Is the Ember Mug Worth The Price?

Historical records show that people have prepared and drank coffee since the thirteenth century. According to PBS, people consume about 2.25 billion cups of coffee daily worldwide. Coffee is also a highly valued, legally traded product. The only items required to make coffee are water, heat, and ground coffee. So, why would you spend $100 on a cup designed to keep coffee hot? Like many items, innovation, time, and technology bring about improvements. A smart mug like the Ember mug is designed to ensure that the last sip of a cup of coffee is as good as the first. This mug works by keeping your coffee or other hot beverage at a particular temperature for a certain period. According to Honest Brand Reviews, Ember created the first temperature-controlled mug in the world to enable users to set the temperature they desire of their beverages for a pleasurable and consistent drinking experience. The creator of the mug is Clay Alexander. He created it with the Ammunition Design Group to solve the worldwide issue of hot beverages turning cold before a person finishes them. In this review, we look at the mug’s qualities, ratings, pros, and cons to help you decide if it is worth its price.

A smart mug is a worthwhile purchase if you tend to take a while before finishing a hot beverage. Ember is a popular smart mug on the market. Recently, the manufacturer released an update to the original mug, called Mug². This mug offers a smaller charging base, longer battery life, and enhanced waterproofing. The Ember Mug has been featured in several magazines, like People, Gear Patrol, Forbes, Wired, and Good Housekeeping. It has 62k followers on its Instagram account. The Ember Mug has also won several awards, including the iDSA Industrial Design Award (2017) and the Time Best Invention Award (2017).

How the Ember Mug works

The mug has precision sensors, which it uses to keep beverages at the exact right temperature. The sensors heat the beverage with a heating system controlled by a dual-band microprocessor. Users can even use their smartphones to control the beverage’s temperature.

What’s good about it?

The mug keeps beverages like coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate hot from the first drop to the last. Therefore, you can avoid dumping out or reheating your beverage after it gets cold. The 10-ounce mug keeps beverages hot for as long as 90 minutes while the 14-ounce mug keeps them hot for as long as 80 minutes. After charging the Ember Mug for 2 hours, it is set to a default temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. To change the desired target temperature range, you can pair the mug to the accompanying application to change the temperature to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Gear Patrol, the mug has built-in safety features. It sleeps automatically after two hours of inactivity or when it is empty. It mainly communicates through its LED light. Users can learn how it communicates by looking at the LED index on its site. The Ember Mug is appealing to look at, remains cool to the touch, and it is wide enough for a user’s four fingers to fit. The mug’s core is made of stainless steel, and it has a coating that makes users feel that they are drinking from a typical ceramic mug. The mug comes in various colors, including white, black, copper, gold, and stainless-steel finishes. International shipping for the mug is available.

You can also return the Ember Mug within thirty days of buying it to obtain a full refund. However, to get the refund, you need to submit your request through the Return Page. The mug must also be in good condition with all its original accessories. On the Return Page, you should state the reason for returning the product. Another way to initiate a return is by emailing Ember Mugs also have a one-year limited warranty, which specifies that the product should not have defects in artistry and materials under normal utilization for a one-year period from the time a person bought it. However, the warranty does not provide coverage for the software embedded in Ember products or related application services. To inquire about the warranty, you should have the mug’s serial number handy. This mug makes a great gift.

What’s not so good about it?

Although the Ember Mug is great at keeping the temperature the user sets it to, it can be several degrees off. It is a minor discrepancy that the mouth registers. According to Epicurious, it takes about two hours to charge the mug, which seems long. However, this is not much of a problem if you dock the mug back as you drink your coffee. To control the temperature settings, you need to download the application. Otherwise, the temperature will get stuck at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the application is easy, and you may obtain notifications for when your drink is up to the right temperature. You can also adjust the brightness of the LED. The other con about this mug is that it is expensive. However, you are paying for the treat of having consistently hot beverages. Some users also state that they experience difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity, the app, and insufficient heat. This mug is also designed to be washed by hand only, which is tedious. The mug’s bottom should not get wet to always connect to the charging coaster. Therefore, you cannot stick the base under the sink and allow soapy water to run over it. It would be best to wipe down the top and the interior of the mug without getting water on its base.


You can find many alternatives for the Ember Mug on Amazon for a lower cost, but they do not keep their contents at the right temperature for as long as the Ember Mug does. Some brands also sell mug warmers, enabling users to use their normal mugs.


The Ember Mug is a high-tech solution for people who love coffee and prefer having a constantly hot sip. Whether you are working from home, monitoring kids at home, or attending a drive-in movie, your beverage will remain at the ideal drinking temperature.

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