How to Transform Your Rolls Royce Wraith into a Bespoke Yacht for $1 Million


Once again, Rolls Royce has redefined the meaning of luxury with the introduction of their newest model: the Wraith. When it comes to comfort, this is arguably as far as you get. But that is just a tip of the iceberg. Now, owners of this elegant model can convert their luxury sedans into a maritime cruiser. SottoStudios has come up with a yacht concept designed to accentuate the $300,000 model. It comes with more yacht attributes than the recently unveiled Nautical Wraith. The bespoke motif, otherwise known as “Regatta,” features a customizable roof, inlaid hood, and trunk segment with satin aluminum frame. It also has a stable mahogany tail. Like most of the vintage vehicles, for instance the Phantom “Torpedo” and “Boattail,” the handcrafted configuration displays inlay marquetry and exposed wood joinery.

According to Eddie Sotto, founder and chief designer of the company (as well as Walt Disney Imagineering former senior vice president), the woods can be customized to a virtually limitless palette so that each one is unique and special. The idea is to inspire the client’s personality, and then come up with a unique design

The naval transformation, whose cost is estimated to revolve around the $1 million mark, will be done by California-based Aria Group. This company is famous for constructing and engineering limited production cars (most notably the Porsche Singer 911) as well as aircraft interiors. After visiting their site and recognizing their unmistakable taste for precision, Sotto says that they felt Regatta should be produced there.

Adorned with armillary spheres and astrolabes, Regatta’s whimsical interior thrives with oceanic finishes, from decorated faucet controls that reflect the dual throttles of a vintage powerboat to the captain’s quarters covered with padded suede. Skyranch, SottoStudio’s latest plane concept, uses a more relaxed but equally luxurious design, creating a sensation of a rustic vessel clothed with woven leather, onyx counters, horn-legged tables, English wool, bleached woods, and modular seats crafted on encrusted European saddles. The studio confirmed that the idea behind Skyranch One is to focus on selecting details and finishes that narrate a composite story each time you lay your eyes on them.


Born to be Bespoke

The stunning fastback silhouette of Rolls Royce Wraith commands power and elegance. A wider rare track and expressive sweeping lines give the car a vibrant and athletic prowess. And the pronounced air intakes, deep grille, and long bonnet promise a seriously powerful performance. Redefining the limits of Rolls Royce vehicles, Wraith has an enigmatic and fleeting presence. Its fastback design and arched, dynamic appearance stimulate a sense of energy, even when not moving. Its twin exhausts evoke the car’s natural drama, and so does the frameless coach doors that open wider than any previous Rolls Royce motor cars. The deeply buried vertical grille only goes to add to the vehicle’s confident stance.


One significant feature of the Rolls Royce masterpiece is the characteristic 2:1 ratio of wheel – body height. The typical self-righting wheel centers and long rear overhang are enduring as well. However, the revolutionary Spirit of Ecstasy is situated a little forward on the grille and at a much sharper angle, conveying the boundless determination of the Wraith as it speeds against the wind. Displaying the Bespoke quality of every Rolls Royce car, the 2-tone paint finish emphasizes the Wraith’s dynamic lines. There are about 44,000 paint hues to choose from.


Your Private Space

Wraith doesn’t fall short when it comes to comfort. The car features a horseshoe sweep, reflecting the expressive lines of the fastback. According to the taglines, the Wraith is arguably the most dynamic and powerful Rolls-Royce ever manufactured. And the car does not compromise on the hardware: a 6.6l, twin turbo V12 engine that yields 590 lb ft of torque and 624 bhp. The result is a serious pace of 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, and a maximum speed of 155mph. For a walnut-like living room on wheels and a 2,365 kg leather, that is a pretty impressive velocity. The two door shape deserve a standing ovation too. Yes, Rolls-Royce manufactures the Phantom Coupe, but this is more like a refined Phantom saloon – the new Wraith is a full-fledged fastback, which means a booted rear end and super raked C-pillar. On the road, it’s easy on the eyes, although slightly blinding for onlookers.


Interestingly, although Rolls has affirmed that the Wraith is by far the fastest and most powerful car they have every produced, the car feels more like a Ghost when you first get into it – easy, wafty, and silent. However, once you get the hang of it, the Wraith feels completely different. It has never been flexible to shrink because it is always massive, but it definitely stimulates itself with the sort of speed that diminishes continents.


The V12, which is based on BMW, is not particularly vocal, though it still flourishes in all the right places, thanks to a satellite-boosted 8 speed ZF auto-box, meaning that it doesn’t fluctuate up or down at an inconvenient moment.


While the steering is accurate, it is slightly distant. The drive chassis at the rear wheel is balanced nicely on air suspension. The Wraith rises above normal considerations, like handling and riding – it is utterly unique and a wondrous machine to drive. One of the strangest points: leather softer than rose leaves, gorgeous wood, and all the nice technology derived from high-end BMWs. What’s more, this tech is highly disguised, hidden behind a classy layer of Rolls Royce glassware and fonts, lacquer and plastics. In fact, it is so comfy that the only thing differentiating it from a penthouse is a toilet and a kitchen!


A large percent (about 85%) of all Wraiths pass through Rolls Royce’s bespoke department. This simply means that, if you don’t own one and are considering ordering, chances are you won’t have to worry about your residuals and the next bloke. However, keep in mind that the first year models are sold out, so expect the car to be a rather solid bet – of course, unless it comes with a green interior and a yellow frame!

Images via Sotto Studios

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