How Much Does a Wedding Cost in 2019?


Many people have wondered how much weddings cost in 2019. This is a complicated question that doesn’t have a single answer. The truth is that wedding costs have consistently been getting higher throughout the years. This is because more people are throwing more extravagant weddings and the associated costs are rising with the expectations. Old wedding traditions are getting thrown out the window, leading to more lavish productions that require more spending. Some of the costs that have recently been raised are the cost of DJs and flowers, which have seen an increased demand in recent years. People are needing an ever-increasing number of professionals to throw a good party, so it’s not a surprise that costs continue to boom. There also significant food and catering costs for weddings, which in and of itself will set you back thousands of dollars. This is not to mention the location and drinks that could possibly be served at the event. It is also important to note that the costs of the event increase with the number of people that attend the event. However, some of the costs are fixed, which will help the bottom line. Fixed costs are costs that will not increase with more people. For example, you have to pay the DJ the same amount of money whether the ceremony has 10 people or 150 people. Picking reasonably priced fixed costs is a good first step in controlling the costs of your wedding.

So, how much does a wedding cost in 2019? The figures say that the average wedding costs $33,931. This may come as a surprise to most, but not the wedding planners that often organize these events. While the average figure is $33,931, it is important to keep in mind that there is wide variation in this figure. Some people are able to get away with weddings for only a few thousand dollars, while others spend lavishly on extravagant celebrations that can exceed $100,000.  Events like these include the little extras like famous singers, artists, wedding tents, ice sculptures, and a whole lot more. It is important to budget out your wedding and put the price in a range that is comfortable for you and your partner. It is not a wise financial decision to spend exorbitantly on a wedding. Though many people are excited and want a big bash, it is important to practice fiscal responsibility. There is no sense in throwing a party that you can’t afford. Many people spend years paying off their weddings. That is money that could be spent getting the new couple to settled into a house. If you cannot to afford to pay for the wedding up front, then it is preferable to wait or downsize the wedding.

Another option that will save significant amounts of money is eloping and going directly down to the courthouse to get married without anyone else there. Not many people consider this option, but it is viable for many couples. The eloping process saves the entire hassle of throwing a big and extravagant wedding. Many people do not realize the extent to which a certificate of marriage binds two people. When you are getting married you are entering into a contract with that person for the rest of your life. There are big legal consequences as a result of getting married, so it is not an event to take lightly. There are also additional considerations such as legal counsel in the case of a prenuptial agreement. This is not a route that many couples take but can significantly raise costs of the entire marriage process. These are steps that couples often do not want to take when getting married, they can save major hassle and confusion later in the marriage. While fun, getting married is a big commitment that can have serious implications for both parties.

If you are considering getting married, then it is important to start talking about these topics now. The sooner that contentious issues get out in the open, the sooner that will be resolved. Be open about your finances when you start to see that something is headed for a long-term relationship. It is important that both partners are open about what issues may arise with financial planning. This is important not only for the wedding, but for the strength of the marriage. However, the wedding does provide a great planning opportunity for how both partners manage finances. It is also important that the future husband and wife are aligned with their values. If one of the partners wants an extravagant wedding and the other is only interested in cutting corners, then the marriage is destined to run into inevitable bumps. A good marriage requires both partners to be on the same page, this includes expectations for what money is allotted where.

Making a budget for a wedding is always a good idea. It can clarify the values of the couple and allow them to spend the most money where it matters. Setting a budget also prevents unexpected surprises from putting a damper on the wedding. If both parties know what the standards for the wedding are, then they will both be better at navigating the entire process. Communication is a crucial part of a relationship, so the planning process can be a good exercise in communicating and setting expectations for both parties. It can also be a process of limiting costs that are too extravagant or unnecessary. This way the couple can decide together what is worth giving money to. This is a great exercise for a wedding but can also be a great practice in day-to-day married life. Couples that communicate about financial issues will avoid much of the turmoil that comes with married life. Financial stress is one of the big reasons why marriages fall apart, so it is important to allot the money in a proper way. Weddings are expensive, but they are also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Couples should enjoy their wedding thoroughly, but also make sensible decisions in the process.

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