iKeybo: The World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard and Piano

If you ask someone what technology the future has in store, they will probably point to flying cars, artificial intelligence, and space travel. One common technological advancement that is featured in many films and TV shows is touchable projection technology. Virtual keyboards and monitors that respond to touch like traditional keyboards give an air of futuristic capabilities. There are some laser projection keyboards available today, but they often suffer from issues like poor responsiveness, non-intuitive design, and limited capabilities.

For this reason, technology start-up Serafim has decided to bring the future into the present by creating the most intuitive and versatile projection keyboard yet. The iKeybo is designed to give users all the convenience and portability of a projection keyboard without the common drawbacks of such technology. Projecting a usable keyboard to use with one’s smartphone means that users can transform their mobile device into a computer on the go. For Serafim, projection laser keyboards are not the technology of the future; they feel that this convenient technology can and should be used today.


The company behind iKeybo, Serafim, is driven by the desire to improve the everyday life of its customers through useful technological innovations. Since its debut in 2010, Serafim has released several highly successful products which are largely concerned with optics, computing, and projection. The company’s name is derived from a Christian term “seraphim,” which is used to describe the highest ranking angel. It is so named because the Serafim team is composed of industry experts who are using their experience and talent to become a leading force in the projection and laser fields.


While the technology driving the iKeybo keyboard is remarkable and cutting edge, buyers will be surprised to find out that it will only take a little over a year to create the device from start to finish. The journey began in March, 2016, when the initial concepts for iKeybo were designed. This was shortly followed by the product design taking place in April. After a great deal of hard work, the first prototype was unveiled in June. The second prototype was created in September. This allowed for the Kickstarter campaign to be launched in November. By February, 2017, the keyboard will be mass produced, allowing for deliveries beginning in May and June.


The crowdfunding campaign for the device was a massive success. Despite setting a modest goal of $50,000, iKeybo’s Kickstarter page has so far brought in over $157,000. This overwhelming support speaks to the attractiveness of a versatile, portable, and reliable projection keyboard. Nearly 1500 backers have supported the project thus far.


In short, iKeybo is a one-of-a-kind virtual laser projection keyboard. It is a small and attractive device that projects a crisp keyboard onto any flat surface, allowing for easier and faster typing. However, the iKeybo is no ordinary projection keyboard (if there is such a thing). This device offers multiple languages, doubles as a musical instrument, and can even act as a portable charger for smartphones.

In addition to its wide variety of features and uses, iKeybo is also designed to be far more user-friendly than other projection keyboards. By providing users with a reliable, simple, and versatile keyboard that can be projected onto any flat surface, this device is set to raise the bar for this emerging technology.

What Sets iKeybo Apart from the Competition?


While there are other products on the market that boast laser projection technology, very few offer the number of languages that iKeybo can display. Knowing that it can be incredibly frustrating to type on a keyboard that is not designed for one’s native tongue, Serafim has included options for English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Not only does this versatility make iKeybo stand out, it is also a significant advantage over traditional keyboards.

Keyboard Quality

Naturally, all of the benefits of iKeybo would be wasted if its functionality were poor. Many laser projection keyboards suffer from the fact that they keys are designed in square blocks without spaces in between. With iKeybo, users can look forward to rounded and spaced-out keys. This may not sound like a monumental change, but it will certainly prevent users from hitting the wrong key frequently.

Musical Instrument

An interesting and unique feature of the iKeybo is the fact that it can operate as a piano in addition to a keyboard. It even comes equipped with a music app that allows users to create and play music on the device. Having a portable music studio is certainly an attractive feature for audiophiles.

Portable Charging

Incredibly, the iKeybo has even more features than its multi-lingual keyboard and music studio. When the device is not being used, it can double as a portable charging station for smartphones.


Lastly, one of the most obvious benefits to laser projection keyboards is that they are far more portable and convenient than lugging around a traditional keyboard. With iKeybo, however, this convenience is simply astounding.

Firstly, it is extremely light, making it easy to slip inside a pocket or bag. As well, the device itself actually acts as a stand for the user’s smartphone, making it easy to functionally turn a mobile device into a computer. Finally, iKeybo comes equipped with a simple app that allows users to set the keyboard language and check on battery life.


While iKeybo boasts an incredible range of accurate and user-friendly options, it would be very disappointing if it could only be used for short periods of time. With this device, however, users will have to worry about their fingers tiring far before worrying about battery life.

The device is powered by an impressive 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery that provides 10 hours of continuous use. In addition, it comes equipped with energy saving modes to ensure that users can look forward to hours on end of typing.


Early bird purchasers on iKeybo’s Kickstarter page can still have the device for only $89, discounted from the expected retail price of $149. This deal includes a 1 language iKeybo plus the piano package. There are additional deals for buying bilingual or multiple devices.


– Width: 2.09 inches
– Height: 3.11 inches
– Depth: 1.67 inches
– Weight: 2.5 oz


The iKeybo is set to push the boundaries of what one can expect from a projection keyboard. With multiple languages available, an included music studio, and a more user-friendly design, this keyboard is a significant improvement on many virtual keyboards currently available. In addition, its small size and weight make it ideal for bringing a fully functional keyboard on the go. Plus, the fact that it can act as a smartphone charger is an added bonus. Anyone who is looking for an easier and faster way to type while using a smartphone should look no further than the convenient, versatile, and powerful iKeybo by Serafim.

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