The Jet Capsule: A New Way to Conceive Water Mobility

It was only a draft drawn on paper in 2009. But the team of Italian designers and engineers worked on it for three years until it was perfected. By 2012, the three primary founders had formed a limited liability company based in Italy. Lazzarini, their design studio, presented the first Jet Capsule at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2013. Their latest mini-yacht concept provides luxury transportation of a decidedly different kind.

Lazzarini’s goal was to create a personal watercraft which would allow customers many options for customization. The naval engineering firm has succeeded in producing several models of the Jet Capsule, but each bears the unmistakable rounded V-shaped hull and incredibly effortless ability to maneuver over the water, delivering its passengers efficiently to their destinations, with a high level of comfort and convenience.

Though the standard models are just 24 feet long, the interior space can be customized with many options, such as lounge chairs, sofas, teak floors or kitchenettes. The minimalist vessels floors easily function as a blend of miniature yacht, jet ski and convenient transportation.

The Jet Capsule is built with a proprietary fiberglass frame and hull, using fiberglass or carbon and the firm’s “Jelcoat”. The mechanical components include Hamilton Jet hydrojets and Yanmar engines. The electrical equipment includes control panel switches and main circuit breakers by Carling Technologies, batteries and battery chargers by Mastervolt, and electric winches by Lewmar. The navigational and entertainment equipment includes audio systems by Bose, and chart plotters and VHF radios by Simrad. The Jet Capsules are manufactured in the firm’s Capsule Hangar 1.0, located in Italy.

What makes the Jet Capsule unique is its weight to power ratio, which is completely new for a transportation and pleasure boat. This distinctive ratio allows the vessel to reach its top speeds, ranging between 20 to 35 knots based on the specific engine configurations, quickly and easily.

The Jet Capsule team is headed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, who was born in Rome in 1982. He has been on the path of designing since he attended the Liceo artistico Tuscia in Viterbo, Italy, graduating in 2001 with an Art Studies High School Degree. He then went on to earn a B.A. from the Fine Arts Academy in Viterbo, with an emphasis on design, painting and teaching art. He earned his Master in Car Design and Mobility in Milano, Italy with a focus on car design and 3 dimensional tools from Domus Academy and studied personal emotional mobility with Scuola Politecnica di design. He has had considerable professional design experience in the worlds of interior, car, and naval design.

Lazzarini, along with fellow company founder Luca Solla, leads a team of designers and engineers dedicated to providing luxurious transportation which keeps passengers dry and protected from the sun while conveniently traveling from shore to ship and dock to dock. The shock absorbent seating keeps passengers comfortable and LED lighting allows night-time travels. There is hidden storage which also provides ample convenience for travelers. For convenience, an automatic docking system and design which allows the Jet Capsule to be readily towed with common boat trailers add to its convenient luxury. The jet propulsion system gives the vessel increased mobility when compared with older style yacht propellers, and that is what makes it completely innovative.

One of Lazzarini’s goals is to provide the next generation of water taxis for major global cities such as Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Doha, Miami, and Moscow. The company was selected to provide its Jet Capsule as a water service taxi for the public in Italy. The vessel simply parks adjacent to a dock, and waits for its passengers, who will then board and ride in comfortable, airplane style seats.

There are several Jet Capsule models available, based on three primary designs:

Jet Capsule Basics:

  • Configured with 8 removable seats, with handles for passengers
  • Hull length of 7.27 meters
  • Hull width of 3.44 meters
  • 370 Hp single engine
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Maximum speed of 32 knots

Jet Capsule Models:

  • Limousine-configured with pilot area, and long vertical benches for passengers
  • Taxi-configured with individual passenger seating and forward pilot area
  • Private– configured with forward pilot seat and 4 comfortable lounge chairs for passengers
  • Classic– features a roof ladder and sunroof, classic wood interiors, private jet armchairs, air conditioning, photochromic windows, toilet and services room, a pilot cabin, with options for further customization available

Model Variations:

Jet Taxi

  • Configured with 12 removable seats, with handles for passengers
  • Hull length of 7.27 meters
  • Hull width of 3.44 meters
  • 370 Hp single engine
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Maximum speed of 32 knots
  • Maximum load of 12, plus 1 pilot

Jet Reptile

  • Configured with 8 removable seats, with handles for passengers
  • Hull length of 7.27 meters
  • Hull width of 3.44 meters
  • 370 Hp single engine
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Maximum speed of 32 knots
  • Maximum load of 12, plus 1 pilot

Super Jet

  • 6.20-meters long
  • 2.50-meters wide
  • Configured for two passengers, with storage space in the rear
  • Available in many color combinations

It’s also possible to own a customized version of the Jet Capsule:

  • Angel Jet– features private jet armchairs, automatic sliding doors, wood interior, photochromic windows, air conditioning, a roof ladder and a sunroof, a pilot cabin and a toilet and services room and much more
  • Private Jet– features dual idrojet electric propulsion and twin engines, semi-automatic rear sliding doors, a sunroof, separate pilot’s cabin, private jet armchairs, a toilet and services room, and air conditioning, plus many additional details
  • P547 Armored Jet– features an unsinkable hull, bulletproof shields, armored structure, diver output and sensors, radar, satellite, machine guns, bulletproof glass, battering ram, night vision, patrol cameras and a rooftop bunker
  • Diving-a streamlined version of the limousine model, with a rear diving platform and built in storage space for diving gear
  • Jet Patrol– designed for police use, with bulletproof glass, reinforced aluminum chassis and the most powerful and safe capsule configuration
  • Party– dual jet pumps allow for piloting the capsule and using the fly board simultaneously, two large subwoofers located on the roof to transport water sport items, a wakeboarding connector, a sunroof
  • Emergency– designed for ambulance and emergency use; configured to transport patients and emergency teams and equipment

Lazzarini Design has succeeded in creating superyacht luxury in a small, personal, and extremely mobile watercraft. The simple goal of making water transportation from ship to port easy and elegant has evolved into much more than its original concept. The new Jet Capsules offer revolutionary, futuristic transport today.

The 2016 version was made available late in 2015; with advance orders costing $150,000 per vessel, with a five-month fulfillment time. As of December 2016, Standard versions are available beginning at $169,000 and Super Jet Capsules are available starting at $229,000 and up.

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