How Three Kinds of Advanced Technology Can Impact Your Life

The impact that technology has on our lives is limitless. It’s designed to simplify how we do things and to improve our lives. As tech continues to advance, more and more entrepreneurs are sinking vast amounts of money into tech startups because the demand is growing by the day. New York and Silicon Valley are being populated by by these startups, and most of them are relevant because they solve real-life issues. To that end, let’s take a look at how tech can impact your life.

A Fusion of Old School and New Tech

We all know the hazards of drunk driving. We also all know that if you have a problem with alcohol, there are plenty of locations for alcohol rehab all over the country where you can go for help. That’s old school – but still relevant, nonetheless.

Nowadays though, tech has made driving a bit safer for everyone on the road. You can get a device that won’t allow your vehicle to start if you’re drunk or over the legal limit. Sometimes, after having obtained your first DUI, the judge will order you to get one. These are called ignition interlock devices. While the fines of a DUI are expensive, it’s worth investing in the ignition interlock device cost, to ensure safety and avoid fines.

Uber App

If you’ve ever thought about sharing a ride with other people who happen to be traveling in the same direction, this app makes it easy peasy. It works with both Android and Apple devices and is an inexpensive way to get ride sharing on demand. Uber is more cost efficient than most of the cabs out there and it also works to help the environment because instead of 4 cars going the same way, you can put those 4 drivers into one car and get them where they’re going.

Electric Imp

The Electric Imp is simply a device that enables home automation. It allows you to do certain things automatically by utilizing the power of the internet. The goal here is to bring Wi-Fi enabling to everything around us. This particular tech will bring the internet alive in your devices and will give each of the connected items convenience, customization, and intelligence. It will save you when it comes to time and will assist you with doing more with less. The Electric Imp will create a bridge between the connected devices and your services and apps. This means you’ll be wasting less time and will have the ability to control any of your connected devices simply by using the internet.

When it comes to new tech that’s impacting our lives, there are countless options for us to talk about – including the Lockitron – which allows you to lock your doors with your phone, MoviePass – which allows you to see movies that are currently in theaters, but without the aggravation of having to stand in line for tickets, and more. Everywhere you look, there’s new tech, and most of it’s meant to make our lives easier. Which one will you try first?

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