I’m Alive In Business Because…

I continue to believe the axiom ingredient for business success, to ensure assiduous opportunities in the language of profitable gains is to hire proven heroes who can make and take a market. Stock market investors will sell you on the fact that past investment successes will not auger future gains in profitable market valuation. When it comes to human capital investments from my perspective, past career successes do indeed harbinger future successes in the language of viceroy gains. Simply said: “hire thy heroes and you will be forced to lead them, or simply get out of their way and go quietly into the night”… as their penchant and capabilities to succeed outweigh your heartfelt desire to successfully lead. After all, the rules of the jungle in the jungle are mirrored and reflected in the rules of the jungle in business as risk never sleeps, opportunity to grow always abounds and lives daily in the hunt.

And it is important to acknowledge and reward heroes quietly as well as publicly to burnish their determination, to example their protracted value to the organization: to the future your market strategy calls for and demands. Their example in itself is urbane leadership at work. Their maverick and righteous contributions merit other heroes to stretch, to exercise their best, to pine for that same magnanimous heart and mind union that makes their business lives come alive. That curates their future career path with the unbridled thrill to build, to shape, to make, to take what has been righteously earned. Leaders must earn the right to be called or titled a leader.

I believe an important part of leadership is practicing, stretching and orchestrating creativity in any artistic form both at home and at work. Here is my weekend creative-retreat in a musical art form  to polish up my own skills, to energize creative and relevant intentions in business ahead: “I’m Alive.”  

Intrepid heroes are never indolent, never exhausted by barriers to success. They believe objections in progress are simply requests for more information. They do not stop to think of the granite walls blocking their path or their teams path to success. They never punt rather they aggressively and briskly hunt in heart and mind for the fissure thru the wall, the answer to the question to gain market advantage. Business heroes believe supporting and servicing their customers with excellence is the DNA of their personal brand promise.

But just how do you recognize thy heroes, before you make a final hiring decision? In congress and with respect to the position you are hunting for the following 5 attributes will best guide your path (in my humble opinion):

  1. Business Judgment: Their ability to, in good faith and in the honest belief that the action suggested, taken or administered will always be in the best business interest of the company.
  2. Critical Thinking: Their ability to improve the quality of their thinking in congress with skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing the matter at hand. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-motivated, and self-corrective thinking to resolve, to ensure the right answer, the righteous path to success.Critical thinking at its core is creativity. Creativity at its core must always be curious, always be relevant, always be competitively effective.
  3. Sales Motivation: It does not matter if the role you are hiring for is in sales or any other department across the enterprise. Sales motivation for any department, any position, any employee refers to their personal demand to add spirited contributions to ensure prospects become customers. That customers are smartly motivated thru service and support to become lifelong customers. That there is a personal demand to motivate, protect and protract profits for and with their team.
  4. Sales Comprehension: Their ability to comprehend, translate and put into action, within any department or responsibility just how they can contribute to the work group, department and team. How they can add highly relevant staples of value to the sales process before, during and after the sale. Creativity is the best friend of sales comprehension.
  5. Fire In The Belly: Most importantly, you cannot rent the fire in the belly, you cannot lease it nor can you fake it. Heroes to be hired either have the fire in the belly in the language of personal motivation or they do not. Business and personal passion to succeed, to out distance, to make or take a market, a department: an opportunity afforded is best realized and exercised thru the fire in the belly. Creativity and relevancy congener business passion into a language heroes recognize, utilize and amplify to their award winning advantage.

Heroes you hunt for, to accelerate kinetic growth never have tombstones in their eyes. They are as durable as steel, highly focused and passionate about adding value, becoming part of a bigger team. They dare to lead with intense sobriety and seek to be with like heroes inside and outside of their organizations. Their personal brand promise defines their worth, enhances your worth as the leader. Heroes refuse to be shackled in ignorance as they seek the dignity of knowledge to enhance their opportunity, to add value. Heroes in business are highly creative, highly relevant and will always service the imagination and pocketbook of a profitable, growth orientated company, team and department they represent. They dream to win, play to win and essentially will ensure over time that the entire team and marketplace will become “won”.

I’m alive in business because I surround myself with best of breed heroes who care and share together to make and take a market… to be one, to be won (excerpts from Green Reign Leadership).

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