How to Promote a Healthy Employee Work-Life Balance

66% of U.S. employees who are employed on a full-time basis don’t believe that they have a healthy work-life balance, but who can blame them? Whenever employees find themselves thinking about work, receiving emails or even phone calls from their boss during the weekend or holidays, it feels as if they didn’t even leave the office. Sadly for your company, having a workforce with an impaired work-life balance means under-optimized productivity levels.

While it might seem as if the role of upholding a healthy work-life balance lies in the shoulders of your employees, you too have a pivotal role to play as a leader in your organization. By setting the right policies, you can foster an organization-wide culture that appreciates a healthy balance.

Here are a few details on improving the work-life balance of your employees:

Benefits of a Healthy Balance

While companies that vet recruiters before choosing their staffing agency will almost always have the best talent out there, it is what they do within their organization that determines their employee retention rates. Luckily, encouraging a healthy work-life balance will ensure that your workforce is happy enough to remain in your company. With a healthy balance, employees can experience less work burnout as they also spend quality time at home with their families.

Other than reducing employee stress levels, a healthy balance also mitigates the instances of employees reporting sick days. As your company continues to embrace such a culture, it becomes an even more attractive organization for people who are looking to have a fulfilling career. In the long term, these efforts help foster optimal productivity.

So, What Does Work-Life Balance Really Mean?

There is no universal meaning of work-life balance – it trickles down to individual employees and their priorities. For instance, an employee who has a family would rather spend more time with them than spending long hours away from home. Additionally, individuals who love learning foreign languages would appreciate having more time to perfect their craft.

However, there can almost never be a perfect work-life balance, and work often takes a bigger share of the life of the modern employee. When looking to promote this type of culture, it is, therefore, necessary to allow employees enough time to indulge in their priorities. As a result, imposing strict policies on free time will not work well in this situation.

Offering a Paid Time Off Could Help

In lieu of paid personal days, paid sick days, or paid vacations, offer your employees paid time off. This will allow you to treat your employees as grown-ups who know what they can do with their time off. You won’t have to know what the employee spend the time off on and where they went to.

This eliminates the need to draft many policies, unlike when dealing with sick days that highlight what the employee is allowed to do during their paid time off. At this time, they can choose to spend time with their family or even do other things they love.

Work-Life Balance Starts With Top Management

It is a no-brainer that employees will typically emulate what managers do, and the same applies to paid time offs. How do you spend your vacations? In case you answer emails in a way that employees barely notice your absence, the same will be translated to your workforce.

Remember, the aim of having paid off time in place is to foster a healthy work-life balance. Having your employees deal with work issues while on leave will only add some extra burden to their time off. Lead by example and reduce your interactions with work when on vacation. Also, encourage employees to do the same.


As long as employees are gratified with their jobs, there is no telling the lengths they would go to help your business achieve its goals. Luckily, all it takes is for you to keep them happy for them to reciprocate the same. Consider offering employees paid off time to build a culture that fosters a healthy work-life balance.

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