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Is Yeti Stock A Solid Long Term Investment?


The financial trading markets is one the areas to look at when you want to invest. Though it may seem complicated, you only need to grasp the concept of the market. Here you buy stocks such as shares and later on sell them for a profit. If you have experience in the market, then you get exposure to several ways in which you can make money, even from dwindling stocks. Venturing into this investment front, also requires you to keenly analyze the company so as to determine whether the stocks are worthy of purchase. The strength of the company in terms of performance is one of the factors to look at, the same applies to the prevailing economic conditions. Among the companies, you should consider is Yeti as it is performing considerably well in the market. However, the question is, can you rely on its stock as a reliable long-term investment? To answer this question, we will first take a look at the company's profile.

Yeti’s Background

When you hear the name Yeti, the first picture that you may envision is the abominable snowman, a folklore creature that dwells in the snowy regions, but that’s not the case. Yeti is the name of a company that deals in outdoor utilities such as ice chests, drinkwares, and coolers as from its Wikipedia page. The company came through, courtesy of the effort of two brothers who were into outdoor activities, mostly hunting and fishing. It is something they did while they were growing up, and they saw the need for utilities such as coolers. The problem is that the coolers they came across were kind of faulty, and they pictured the existence of a high-end outdoor utility that would last them longer. According to Yeti's about page, the frustration gave them the idea to come up with the coolers. The push factor is that the innovation of the product came from their first-hand experience rather than market analysis and research. That's how Yeti came to be, and in the more than a decade stay, it has had an impressive performance, making it a suitable company to invest in.

Why You Should Buy into Yeti’s Stocks

As an investor, the Yeti stock is one area to look at when you want a solid long term investment plan. Below are some of the factors that make this company’s shares a fit area to buy in.

A New Entrant In The Stock Markets

Yeti is a new entrant in the New York Stock exchange as it became a public company in 2018 through an initial public offering. At the time, it had 16 million shares, with each going for $18. If you are a keen investor, then you know the potential that new entrants in the financial markets have. For a company to get listed in prestigious markets such as the New York Stock Exchange, it means that it is on an upward movement. The appreciation in prices is most of the time sustained, and this makes Yeti an excellent company to look at when you want to invest.

Awesome Feats In Sales

When you look at its Wikipedia page, you get the picture of a company that has been on rocketing sales spree ever since its founding. It has got into business relationships with retailers such as Amazon, which helps in amplifying its sales. Take note of its 2016 sales, for example, where it registered total sales worth $468.9 million, up from $147.7 million in 2015. Its earnings in this period in terms of profit appreciated from $14.2 million to $72.2 million. When you look at such figures, you get the impression of how decent it fares when it comes to shares prices; the backing factor being its profitability.

Present Performance In The Stock Market

When you look at the current performance of the Yeti stock in the exchange market, you get a hint of the stability of its prices. While the shares are not that well-performing, its prices are quite stable, a key factor when you are looking for a long term investment stint. The six-month outlook of its faring in the exchange market paint rising prices, and this spells appreciation should you opt to stick to its market for long.

Economic Seasons

One factor that you need to look at is the seasonal market that Yeti's products have. As earlier hinted, the company deals in outdoor products such as coolers, ice chests, and drinkware. Its products will have improved sales when the summer hits as their demand will go up. The open hunting season is also on its way, and you are sure that its hunting-oriented products will sell and boost the company's profitability.

The NRA Backlash

One factor that may act against your long term investment plans with Yeti stock is the backlash it got from some NRA. It was a vendor for the National Rifle Association until they had a falling out. The strained relationship came around 2018 when Yeti declined to be NRA's vendor. Some members of the entity even went ahead to destroy some of Yeti's products which they had purchased. The loss of this market is one of the factors to also look at when it comes to Yeti's sustainability. Despite the strained relation, it has a great relationship with retailers such as Amazon that give it a broad market reach, spreading to other global territories.

Final Word

The Yeti stock is an area to look at when you want to venture into financial trading. It is a company that has been on a decent run in the commercial sector with significant sales numbers being part of its arsenal that led it to the top and ultimately into NYSE listings. At the moment, the company's stocks are not that well off, but you get the picture of stability, which is a vital factor when it comes to long term trading. Study the company entirely, and see if you can buy into it for an excellent trading stint.

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