20 Things You Didn’t Know about Kinside


Kinside is a new American tech startup that got off to a slow start at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company opened its doors only to shut down within two months when the nation went into lockdowns and quarantines because of the rapid spread of the initial wave of the virus. The new company held its ground and leaders prepared for the day when society would resume its operations and it has flourished ever since. If you’re not yet familiar with the company or if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, here are twenty things you probably didn’t know about Kinside to bring you up to speed.

1. Kinside is a new startup

Crunchbase reports that Kinside is a company that was founded in 2018. The Kinside app was ready to launch in 2021 but was put on hold when the pandemic shut down the nation. The company is still in its infancy and has only been in operation in full swing for a little over a year. It’s made remarkable progress in making up for lost time with revenues doubling in four months in early 2021.

2. Kinside is a versatile tech company

Kinside is listed in the childcare, information services, and information technology industries. It is a versatile company that offers an app that gives parents everything they need to know from finding a childcare provider to securing spots in childcare centers and preschools for their children. it also provides them with information about paying for childcare with a convenient online payment platform. it provides them with access to savings on taxes and employer contributions. Kinside developed a childcare flexible spending account app for employers to use as a part of employee benefits packages with automated claims processes.

3. Kinside is in the diversity spotlight in the USA

Kinside is a business that is featured for its diverse leadership. It is a women-founded and women-led company. It is also listed as a Hispanic-founded and Hispanic-led organization. Kinside serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs who are women of Hispanic heritage to show them that it is possible to achieve your dreams with time, effort, and belief in your abilities.

4. Kinside has four co-founders

Kinside was established by a team of four co-founders. Two of them are men and two are women. The founders are Brittney Barrett, Shadiah Sigala, Abe Han, and Rob Bircher. These four dynamic entrepreneurs combine their skills and expertise in the business world to create a dynamic new company.

5. Kinside uses a complex array of technologies to power its website

Our visit to the Kinside website was pleasant and productive. The website operates smoothly and efficiently. We learned that the company actively uses fifty-five technologies to power its website to provide users with an effective experience. These technologies are distributed across dozens of technology products and services, including IPv6, Amazon, Domain Not Resolving, and others. The annual cost is undisclosed, but our estimates place the annual overhead expense for IT at more than $1 million

6. Consumer interest in Kinside is growing

The analytics reports for the Kinside website reveal that the number of monthly visits to the site is currently on an upswing. Over the past 30-days, a total of 3,058 people have visited the site. This number represents a monthly visits growth of 165.22 percent. It’s impressive growth by any standards. Kinside is ranked as number 3,848,471 of the millions of websites registered on the worldwide web. The growth is impressive given the slow start that Kinside and similar companies had due to the pandemic shutdowns.

7. Kinside is the most popular in the United States

One hundred percent of the visitors to the Kinside website are from the United States. Kinside serves businesses and employees in the United States area. It has not yet expanded its operations to include international clients. So far, we’ve not seen evidence of plans to expand outside of the borders of the United States, but it is a nationwide provider.

8. Kinside has a four-member executive leadership team

Kinside lists four executive members on its core leadership team. Brittney Barrett is a co-founder and also serves as the CMO. Shadia Sigala is a co-founder and chief executive officer. Abe Han is a co-founder and the chief technology officer. Hostos Monegro is the head of the product. These core leaders are supported by a larger staff of executives, advisors, and managers.

9. Kinside has a one-member board of directors

Kinside has a board of directors with just one member so far. It’s a young company that is still in its developmental stages and the board will likely expand as more investors are brought on board in the fundraising efforts. Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer is an advisor for the core executive leadership team at Kinside. She is a co-founder and managing partner at January Ventures. She has founded two organizations and she currently serves on twenty-three boards of directors in advisory roles.

10. Kinside is a venture capital-supported enterprise

Kinside has participated in a total of six rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series A funding closed on June 7, 2022. The total amount raised as of June 2022 is $16.6 million.

11. Kinside has the support of fourteen investors

Kinside’s co-founders successfully attracted the attention and secured the support of fourteen venture capital investors over its six rounds of venture capital fundraising efforts. Each of the investors has confidence in the young company’s likelihood of achieving success and providing a solid return on the investments made. Investors include Wellington Management, Maven Ventures, Initialized Capital, Magnify Ventures, Bossanova Investimentos, MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars, a lead investor, Alumni Ventures, and Precursor Ventures.

