How to Get An Internship at Google and What People Say About It

Google is one of the most well known companies on the planet. After all, it runs the most popular search engine out there, which commands something along the lines of 70 percent of the total number of users. Moreover, Google is involved in a wide range of other endeavors, with examples ranging from AI to online services and electronic products. On top of this, Google even has a sterling reputation with the public, which isn’t something that a lot of huge, multi-national corporations can claim.

Based on this, it should come as no surprise to learn that Google internships are quite desirable. In part, this is because Google is a prestigious name, meaning that a Google internship looks that much better on someone’s resume. However, it should also be noted that an internship is sometimes seen as a potential spring-board to a full-time position with the same employer, which is relevant because there are a lot of people who want to become Google employees out there. Regardless, the fact is that there are a lot of people interested in a limited number of Google internships, thus making them that much more difficult to secure by interested individuals.

How Can You Get a Google Internship?

On the surface, there isn’t that much more to getting a Google internship than getting an internship at other employers. For example, Google has a section on its website for people who are interested in submitting an application to become an intern, which should prove convenient for people who prefer doing things over the Internet. However, it should be mentioned that there are other ways as well, with examples ranging from getting a referral from a Google employee to making contact with Google’s HR people. With that said, when it comes to getting a Google internship, interested individuals need to remember that what matters most is how they present themselves to those who will be looking at their resumes.

Generally speaking, interested individuals need to make sure that their resumes stand out in some manner. This is important because the people at Google are going to have to look through a lot of resumes, meaning that they don’t actually have a lot of time to spare for each resume in the resume pile. Standing out in the right way should start with writing the right cover letter, which should provide the reader with a general summary of why the applicant would make a great intern. However, having various interesting accomplishments can be helpful as well.

When it comes to the phone interviews, interested individuals need to make sure that they are prepared for the questions that will be asked for them. As a result, it can be worthwhile for them to look up some of the questions that the interviewers have asked other would-be Google interns in the past, which might not be what most people have expected. While there is no guarantee that their interviewer will ask them these exact questions, reading through them can nonetheless provide them with a general sense of what to expect, which in turn, should provide them with some insight of what they should think about when preparing for their interviews.

Finally, it is worthwhile to note that Google will consider what it calls “Googliness” in its interviews. Essentially, “Googliness is a catch-all term for the kinds of characteristics that Google wants to see in its interns as well as its employees, meaning that if someone fails to show it, they are not going to get the position even if they are very well-qualified. “Googliness” is a bit inexact as a word, but there are some common characteristics that get cited as being part of it. For example, ethics is a huge part of Google’s beliefs, which is something that comes from its founders. Likewise, the drive to become a better, more capable person is a huge part of it as well. Other examples range from being able to balance short-term considerations with long-term considerations to treating other people in a nice manner. There are more characteristics that are said to be part of “Googliness,” meaning that they are something that interested individuals should look up when seeking out a Google internship.

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