Is Everyone Blind? The Giants Should Have Gotten Rid of Odell Beckham Jr.

Am I the only one who sees this?  What did the Giants have to lose by getting rid of Odell Beckham Jr.?  They were absolutely awful last season, have never been elite with him on the team, and he’s a constant distraction.  I’m pretty sure people discount how disruptive this guy is on the field and with his teammates in favor of his talent.  Nope, he’s not a drug addict.  He doesn’t abuse women or break the law.  But this guy’s a hothead and ego maniac.  And if you can’t see that then you’re blind.  There’s zero denying his talent.  That’s never ever been a question.  I’m sure his work ethic is amazing too.  But if there’s one league that’s proven time and time again that distractions and locker room disarray supersede talent when it comes to roster construction, it’s the NFL.   So let’s dissect this trade just a little bit shall we?

The Giants traded Beckham to the Cleveland Browns for first- and third-round picks and safety Jabrill Peppers.  Everyone and their mother has been going nuts about how bad a deal this is for the Giants.  Not me.  First round picks in the NFL are extraordinarily valuable.  Even third round picks are.  Peppers is no slouch, in fact it’s been said he’s gonna be Pro Bowl bound in 2019, and defensive teams have always proven to be elite in the NFL.  Look, obviously giving away $16 million wasn’t the greatest move, nor was the re-signing of Beckham in the first place.  And sure there’s a bunch of “stuff we don’t know about” that caused this trade.  I personally believe it’s Beckham being an annoying distraction.

Does anyone not see this?  I don’t care how good a receiver you are.  Something just wasn’t jiving right for the G-Men with Odell on this squad and I honestly think it’s as simple as that.  Could the Giants have done better in a trade?  I think so, yes.  Sure, why not?  But I think so many people are blinded by Odell’s talent that they are being short sighted.  The Giants could very well land a top tier offensive or defensive force in a 1st AND 3rd round pick.  Stack that on to Peppers becoming a borderline pro bowler and you’ve got these three players vs. Beckham in a team game.  I could be wrong for saying this but long term?  Giants are going to win this one.  Sure Beckham will still put up huge numbers but it’s all about Super Bowls.  And who has a better chance at the Super Bowl in the next 10 years?  I’ll take the Giants.  And as far as the $16 million in dead money goes?  Teams have made far worse decisions than this in deals that have worked out for them.

I simply don’t think that Giants fans are really thinking things through with this.  And let’s also not discount that the Giants offense had plenty of injuries this past season.  Oh and one more thing.  The elephant in the room.  Does no one realize just how damned good Saquon Barkley is?  He’s arguably one of the top 5 players in the league already and if I’m the Giants I’m thinking “we’re rebuilding this team around Saquon, not Odell.”   And frankly I think that’s exactly what they’re doing.  Eli’s got a couple of decent years left and guess what?  If he doesn’t, the Giants have draft picks, remember?   This is NOT as grim as all the crazies on Twitter are making this out to be.

You heard it here first.

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