How To Manage Two Jobs Without Completely Burning Out

It is not at all uncommon for homes to require two incomes in order to get by. While it would seem that the majority of families split this responsibility between both of the parents, it is not at all uncommon for both of these streams of income to be provided by the same person. Finding yourself in that position leaves very little time apart from sleeping and being at one of the two jobs, which can really open the door to burning out. If this happens you risk not only the job that you need to get by, but also your physical and mental wellbeing as well.

Below you will find a few tips and strategies to help you better manage your time and your sanity in the trying path that lies ahead. While it is no guarantee that you won’t have days where you feel like you are not cut out for pulling a constant double shift, it can help you to hopefully see some light at the end of the tunnel and also give you a sense of positivity about the choice that you have made.

Keep An Orderly Home

Nothing can stress a person out more than working two jobs and see the mounting housework continue to pile up each and every day. The best way to manage the chores and tasks that your home requires to be tidy is to pace yourself and do a little throughout the times that you are home and to set a schedule to help you create the time to keep it organized and clean. The better your house looks at the end of the day, the less your brain has to stress and worry about.

Find Ways To Alleviate Your Stress

You might consider taking steps to alleviate the stress that ultimately builds up from having responsibilities and expectations in two different work environments. While exercise is good for you and can help you to blow off the steam that could be building, it is not for everyone. Some might be the type to want to talk things out and sort through their problems in a more tangible way. This connection with other people can sometimes be all it takes to find a more easy-to-manage route through the turbulent waters of having two jobs. 

Treat Yourself

While the reason that you work two jobs might not have anything to do with “fun money”, there is something to be said about treating yourself to the things that you really want for all of the hard work that you are putting into keeping everything afloat. Basically you have to see these two jobs as something more than necessity, and associate it with rewards and happiness at times as well. 

Find The Fun At Work   

There is no denying that some jobs are just awful to have to do. But if you can find a way to incorporate your tasks into a game or to challenge yourself to break a record, for example, your brain can actually begin to perceive work as fun. Nothing is going to burn you out faster than hating your job, so it becomes a critical task to find a way to make things interesting for both of your positions so that neither one of them suffers.

Power of Positive Thinking

Sometimes it might be hard to see, but every situation has a silver lining you can find. When you are in the throes of your dual-job reality, try to make a list of the good things that you have going on in your life, and how each of these positions that you hold help to continue to make things better for you and your family. This can help you to approach both of your jobs with a renewed sense of happiness and appreciation, rather than misery and dread. 

Make Time For Yourself   

Working two jobs leaves little time for you to do anything other than sleep and go back to the other job. As difficult and taxing as it might seem, you have to carve out some personal time for yourself amid all of your responsibilities. This not only allows you a chance to detox and find your center, but it also just gives you some time where it isn’t about the needs that have to be met and the demands you’ve put on your shoulders. 

These are just a few of the strategies that you can implement to keep yourself from burning out while you work two jobs. Do not put yourself or your livelihood at risk by overloading yourself all the time. Instead take some pointers from the steps listed above to change your outlook on the work you do and to ensure that work is not all that you ever do.

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