How Tom Brady Dominates Business, Not Just Football

Love him or hate him Tom Brady is winning on and off the field. Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. One could write a lengthy article on his achievements that include a record six Super Bowl wins, four-time Super Bowl MVP and three-time NFL MVP. Brady has accomplished just about everything a quarterback can accomplish in his illustrious football career. What’s equally impressive is TB12 is just as successful off the field as his is on… and we’re not just talking about being married to the beautiful Gisele Bundchen. Together, Brady and Bundchen make one of the strongest power couples in the world when it comes to financial dominance. Check out how Brady is performing off the field.

TB12 Sports

In 2016, Brady launched TB12 Sports, an online platform that is designed to be a comprehensive platform for one to achieve superior health and fitness via custom programs and nutrition. Through the website Brady and his trainer, Alex Guerrero, share information on Brady’s lifestyle, training and other tips that have allowed him to maintain peak physical performance into his 40’s. The actual valuation of the property is unknown, but you can be sure it’s generating millions. The daily diet costs about $200 and has sold out in the past. You can also purchase merchandise and one of Brady’s two books, “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance”, which became a New York Times’ Best Seller in 2017. Just in case you were wondering a fresh TB12 hooded sweatshirt will run you about $68 on the website.


Like all elite professional athletes Brady has a stable of endorsements that generate him millions of dollars. According to NBC Boston, TB12 has had over 20 different endorsement deals throughout the life of his playing career. The evolution of his endorsements is most noteworthy. In his early days, Brady repped companies like Wheaties, Dunkin Donuts, The Gap and Cadillac. Now, he’s living a life of luxury with deals with Aston Martin, Tag Heuer, Under Armour, UGG and Intel. Overall, we’re looking at over $7 million annually worth of endorsements. What’s crazy is he’s promoting a car that’s valued over $200,000. I guess that’s acceptable if you’ve pocketed over $200 million through your 19-year’s worth of NFL contracts, however it’s a little outside the budget of most!

Real Estate

To this point we’ve covered Tom Brady’s TB12 business platform and his various endorsement contracts he’s had over the life of his 19 year NFL career. Sure, Brady has upgraded his endorsement deals as he’s “matured”, but that’s small potatoes when you look at Brady’s (and Gisele Bundchen) real estate holdings. Let’s talk about their primary residence first. In 2014, Brady sold his Los Angeles mega-mansion to Dr. Dre for $40 million. The 18,000-plus square foot is an absolute palace and looks small compared to their current Brookline residence, which Brady indicated he is selling as “part of the plan”. It’s also not a bargain compared to his former LA residence at approximately $39 million. It doesn’t end there, however. Next, when Brady and Bundchen are headed to the Big Apple, they can stay at their super-exclusive luxury condo in New York’s Tribeca. This luxurious condo clocks in at a whopping $20 million and is one of the more exclusive complexes in New York. Well, what about when Tom and Gisele want to get away. They can ditch the noise and head to the ultra-exclusive Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. It only costs $400,000 to join with $40,000 in annual dues, and oh, real estate their starts at $4 million. It’s a small price to pay to hang out with Bill and Melinda Gates and Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Pay attention here as there are rumblings Brady is looking at some other properties around the country starting at $10 million per.


Remember when we mentioned about the general dislike for TB12 at the opening of this article. We then proceeded to discuss his immense wealth he’s accumulated over his 19-year NFL career where he’s earned well over $200 million. Sprinkled on top of that is a lucrative endorsement career worth mega-millions. Between those two revenue streams Brady has gone on to purchase some mega real estate which has only added to his net worth. Without stirring the pot too much, there is a bit of controversy around TB12’s charitable history. Brady has raised over $20 million for the charity Best Buddies International, which is dedicated to helping intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals. In turn, it’s been revealed that Best Buddies is funding Brady’s own charity Brady’s Change the World Foundation Trust.

Let’s be clear, nothing illegal is going on here and charities as such do invest in celebrities if they generate a lot of money for them. However, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher that Brady funded his charity with $490,000 in 2005 and has since not made a significant financial contribution to the charity. Best Buddies, however, has given millions to Brady’s charity. Again, it would be wrong to say Brady and Bundchen aren’t doing their share. Gisele is extremely active in many charities including $1.5 million to the Haiti earthquake fund in 2009, the United Nations, WWF, Saint Jude, Children’s Red Hospital, RED and Saint Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. She’s also very active in her native country of Brazil. One of the cooler things Tom Brady ever did was shave his head in 2018 to raise $6.5 million for cancer research. It’s all wonderful to have a brilliant NFL career, own your own business, have a list of endorsements and a ton of real estate, but the charity work is really commendable.

The Show Goes On

Tom Brady turned 42-years old on August 3, 2019. He plans on playing in the NFL until he is 45. That’s right, that means more money from a lucrative salary, more endorsements and who knows what else. I think it’s save to say that Tom Brady is going to be just fine in retirement. Here’s another nice little tidbit – his wife Gisele retired from the modeling game in 2015 and still made $10 million in endorsements in 2018. Overall, we can go on and on about Brady’s successful football career, but what he’s done off the field is equally impressive. He has quite the balanced portfolio of a superstar wife, real estate, endorsements, charitable work and his own business entity. Tom Brady has written an off-the-field playbook that all athletes should build around.

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