A Closer Look at Hublot’s Big Bang Gold Crystal Watch

Hublot's Big Bang Gold Crystal Watch

Hublot manufactures many attractive watches, particularly the Big Bang Crystal Watch, which is decorated in a complete rainbow spectrum. The Swiss watch manufacturer has a penchant for new materials and colors and has achieved new heights when it comes to watch alchemy. The watchmaker has transformed into a goldsmith in its workmanship, with the Big Bang Crystal watch having many appealing features. This watch collection was unveiled at Basel in the year 2005. Within a short span, the Hublot flagship collection received lots of acclamation from watch enthusiasts around the world. These days, the Hublot Big Bang watches are regarded as the most desired ones. The launch of this Big Bang watch made the history of Hublot richer by adding to its success story. The model was the result of the imaginations of the firm’s former chief executive officer Jean-Claude Biver. The watch also carries inspiration from the watch models of the brand produced in the 1980s. The watch encases the same round bezel, rubber strap, and exposed screws. It carries all the features which were trademarks of the company’s original design. Let’s have a closer look at them.

The dial display

You cannot compare the attractiveness of rose and white gold watches with this timepiece whose bling dial is graced with twenty-four karat gold crystals that Hublot makes. The watch manufacturer created the gold crystals by melting 24 karat gold at 1064.18 degrees C and then cooled the molten gold to create crystals. The atoms of the precious metals vaporize into a gas mixture, interlocking into an angular structure while the temperature reduces. Once the process is complete, the perfect crystals are chosen and compressed by hand in twenty thin layers of clear lacquer. However, in the opinion of Dlmag.com, only 20 percent of the crystals formed can be utilized in the watch display.

Self-winding movement

Under the watch’s magnificent dial, there is a HUB 1710 self-winding movement, which beats at 28,800 BPH. The self-winding movement provides the watch with a fifty-hour power reserve. The Big Bang Gold Crystal’s Spirit will be available in 42 millimeter and 39-millimeter sizes. It is paired with alligator leather straps and black rubber straps. The watch retails at the price of $28,400 to $29,500.


According to Hublot.com, materials are a major part of the watch’s design. It has to complement the design of the watch while protecting its mechanism and last longer. For that reason, Hublot chose to use high-tech ceramic for particular cases and bezels. The material is ultra-tough and almost scratch-proof besides the diamond. Its zirconium base is sintered at high temperatures. When searching for excellent fusion between case and movement, Hublot chemists and engineers have done the research and developed transparent materials that reveal the watch’s heart while being robust enough to protect the mechanism effectively. The watchmaker is an expert on synthetic sapphire, a material with esthetic qualities that are unique within watchmaking. It makes each watch appear artistic. Hublot also uses rubber to make watches. Fusing and forming new materials is not new for Hublot. It’s part of the very essence of the brand. This is according to a report by Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot. However, the manufacture has gotten into a new universe, which involves transmuting metals. Its R&D Department and metallurgy laboratory reproduce the gold in its rarest form on earth. The crystallized native gold is called gold crystal.


Hablot’s engineers had to restructure the watch’s case to eliminate almost every visible screw and refurbish its profile and geometry, integrating it into the sapphire bracelet. The watchmaker also reworked the plates and bridges of movement to give them the illusion of being suspended in the space. The bracelet is made of 165 pieces, and 22 of them are sapphire. A third of them are designed specifically to offer unique harmony with the case’s transparency. The titanium inserts are developed in-house, and they do not protrude from either side of the links of the bracelet, helping ensure flexibility and fluidity on the wrist. The automatic Caliber MHUB6035 can be seen from the front and rear of the clear, thirty-meter water-resistant case. At 12 o’clock, a tourbillion balances its open-worked design. At 6 o’clock, a 22karat gold micro-rotor that has a skeleton Hublot logo balances it. This helps the movement in amassing its 3-day 72-hour power reserve. The watch has ceramic ball bearings and an advanced winding system. It has high-end horological decorations, which include sunray brushing, beveling, and sandblasting. Some components which seem to float freely in space are the 3 bridges composed of sapphire. They include the tourbillion barette, automatic bridge, and barrel bridge. The case is extremely transparent and its construction is openworked. It enables light to get in and illuminate the movement from every direction. This creates attractive combinations of refracted, diffused, and reflected surfaces.

Finishing touches

The watch’s finishing touches include a polished sapphire bezel that has H-shaped screws, a limited-edition number, which is engraved, a deployant clasp constructed with titanium, which is used for securing the sapphire bracelet to the wrist. Thousands of small crystals join together to develop an architecture that is unique, random, and cannot be reproduced. According to Watchtime.com, Hublot has also mastered the unique technique of enabling natural crystallizations to be reproduced precisely.

Power reserve

This is an essential element of the Big Bang MP-11 and Big Bang Meca-10. The Meca-10 is powered by the manual caliber HUB1201 and can run for 10 days when wound fully. The Mp-11 also boasts a fourteen-day power reserve because of the caliber HUB9011, and it has a row of 7 barrels. Multi-barrel movements lend the watches in the Hublot MP series their outstanding power reserves. The technology is expensive. The price of a black carbon MP-11 is around $65,500, while the sapphire models cost about $85,000. The prices make the Meca-10 appear like a bargain at about $15,500 to $30,000 based on the material.

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