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How Jeff Burton Achieved a Net Worth of $45 Million

Jeff Burton

Well, it is not always easy to know what a person has in the pockets or banks, but we can tell Jeff Burton is loaded. This racing legend has more than 45 million dollars to his name. Of course, he has never been considered a billion-dollar brat like Stephany McMahon was, but he is richer than her. Still, he was lucky enough to hail from a family with a legendary streak in sports. His father was a successful racer, and Jeff was privileged to join the family business of muscle cars, high speeds, and excellent endurance. However, Jeff’s reputation has more to do with his skills, negotiations, discipline, and consistency than his privileged nurturing and origin. In this article, we will analyze how Jeff Burton grew up to become a celebrated NASCAR driver with a net worth well over 45 million dollars.

Net Worth$45 Million
NameJeffrey Tyler Burton
BornSouth Boston, Virginia
Birth DateJune 29, 1967
Source of WealthProfessional Stock Car Racing Driver and Current Racing Commentator
CountryUnited States


Well, a considerable part of Jeff’s estate was accrued after he stopped doing stock car racing. In fact, a good proportion of his net worth was earned from just showing up to various race circuits. He was racing for the motivation, endorsements and entertainment bit of business long after he’d slowed down. He continued winning as an iconic figure through commentating and marketing long after age took his ability to win races. Jeff is likely to keep piling up the stacks as a guru who has advice and tactical advice to offer. However, we should never underestimate the glamor of his earlier racing career.

Jeff started by racing in his dad’s car. Between 1988 and 1990, he’d done enough practice and apprenticeship to complete a full season in his family’s racing car. In 1990, he won his first-ever race. By 1991, he was already driving a Chevrolet-sponsored race car for J&J Racing. The next year, he moved to FILMAR Racing that was sponsored by TIC Financial Systems.

When Jeff excelled in his first Winston Cup race in 1993, he earned a spot as a rookie for the Winston Cup Series. FORD sponsored his rookie year in 1994. His driving talent was visible as he quickly became 14th in the series at the climax of the series. Unfortunately, his inexperience led to a dismal performance by the end of the series. He was disqualified based on a safety violation. He didn’t make such a grievous error the next year and finished 9th.

The Roush Racing Contract

Jeff Burton was fortunate enough to be signed by Roush Racing after his rookie antiques impressed critics. Ford sponsored the team all through to 1998. It was with at this time that his career hit its peak. He always finished from 1st to 5th. In 1997, he earned his first-ever career win for an inaugural NASCAR race. After that, he won another astounding 14 races in less than half a decade. He especially broke records and set a career winning streak with six race-wins in 1999.

Some of the other notable career boosters for Jeff Burton in between the years of 1997 and 2000 were:

  • • Three-year consecutive wins at the Jiffy Lube 300
  • • Coca-Cola 600 series win
  • • 50th Annual Southern 500 series win
  • • Fifth place finish
  • • NHIS event wins for five years straight
  • • Won every lap of the 2000 Dura Lube 300

CITGO joined in the bandwagon by sponsoring Roush Racing from 2001 to 2003. However, despite Jeff posting good results, it was nothing compared to the previous five years. CITGO left Roush Racing.

In the next year, Jeff had to rely on his personal sponsor, SKF, to continue racing. His team didn’t secure any lucrative sponsorship. In that same year, he left his team for the Richard Childress Racing. The team was under a lucrative Chevy sponsorship and was well endowed to sign Jeff before a major racing event. After two-three years with CITGO, his stats were finally improving. He started having hopes of a career revival at that point.

In 2005, Jeff’s career was at its best since 2000. He managed to post a third-place finish as well as a majority of top-ten finishes. At the Bristol Motor Speedway of that year, he finished second. The impressive momentum did not waver, and he won four poles including:

  • 1. Daytona 500
  • 2. USG Sheetrock 400
  • 3. Brickyard 400
  • 4. GFS Marketplace 400

Jeff was having an awesome 2005 and even a long-coveted series. He also qualified for the Chase for the Nextel Cup in which he won the Dover International Speedway race. However, he didn’t do well in the overall point’s evaluation after suffering setbacks, including engine failure. In 2007, Jeff was sponsored by Prilosec OTC and won the Texas Samsung 500. In that year, he also qualified for the Chase in which he ranked seventh. Button had impressive runs through 2007 and 2008. However, by the next time, it was clear that his career had approached the retirement phase.

Final Thoughts

Caterpillar signed sponsored Jeff Burton from 2009 throughout 2011. In that duration, Jeff’s declining winning capacity represented the Caterpillar brand phenomenally. He displayed tenacity, endurance, and reliability as opposed to speed. After a streak of bad finishes in the next two years, Jeff retired from Richard Childress Racing.

Sometime after his controversial racing career finish at NASCAR, Jeff landed a deal with NBC Sports. He renders the television network his commentary services. Apart from just commentating, Jeff is involved in nurturing younger racing talent, including his son’s. Harrison Burton actively competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and ARCA Menards Series. The Burtons have a rich history in racing. We want to see if Harrison, Ward, and Jeb ever make more than 21 victories in a racing series as big and famous as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.

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