A Closer Look at The Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow

Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow

Hublot is known for its highly decorative timepieces. Its recent announcement of an upcoming release has fans of bling who have a penchant for high-end watches on the edge of their seats. When we caught our first glimpse of the new Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow, it was a special treat. It’s a rare design that shows Hublot is willing to take a chance with something that is far removed from tradition. In this case, we think that it’s going to work to their advantage. This is a watch that deserves our full attention with an examination of the finer details one might miss when observing its sheer beauty.

Two new models of the Big Bang Tourbillon for 2021

Hypebeast got the inside story on the new Big Bang Tourbillon. They share what’s known about Hublot’s newest addition to the collection with full knowledge that it will stimulate a rush of those who want to take a second look at the breathtaking timepiece. This is the first time Hublot has incorporated a full rainbow theme and the result is a striking and ornate wristwatch. At first glance, we see the eye-catching sparkles of color that range from lemon yellows and oranges to blues, amethysts, and reds with all of the colors of the rainbow spectrum in one lovely accessory. It will be offered in a choice of two models that are each new to the collection, including King Gold and White Gold.

Modern luxury with a flair

A Blog to Watch weighs in with its assessment of the new Big Bang as a modern luxury timepiece that takes the brand to a new level in reaching a broader audience. More traditional designs are generally a safer approach from a marketing perspective, but the newest Rainbow edition appears to be a good gamble. It’s a real show stopper that could not accommodate any more bling, however, it does so with style and sophistication. The design defies tradition and it steps out boldly into the marketplace. It’s visually dramatic but other merits should be highlighted.

A closer look at the Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow

The Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow has a 43 mm case in your choice of King Gold or White Gold. The metal is polished to a high mirror shine. The skeleton dial provides a full view of the inner workings of the movement beneath with a sapphire crystal lens in both front and back. It’s scratch-resistant to provide years of crystal clarity. The bezel is fixed and encrusted with a full rainbow spectrum of crystals. Each of the 484 stones is invisibly set with a baguette-cut weight of 36 carats. The colors range from sapphires in Fuschia pink, rubies in bold red, Kelin blue topaz, purple amethysts, tsavorites in bright green, orange sapphires, and lemon yellow sapphires. It is estimated that each watch takes around 1200 hours of work from beginning to completion.

The movement

Hublot describes the movement as a self-winding style with three bridges made of transparent sapphire crystal, and a visible micro-rotor. The tourbillon is placed at six o’clock. This is an in-house movement with a clever design that makes the gears appear to float within the crystals. the bumper-tyle rotor is engraved, and made of precious metal, depending on the model, either in 18k white gold or 18k king gold. The 3-spoke cage is the simplest aspect of the timepiece with a slender ruthenium skeleton bridging to the open gear train. The movement is a caliber HUB6035 that beats at a rate of 21,400 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 72 hours. The detail that has gone into the aesthetics of the movement is nothing short of phenomenal with chamfered jewel sinks and matching metals.

The bracelet

The bracelet is another fascinating feature of the Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow. It’s made of either King’s Gold or White Gold in 18k of purity polished to a mirror shine. The bracelet is skillfully encrusted with invisibly set crystal stones that perpetuate the rainbow effect with their sparkly and brilliant colors. The bracelet affixes securely to the wrist via a butterfly-style deployant clasp that is made of the same metals used for the case of the watch. It is cleverly hidden from view but is still highly functional.

Pricing and availability

The Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow watch will be offered at the price of $790,000. It’s not that far off from a million dollars. Although the press release shows full-color photos from all angles of the new timepiece, Hublot has not given us an expected release date so for now we’ll keep it in the pending release category. What we do know is that the watch is set to drop sometime in 2021.

One of Hublot’s most dramatic models

We’ve seen some unique and eye-catching models come from Hublot, yet there is something distinctly different about the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow. It’s arguably, more attractive when flipped over to its backside than it is from the front. The brilliant skeletonization of the dial from front to back leaves a powerful first impression of a floating movement. Hublot uses a pair of hands for time telling, but there are no other indicators of the time on the transparent face of the watch. Those who are proficient at time telling with additional wristwatches should have little trouble determining what time it is from the layout. This could be the biggest event for the brand of the entire year. We assume that since each watch takes about 1200 hours to complete that this is going to be a limited edition timepiece, however, we have not yet received any word on how many will be available from Hublot, or how they plan to distribute the watch. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information in the weeks to come.

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