How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Portland Trailblazers Game?

As a true sports fan, the ultimate experience is being able to see some of the most gifted athletes in the world up close and personal. Well, at least up close. If you are considering visiting a Portland Trailblazers game, you will need to have an idea of how much you will likely spend. While on the surface it may appear that the only thing you will need to check is the ticket price, there is much more to consider as far as costs you will incur before and during the game. It is obvious that the cost of the tickets will likely be the most expensive variable, so we will get to that first. So what are some other things you must consider?

Ticket Prices

The tickets prices can range anywhere from $12 for nosebleed seats and as much as $4,500 for courtside seats. The good thing about a basketball arena is that even the nosebleed seats are not too far away from the court. So, for about $125, you can get some very good seats where you don’t need binoculars to see the game. If you have a $1,500 or more, you can always go for the 21-game promo rate that starts at $1,500 and goes up depending on where you want to sit. Most of the best seating options are sold out for the current year but you may want to plan for coming seasons.

What you pay to gain access for one Trailblazers game will depend heavily on where you park, what you eat, and where you sit. If you are like me, the idea of having to wait on a shuttle to get to and from the game does not sit well, so you will likely spring for up-close parking. It is worth it to me. Seats in the mid-range levels are just as good as courtside to me. That is unless you are looking to rub elbows with any celebrities that are attending the game.


You will have to spend money before you ever enter the stadium. Parking is something that will slip the mind of those who don’t this on a regular basis while regulars will know exactly where they are parking and how much it will cost them. Generally speaking, you will spend more on parking the closer you get to the arena. For this reason, some people choose to park further away and take a shuttle. You can park several miles away for under $10.00 in most instances and most of the shuttles are free. If you decide to park close to the arena, you could end up paying anywhere from $25 to $50. You will also need to be careful with scammers that will appear to be the person to pay to park. They will take your money and leave and your vehicle will end up towed. Now, getting your vehicle out of pound can easily be several hundred dollars.

Concession Stand

Unless you plan on eating before you get there, you will need to consider how much you will need to budget for food. The prices at concessions stands vary depending on the type of food you eat. For comfort foods like hamburgers and hotdogs, you can plan to spend between $8-$12 per person. If you want something the could be considered a full meal like fried or grilled seafood, you can easily pay up to $30 per person or more. Alcoholic beverages will range from $8.00 to $18.00. Not even the cotton candy can be considered to be cheap. You can easily spend $6.00 on one cotton candy ball.

Bye the way, if you are thinking about smuggling food in like you do at the movies, don’t. Bags and purses will be checked at the gate. While the checking of bags and purses are primarily for safety, they are also looking for people smuggling in food. If you are caught with food in your purse or bag that will ask you to discard it or eat it before entering.

A good drink and some fries is all I need. I am a person who likes to enjoy my food and having to hold it in my lap while fighting the urge to jump up and cheer in not my idea of enjoyment. It may be different for you. Can you attend a Blazers game for under $100 per person? Absolutely. The question is will you enjoy it?

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