A Closer Look at The Jordan 5 top 3

Jordan has been making new release announcements left and right, and while some editions have been delayed for past the initial projections made, the Jordan 5 Top 3 model was on schedule. The new sneaker made the drop a few weeks ago and it’s already lived up to its hype. If you’re hearing about it for the first time, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Jordan 5 Top 3 to give you a proper introduction.

1. This is a shoe for the guys

The Jordan 5 in its Top 3 is a sneaker that was made to appeal to guys of all ages. The shoes have been manufactured in sizes from the little guys up through adults. They start out with Top 3s for toddlers, in a pre-school size that covers the toddlers and nursery school fellows, as well as for grade-school and regular men’s sizes. There’s one made for every guy in the family.

2. Three exciting colorways are available

The Jordan brand has made the initial release of the Jordan 5 Top 3 sneakers available in your choice of three colorways. These are originals that include “Grape,” “Fire Red,” and “Black Metallic.” The Jordan 5 Top 3 are sneakers that make a colorful and eye-catching statement.

3. Europe was given the first shot

The Air Jordan 5 Top 3 sneaker line was released for sale to the general public first in the European market. They joined a variety of other new releases in delivery to overseas retailers in advance of the US shipments commencing. We learned that the lucky shoppers in Europe got a week’s head start by receiving theirs on June 13th, 2020, with the US market exploding with sales on June 20th.

4. The Jumpman is a feature once again

There is little debate about the fact that the Jordan 5 Top 3 is a basketball sneaker. We’re getting used to the insignia that lets the world know so there is no mistake. The jump man icon is proudly displayed on the tongue of the sneaker in a prominent position for its display. The contrasting colors used work nicely. When you flip the shoes over, you see him again on the sole with the same coloring. It’s becoming a signature feature that we’re seeing in the Air Jordan basketball line.

5. We’re seeing the MSRP rise

The cost of the Air Jordan 5 Top 3 for 2020 has been set by the brand as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $200 per pair. Although there is little doubt that it is a precision sneaker that will serve you well on the courts, we’re seeing an increase of a full $10 over the next expensive Jordans which are the Air Jordan 6 “Hare” kicks that retailed for $190. It’s not a big difference but we’re seeing some incremental price increases creeping in these days.

6. It’s a celebratory sneaker

It isn’t difficult for us to justify the $10 bump in price in light of the fact that the Jordan 5 Top 3 is a special edition sneaker. The reason for the celebration? It’s the 30th anniversary of the release of the Air Jordan 5 collection. The reason for the “Top 3” title given the collection of 3 is because these were the most popular colorways of the line. That’s why it’s being released in these three specific colorways. It’s a lovely way to acknowledge one of their greater successes with a retro iteration of an old favorite.

7. We love the ventilation

When you look at the construction of this basketball shoe it’s obviously well-made, but with summer in full swing, the first question in one’s mind is will they sweat your feet? They look like they’d be hot until you take a closer look at the ventilation system. The mesh fabric on the arch and midsole at both sides of the sneaker gives it plenty of room to breathe. There are plenty of vents to ensure ample airflow to keep the feet cooler and dryer.

8. Strong support

The construction of the Jordan 5 Top 3 is stellar. The leather uppers are designed to provide ample support in all the right places with reinforcement stitching to keep your feet snugly secured for serious gameplay. They have the attributes of precision basketball shoes that offer great ankle support with laces that serve as a means of adjusting the fit to complement the shape of your foot. Don’t let the side panel vents fool you. These shoes have a solid construction that is engineered to give you the support where it’s needed the most.

9. Just the right amount of padding

True to the original Air Jordan 5 line, the Top 3 retro sneaker is designed for control and for comfort simultaneously. A glance of the tongue shows that it’s been given a healthy dose of cushiony padding in all the right places. True to form, AJ has covered all of the pressure points to ensure that the sneakers are comfortable every time you lace them up, but they’re not overdone.

10. Time’s running out to get a good deal

It’s rare that you can find a new Jordan release, particularly a special edition at the manufacturer’s suggested retail selling price after a week or two of healthy sales activity. Although this model hasn’t received quite the hype of some of the others, it has stirred its fair share of anxious anticipation. We’ve already seen the supplies begin to wane as stockpilers are joining in the sales frenzy to offer their inventory at a price that nets a cool profit. So far, the damage isn’t too bad, but we did see that stockx.com is showing a trend towards higher pricing. The bids for a brand new pair of the recent release are between $291 and $240.

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