that we all love are evolving. Soon you can check out your favorite content in a brand new dimension. Vlogs are about to get real, and we can’t wait!

Take it Home

Though you may not be ready to install 3D motion capture cameras in your home Big Brother style, you can still bring home your own petite projector. As coffee table conversation pieces go, these will undoubtedly break the ice. If using them as nightlights in your kids’ bedrooms is more your style then you can do that too. It sure trumps those cheesy little lights with the switch on the front that we used as kids. The best part is that you can change the image as many times as you like. As you or your kids go through different phases, you can have a bespoke lighting option that caters to your whims.

Magnificent Meetings

It should go without saying that calling a friend is one thing, but the business applications have long been the subject of futuristic TV. Now you can realize that executive daydream and bring your associates from around the world together more efficiently. Talk about bringing a new dimension to your business. You’ll be miles ahead of the crowd if you integrate now.  Remote workers can potentially attend business conferences without leaving the comfort of their homes. This could bring new employees into a more inclusive workplace. People with mobility issues and even agoraphobics can have incredible talent to bring to the table, but they haven’t been able to get there until now. A more diverse and easily accessible workplace caters to the future and the freelance economy simultaneously. Plue, you’ll never have to worry about employee happiness when they can take a laptop and their hologram capable devices to the beach without sacrificing productivity.

Reach Your Customers In A Way They Can’t Forget

Growing up in the 80s was a blast. Some of the best movies in cinematic history came out in that era. Most of the older generations are familiar with Back to the Future. We remember seeing a trailer for “Jaws 19” scare the heck out of Marty McFly as the shark jumped out at him. The impact of that interaction is one of those things you just don’t forget. Nike already put out the self-lacing shoes we all coveted, but they are extremely limited edition. We’re still waiting on our hoverboards, even though some prototypes have been in the works for a while now. That shark ad, however, is something we can probably get our hands on.

Of course, we really hope no one does this with a shark, but holo-advertising is here. Now you can reach out with dynamic visuals that no potential customer can ignore. We can’t wait to see kids trying to grab the intangible images in mid-air. It’s an exciting time to be an advertising executive for sure. Whoever thought we could say that and mean it? Campaign pitches for new products made with holograms are going blow the old fashioned graphs and slideshows right out of the industry. Even better, with the tech getting smaller every day, no one will need to carry around the bulky briefcases to hold the necessary equipment. Artists will have a field day too. No more huge portfolios, and a whole new medium for their work in the same package might be the most significant improvement in art since canvases were invented.

Stories of Our Past

Preserving history is one of the primary examples of how humans came to be the most prominent species on earth. Our remarkable ability to share and pass down experiences has fostered our ability to thrive since the time of cave paintings. Perhaps even before then. It is our history that teaches us how to move forward and reminds us of ways we have failed so we need not repeat every lesson indefinitely. There is nothing wrong with reading a history book. Equally, there’s nothing wrong with looking at pictures or watching films about our past. All those methods are great ways to communicate and preserve what mattered to us. With holograms, we can do more. We can share the experience of sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories with our childhood friends. We can relive some of our best personal moments. Those are excellent opportunities for the technology.

Better still the USC Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has partnered with museums to help preserve some of our living histories through holograms. The Dallas Museum, for example, is fighting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial with the help of Max Glauben. The 91-year-old living survivor has been sharing his tale for years, and now he will be able to share it forever.

Moving forward we can capture stories, and even languages before they die out. Using this incredible technology to save some of the most personal and inspiring pieces of the human experience allows us to carry more of our knowledge into the future. Later generations won’t have to wonder what we thought, or how we learned something vital. They will be able to replay our sentiments, our experiences and our thoughts to help with whatever comes, even long after we are gone. What an incredible legacy to give our children and all thanks to holograms.

Holograms for President

Just as inspiring as recording the past, one man is hoping to make future history using holograms. Andrew Yang is a presidential hopeful with an ingenious idea. He wants to campaign using holograms. The ability to hold simultaneous events in different areas and reach more people is hands down one of the most intriguing and innovative uses we’ve seen for hologram technology to date.

With all the challenges of the campaign trail, we admire a man who is leading by example. When it comes to working smarter instead of working harder, Andrew Yang is the man for the job. We’ll wait to see where he stands on the issues before we give him our vote, but so far he’s at least the guy to watch this year. We can’t help but look forward to seeing him make history and that is high praise indeed to give a candidate for the Whitehouse.

Final Thoughts

What are you looking forward to most? We can’t wait for the chance to re-live some of histories greatest moments in museums and sit down for coffee with distant hologram friends. Seeing concerts we missed, or lectures from schools we can’t afford to attend seems worth the wait. Technological advancements never cease to stun and amaze us. Living in the 21st century feels like being in a sci-fi dream sometimes, and we hope it’s one we don’t ever have to wake up from.

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