How to Motivate Clients to Take Your Business Advice

As a freelancer or virtual assistant, you do not work and wait to get paid; there is more than that. If you work for the same clients for a long time, you end up forming a strong bond with them. As much as you respect your clients so much, they may request you to do some things for them that you know may be done better, or differently. Yes, the clients trust you but making them get a different perspective on things may be a significant challenge. If you are not careful, you will lose some of your clients who are stubborn and do not like listening to other peoples’ opinions. In such a situation, you do not have to lose any of your clients, make sure you find ways of motivating your clients to take your business advice.

1. Take an interest in your clients:

For your clients to take advice from you, you have to win their trust. Do not only focus on the business side of your relationship, but also take more interest in their lives as well. Ask your clients about their families, friends, and their interests. Get to know what your clients like doing during their free time, and understand what makes them happy. Show them that you care about them and not the money they pay you.

As much as you want to get information from your clients, do not make it seem like you are too nosy. Never ask your clients many questions at once since that may scare them away, get to learn about them slowly by asking casual questions over an extended period. When you are having a conversation with your client, drop a question and let it sound natural. Once you do that, when the time to offer business advice comes, the customer will be sure that you are genuine.

2. You always have to be honest:

Maintaining honesty with all clients at all times is another way of motivating them to take your business advice. If there is some sad news that you need to inform your customer, do not lie so that you make him or her happy, be completely honest about it. Giving your clients bad news and offering solutions will help you win their trust. Honesty ensures that your clients respect your work ethic and listen to what you say to them.

3. Provide solutions to problems:

When you work with a client for a long time, problems are likely to occur in the process. To win the trust of your clients, work closely with them to sort out the issues immediately. When you offer your services, it is your responsibility to give it your best at all times. Another strategy of winning trust is by helping your clients save a few bucks in the process. Make your client believe that you are interested in offering high-quality service and that you are not doing it for the money. With time, your clients will always anticipate great service from you, and as a result, they respect you more. When the time for giving business advice, your clients will not have any worries when listening to what you to tell them.

4. Listen to the needs of your clients:

As you work with your customers, pay extra attention to their needs and concerns. Make it your responsibility to ensure that the business of your client runs in the best possible manner. Make the interests of your clients a priority. In the process of working with your client, offer them good advice. Once you do that, when the time comes to motivate your clients to take advice from you, they will gladly do it.

5. Offer efficiency and reliability:

You have to know what you need to do to make sure all your clients are satisfied. Nowadays, the level of competition is extremely high. Therefore, if you do not offer your clients excellent service, there is always someone willing to do it for them. Once you win a client, do not think that your job is done. The primary challenge is to retain your current clients. The only way you can keep clients is by offering them quality services always, being efficient and reliable. Once you lose a client, it is impossible to win them back again. The moment your clients know that you are efficient and reliable, they will be happy, and with time they will learn to trust you. A client that trusts you can take business advice from you.


If you want to work with your clients for a long time, you have to maintain a good relationship with each one of them. As a result, they are likely to listen to your advice in case there is a problem. Follow the tips in this article to motivate your clients to take business advice from you.

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