Ink Cash Business Credit Card from Chase Overview

Finding the right credit card for you business can be a time consuming process. There are multiple credit card companies offering a variety of different cards. Reading through the specifications can become labor intensive quickly. We’ve found a card that has a lot to offer business owners and it is one of the top choices for people who are looking for a versatile card that offers great rewards. You’ll find all of the details laid out in easy to understand language that bypasses some of the more complicated and technical terms with every day language. We present the Ink Cash Business Credit Card from Chase for your consideration.

What the Ink Cash Business Credit Card from Chase has to offer

At a glance, this card has a lot going for it. If offers flexible cashback rewards with premium rewards and a new card member bonus incentive. It also features powerful business benefits with the most reasonable rates and charges that we’ve seen. Here are the details of what this card can do for you.


The annual percentage rate for this card begins at zero percent for the first twelve months. This applies to all purchases and balance transfers made during this period. After the initial year, the APR is a variable rate of between 13.9%, 17.49% and 19.49%. This feature makes the Ink Cash Business Card an excellent choice, particularly if your business is relatively new and you could use the break on associated fees and charges.

Cash back rewards

This is a card that pays you for using it. Any time that you make business related purchases you are earning cash back points. Here is a breakdown of how the rewards system can work on your behalf.

  • Earn five percent cash back on the first twenty five thousand dollars that are spent on business related purchases for landlines, cellular phones, office supply stores, cable tv services and internet services. This reward is given on each account on the anniversary of opening your account on an annual basis.
  • Earn two percent cash back on the first twenty five thousand dollars that are spent for restaurants or purchases made at gas stations. The rewards are given on each account on the anniversary of the date that you first opened the account annually.
  • Earn one percent on all other purchases that are made, given on the anniversary date of account opening, annually. All purchases made with this card will earn back some type of reward between one and five percent. You make money back by using the card.

New card member bonus

All new card members have the opportunity to earn up to three hundred dollars in cash back rewards. In order to qualify, you must make three thousand dollars worth of purchases with the card within the first ninety days of opening the account.

Redeeming your rewards

The Ink Cash Business Credit Card from Chase offers several different ways to redeem your rewards. They have made this a simple process that includes a variety of options because each individual may have different preferences for how to use their earnings. They can be used for funding a trip, purchasing personal items or booking tickets to your favorite event. Here are the ways you can redeem them.

Cash back option

You can designate that your rewards be given in the form of a cash back credit to your credit card statement to be used towards paying down your balance. You can also request the amount to be deposited directly to any United States checking and savings accounts. The cash back ratio is a 1:1 value and it begins when you have two thousand points. Every two thousand points is worth twenty dollars cash back.

Travel option

You can use your rewards to schedule a trip anywhere that you like. They may be redeemed for premium vacation packages, airfare to most major cities any class or on cruises. One of the benefits of using this card for travel points is that there are no blackout dates or restrictions associated with the rewards.

Gift Cards

Your rewards points can also be redeemed in the form of gift cards. You can instantly redeem points for Amazon orders, The Home Depot, Macys, iTunes, AMC Theaters and even more. You will have access to more than seventy gift card shopping points when you choose the gift card redemption option.

Redeem for life experiences

Your rewards points can also be redeemed for a variety of other life experiences including boarding a cruise, going on a paragliding or scuba diving adventure or for learning something new. You could enroll in a golf less on or culinary lesson and more. Your rewards can be redeemed for the things that you value the most in your life.

Additional Business Benefits of the Ink Cash Business Credit Card from Chase

When you choose this card, you have access to additional employee cards with no extra charges. You maintain full control and set the spending limits that you want to extend for employees of your business.

  • Ink Mobile app keeps you informed with instant purchase alerts. You’ll know right away when a purchase is made with any of the cards issued under your business account. You’ll also have access to file receipts and the ability to manage employee spending while you’re on the go.
  • The Purchase Protection feature covers any new purchase for three months from theft or damage with a limit of up to $10,000 per claim and a total of $50,000 per account. The extended warranty protection option allows for an additional year of warranty on products manufactured in the United States, beyond the manufacturer’s warranty when the original warranty is three years or less.
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver allows you to decline the insurance offered by the rental companies. This feature may be used when the auto rental is for business related purposes. It can provide reimbursements that are as high as the value of the vehicle along with theft coverage for the majority of vehicles rented in the United States and internationally.

Final thoughts

The Ink Cash Business Credit Card by Chase is one of the most comprehensive cash back cards that we’ve seen for businesses. It offers reasonable rates and a generous supply of incentives and rewards. We choose this card as our top pick for anyone that is searching for a cash back card for their business from small to larger companies.

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