Check Out Jacob & Co’s $580,000 Twin Turbo Furious Watch

Jacob & Co’s $580,000 Twin Turbo Furious Watch

Jacob & Co. has always been known for producing products that stand out in a crowd. As a matter of fact, virtually everything that they’ve ever produced is capable of making a bold statement, but perhaps nothing has ever been quite so bold as their most recent watch, the Twin Turbo Furious watch. It doesn’t look like anything else that’s ever been produced and it’s definitely different in function as well as form. Considering its price tag, it’s also something that is only for the most discerning of customers. Some would even go as far as saying that it’s only for elitist buyers who have the means to spend more on a watch than most people would spend on an automobile. That’s interesting because this particular watch was designed specifically to pay homage to some of the best automobiles that have ever been manufactured.

An Appearance With a Distinct Purpose

The first thing that you are likely to notice when you initially glance at this watch is that it doesn’t look like anything else on the market, not even close. For starters, it’s a lot bigger than most of the other watches that are currently available. Considering the fact that there are some genuinely large timepieces on the current market, the sheer size of this particular example makes it stand head and shoulders above the crowd. As a matter of fact, it would probably be a mistake to compare it to anything else, largely because it just isn’t like any other product out there. It’s square when most watches feature a round dial and its massive case, which measures an astonishing 57mm by 52mm, is crafted from a brilliant blue titanium that is sure to catch the eye of watch experts and laypersons alike. In order to properly enhance the appearance of the blue titanium, the watch also features 18-karat rose gold accents, just to make sure that no one in the room misses it. The dial itself, which is arguably the most important part of any watch, is constructed from Neoralithe. What is Neoralithe, you ask? It is an especially hardy resin made to be resistant to both shock and UV light. It’s also something that you aren’t likely to find on many other watches. In fact, it might even be a challenge to find it in any other watch that is currently available for sale. That’s not to say that there are no other competitor’s watches who offer this type of protection, but if there are, they are certainly few and far between. It’s also designed with an openwork front that allows you to see the timepiece working in real time. Last but certainly not least, there are fuel gauge and pit board settings located directly on the front of the dial. Remember, the watch was designed to pay homage to the best hypercars that have ever been made. It only stands to reason that the design would reflect this in one way or another. Like virtually everything else with this particular watch, the decision was made to go bold, so the watchmaker created a no-holds-barred example that is as unapologetic as it is dynamic.

Exclusive In-House Design

There are plenty of things that make this watch special, and they aren’t all related to its appearance. The truth is, almost every component of this watch has been designed in-house. That is no easy feat to accomplish, yet it is something that Jacob & Co. have worked tirelessly to accomplish. As a direct result, there truly is nothing else on the market that even comes close in terms of the watch’s functionality. Perhaps the thing that is most impressive isn’t actually related to the product’s unique appearance at all, but rather its ability to keep up with other products made by watchmakers that have been in the business a lot longer. There is nothing simple about creating a brand new timepiece, especially when the movement and all of the components are being designed and built in-house. There is a reason that so many watchmakers utilize other companies to create virtually all of the components used in their watches, even though they are selling them under their own name. It takes an entire team of highly skilled individuals who have years and years of training to build a watch like this. The very idea of doing everything in-house from start to finish is an intensive goal, to say the least. Actually being able to pull it off says a lot about the dedication from the people at Jacob & Co. It also makes the watch one of the most exclusive examples in the entire world when it comes to custom timepieces.

A Custom Timepiece Worth Having

There is nothing common about this watch. It incorporates a 50-hour power reserve as well as a case made of no less than 88 moving parts. Like most watches made today, it also features a sapphire crystal that provides an exceptionally clear view of all the working parts inside. At a cost of $554,000 it definitely isn’t something that is attainable for everyone. It’s also worth noting that the watch has 830 components, in addition to 75 jewels that have been strategically placed throughout the watch. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing about this watch that is traditional. Whether you are talking about the way it looks or the way it performs, it really doesn’t have anything else in its class. There is nothing that has ever been made in history that even remotely competes with this watch. The truth is, there may never be anything that is even remotely capable of competing with this particular watch. The company responsible for its design has truly outperformed anything and everything that is currently available. For those who can get their hands on one for themselves, there is little doubt that they will have something that will remain unequaled for the foreseeable future.

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