How Much Does the Average Wedding Cost?

Expensive weddings have been common for centuries and centuries. After all, weddings were as special in historical times as they are now, meaning that they have always merited much celebration. Unfortunately, this means that people who are planning to get married in traditional style should start saving up sooner rather than later because the costs in the present day can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

What Does the Average Wedding Cost?

For starters, weddings are often held at special venues. Sometimes, these special venues are chosen because of their sights, which can make an already special occasion that much more so by lending it something of their pleasing beauty. Other times, more practical considerations might have played a more important concern, with an excellent example being whether it possessed sufficient size to accommodate all of the wedding guests or not. Whatever the case, special venues are special, so it should come as no surprise to learn that renting them isn’t cheap. In fact, the average cost for a wedding venue is $11,046, which makes up more than a third of the average cost of a wedding of $30,717.

Moving on, both the wedding dress and the wedding tuxedo can get rather expensive. However, the first tends to be much more expensive than the latter, not least because it is common for people to buy wedding dresses and rent wedding tuxedos. Due to this, the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,779, while the average cost of a wedding tuxedo is $297. Of course, wedding dresses can get much more expensive than that, seeing as how neither embroidery nor bead-work come for free.

Speaking of which, the rings can get rather expensive as well. Generally speaking, an engagement ring costs an average of $3,125, while a wedding band costs an average of $2,490. However, there are various ways by which these prices can be lowered. For example, while the most popular choice remains diamonds, there are plenty of people who find white diamonds to be rather boring. Never mind how modern science can make artificial diamonds that are identical to their natural-forming counterparts for all practical purposes but are nonetheless offered at a much lower price because of the perceived value in the “naturalness” of natural gemstones.

Planning a wedding can be rather challenging, meaning that it is common for couples to call in a wedding planner, which means an average of $3,535. Naturally, there needs to be a wedding photographer, which means an average o $2,135. Having said this, some people will want a wedding videographer as well, meaning another $1,781. Besides this, wedding DJs are not cheap at $1,442, while wedding bands can go for even more depending on the exact level of demand for their services.

Of course, these are far from being the full list of costs associated with a wedding. For example, the average cost of catering is something along the lines of $63 per wedding guest, which add up to an average cost of catering from an independent caterer for $8,178. Please note that this isn’t actually counting the cost of the wedding cake, which interested individuals should expect to set them back by an average of $353. However, they should know that wedding cakes can see a surprising amount of variation depending on factors such as the number of tiers, the kind of filling, and the kind of decorations lavished upon it. Even something like make-up will come in at hundreds of dollars, as will the cost of transportation for the big day.

Further Considerations

Summed up, it is no wonder that weddings can get so expensive. After all, weddings can come with a huge number of expenses, all of which will come with high prices because most people want their weddings to be a special occasion that everyone will remember with fondness. As a result, it seems safe to say that people with plans of getting married in a big ceremony with plenty of guests at some point in the future might want to start saving up as soon as possible. This way, when the time actually comes for them to pay for all of the wedding personnel as well as all of the wedding products that they need, they won’t be caught completely and utterly offguard by the financial costs. Suffice to say that isn’t a good idea, not least because financial disputes are one of the leading causes of stress for marriages and other romantic relationships.

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