How To Beat the Big Cellular Companies with Prepaid Plans

When cell phones and cell phone companies were in their infancy, you as the consumer could not dream of the ability to choose between competing companies. A lot of times, like with traditional cable companies, you were pretty much at the mercy of a monopolistic company that covered your territory.

Nationwide Pre-Paid Plans

Today, with most companies having Nationwide Networks, those regional restrictions to which company you can consider are long gone. This has increased competition between companies and has also allowed for an upswell of nationwide prepaid and pay-as-you-go cell phone companies.

In the early days of prepaid cell phone companies, there was an erroneous stigma attached to these services that they were for customers who had bad credit or couldn’t afford a traditional cell phone contract. Today, that is not the case at all. With the proliferation of tech-savvy professionals and millennials, consumers are now applying their cord-cutting techniques to the cell phone industry, and the visionary business leaders are taking note.

Popular Pay-As-You-Go Companies Offer Different Cost-Monitoring Options

Of course, please keep in mind that many of the top cell companies run many of these services under another name. The big cell companies are the premium cell phone plans, while they offer a more reasonable price point with their mid-tier, pay as you go plans.

Purchase a Used Phone

If you are considering a prepaid plan, our suggestion is that you start with an unlocked phone, whether it is an old one of yours or a gently-used phone you recently purchased. With an unlocked phone, you can then purchase whatever plan you like, such as ting, insert the SIM card and be on your way to major savings. When you purchase a pre-owned phone, you eliminate the need for monthly phone costs added to your cell phone plan. This monthly cost can be anywhere from 5 to $50 a month so taking this approach saves you a lot of money right off the bat.

Cut Data Costs

A major cost to any cell phone plan, whether it is prepaid or traditional, is the purchase and use of data. Depending upon your needs and usage, you may use a lot of data or barely any at all. Thanks to the prepaid price structure, they have a solution for either customer.

Get Rid of Fees and Only Pay For What You Use

Finally, one last thing to consider is convenience. Some consumers shy away from the thought of a pre-paid or pay as you go plan because they feel that it will require monthly “maintenance” to pay fees, recharge minutes, etc. One company that eliminates the need for vigilance over payments, is Ting. Ting doesn’t have a plan for you to choose from, but rather, is truly consumption driven. Based on your monthly usages of minutes and data, your bill will fall into one of their transparent tiers of usage. Based on your usage, your bill can fluctuate moderately from month to month, being truly dependent on your use. For those who do not like contracts and being “trapped” into a service, Ting is a perfect solution.

With these tips, we hope that you see that you can enjoy your mobile life without paying a small fortune each month for it.

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