Is Opening an SEO Agency Still Worth It After the Latest Google Updates?

Every business wants to be the most advertised and the most successful. So, through SEO, business owners try to make sure that people can find their companies on the search engines.
However, things are getting tougher and tougher because Google has updated their algorithm and now punishes the directory abuse offenders. Consequently, it’s harder to get your agency on the first search results page. At the moment, many are wondering if SEO is still worth it and if they should try something else.
Well, let’s take a look at the recent changes and find out if it’s still worth opening an SEO agency or not.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically what helps a website make it in the search results. It uses link building and keyword optimization to make a website more search engine friendly.
However, it takes some time until it is implemented successfully. SEO guidelines usually change on a regular basis because of the complex algorithms used by Google. Basically, when an algorithm update is released, a website’s search engine ranking varies.

SEO’s change

The fact that SEO techniques have changed influenced marketing significantly. These changes can affect your startup increase strategy until you invest your resources. While it depends on the industry, SEO is still an important digital marketing ingredient for a lot of startups.
However, SEO is no longer its own thing. It’s rather used together with social media marketing, content marketing, and online PR.

Is opening an SEO agency still a good idea?

It is still worth it, but it depends both on the incoming leads for a long-term period and the best practice web-build level. This is also based on your competition. You can find out your potential with SEO by doing some research on your competitors and the keywords they use. If the market is already full of big agencies with huge funds, you should reconsider. It would be a better option to focus your funds somewhere else.

You can save time and money by optimizing your website while it’s built to make sure it complies with search engines’ best practices. This way, you can have a great start. SEO is very important if you want people to access your website.

However, keep in mind that it needs a continuous approach over time. Depending on your marketing goals, it may not be so relevant compared to other techniques, but you can discuss this with your senior management. It’s a long-term investment that could help you if you aren’t looking for signups. If you are, then you’re better off with social networking sites and paid advertisements, as they generate faster results. If you want a marketing team to help you with SEO strategies, then you could seek the help of a firm like Black Fin. They are sure to help you beat your competition and stay on the first search results pages.


So, opening an SEO agency is still worth it, despite the fact that it takes longer to run a successful SEO campaign. It’s good for the long term, and it’s cheap compared to other types of advertisement.

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