How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Washington Capitals Game?

If you’re thinking about catching a Washington Capitals game live, but are not sure about the cost, we have the information that you need. The total cost isn’t really that much. There’s nothing like the thrill of catching the action at the arena in person. How much does it cost? It depends on where you want to sit, how big your appetite is and where you want to park really. Oh yes, and if you want to pick up any game souvenirs that might be a little more. We’ve looked up the average cost that fans pay to attend a Washington Capitals game plus broken down the costs so you’ll know how much to bring to the game with you.

The cost of tickets isn’t bad

The average price that a fan pays for a ticket is $59. This isn’t the most expensive nor the cheapest ticket but it offers a seat with a decent view of the game. The tickets to see the Washington Capitals play at Capital One arena range from $47 all the way up to $412. The more expensive tickets land you in the best spot in the arena with the best possible view of the game and associated amenities, but most fans opt for those between $50 and $103 on the high end. The cheaper ticket will still get you into the game and you’ll be able to get in on the excitement.

The charges for parking are decent

The cost for parking isn’t that bad either. If you want to park at the arena, the cost of the parking passes starts at $22 for Row 650 D St. NW. Parking. The Gallery Place 6th Street Row GA parking is $24 and the cost is the same for parking in Row 778 8th St. NW. The rule of thumb when it comes to parking is that the closer you are to the entrance, the higher the price. Some parking spaces go for $26, $27, $38, $40 and all the way up to $62. If you want cheaper parking and don’t mind walking for a few blocks, you can also find private lot parking, but a word of caution, you have to get there a few hours early to get the cheapest spots that are within close walking distance to the arena. There are some lots a few blocks away that charge as little as $2 to $6 for parking. The average attendee pays $24 to park at the arena because their vehicles are closer by and if they need to go back to get something they left in the car, it’s more convenient to gain access. You can come and go from the stadium once you gain admission, so it’s not a big deal to run out to the car for a few moments.

Concessions are not too steep

Food and beverages at arenas are almost always higher in price than fast food places located just outside, but they’re not so high that you can’t afford to eat there. You’d pay more at a high end restaurant. At Capital One Arena you an get an individual pizza for $10 which isn’t too bad. Cheeseburgers are $11.75 with fries and you can get a chicken tenders basket with fries for $11.25. They also sell hot dogs, hot pretzels for $6, bottomless popcorn for just $9 and water and soda for $5. Beer is a little higher and costs between $11 and $15. The average fan spends $35 on food and beverages. If you’re watching how much you spend you can eat very well for $15 or less.

The average cost of attending a Washington Capitals game

On average fans attending the game at Capital One arena spend $59 for a ticket, $24 for parking and $35 for food and beverages. This comes to just $118. You could get by a lot cheaper if you want by splitting the cost of parking with a buddy for $12, getting a soda and a sandwich for $15 and going with the $47 ticket. For a grand total of $74 which is pretty reasonable. Going to see the Washington Capitals play live is an experience that you’ll never forget. You can save even more if you attend frequently, by purchasing a season pass.

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