12. The series A funding round for Kinside was led by moms

Techcrunch reports that the most recent round of Series A funding for Kinside was led entirely by mothers. The leaders are also investors who are women with children. They include Alda Leu Dennis of Initialize, Sara Deshpande of Maven Ventures, Joanna Drake of Magnify Ventures, and Wellington Access Ventures Sasha McKenzie. The representatives of the investment firms understand the importance of providing these services for parents and employers seeking to entice more workers into their open positions.

13. The funding came together organically

The chief marketing officer of Kinside is Brittney Barrett. She is also a co-founder. She explains that the investors were attracted to Kinside and its mission because of their personal experiences and struggles with arranging childcare. The group of investors came together to support Kinside’s efforts organically as they were naturally drawn to a company that could solve the problems of working mothers and fathers. Their knowledge of the need for the services is the primary factor fueling the urgency for investing in the Kinside company.

14. Kinside caters to parents and employers

The Kinside platform offers dual benefits for its clients that cover the needs of employers and parents. Workers use the app to find networked providers in their area, which is convenient for them. Employers offer the Kinside app’s convenience as a benefit that intertwines with the various employment packages they offer employees to attract and secure their workforces. The advanced technology streamlines the processes involved from finding providers to the negotiation of spaces and payments in one central hub.

15. Kinside is a Y Combinator company

Kinside is another new startup that received its start as a Y Combinator company. It was first covered by the Y Combinator group Initialized which announced its $4 million seed round toward the end of 2019. Those familiar with the Y Combinator entrepreneur training program know that it only funds the opportunities that offer a sound business model with a high likelihood of success.

16. Shadiah Sigala brings her personal experience to the Kinside platform

Co-founder and chief executive officer Shadiah Sigala rolled up her sleeves and did much of the leg work to secure a network of participants for the inside app. She dedicated weeks making telephone calls to preschools and daycares before the app simplified the process. She had difficulty finding childcare for her three-year-old daughter and infant son. It opened her eyes to the problem of childcare solutions. it inspired her to develop a platform that would simplify the process for parents, including licensed state providers for each state in the nation, and those who pass the stringent safety vetting requirements of Kinside, to qualify as a member of the network. Kinside coordinated with experts in licensing to develop its framework for vetting for each state.

17. Kinside is planning to expand

The most recent round of venture capital funding has a designation for use by Kinside. Kinside plans to direct funds toward the marketplace functionality of the Kinside app. They will embrace a focus on the development of new tools. The goal of Kinside is to expand its current client base to include 10,000 employers and a million parents. It hopes to develop a dynamic inventory that provides notifications in real-time when a childcare spot becomes available at any networked preschool or childcare center to match local members with the needed service. It will help childcare and preschools to keep their rooms filled and it will provide more options for parents who need childcare slots. The Kinside platform addresses the most common problems for parents with childcare needs because it is designed by people who have gone through the processes and have an intimate understanding of the issues firsthand. Kinside offers a service that is in demand and necessary. It’s a godsend for parents who often stay home because they cannot identify childcare options. The need for the current services exceeds the supply. That is good news for Kinside.

18. Kinside has a small workforce

LinkedIn confirms that Kinside operates with a small workforce. Most of Kinside’s co-founders occupy leadership positions in the organization and devote their time to full-time work to grow and expand the operations while tending to the day-to-day tasks. We looked to find out if Kinside was hiring and saw that there are not yet any new jobs listed with the company. They’re doing a remarkable job with a small crew.

19. Kinside is a privately held enterprise

You won’t find any shares of Kinside stock offered for sale or trade on the public stock exchanges. It’s because the company has not yet filed for an IPO. The owners secured the necessary funding for expansion and operations from its base of private investors. The four co-owners are still in control of the majority of the company’s interests. It’s assumed that Kinside assigned interest in the future profits to its investors, as is customary, but the terms of the funding contracts are undisclosed at this time. Investors have commented on their excitement about the potential of Kinside to become a disruptor in the industry, and to grow at a rapid pace as businesses continue to reopen and institute on-site workspaces in place of the mandatory remote assignments from the pandemic.

20. Kinside is a company to keep your eye on

Kinside is an innovative tech company that serves employers with everything necessary to implement new benefits for childcare in its employee incentive packages. The enterprise is postured in an ideal spot to fill a gaping hole in the service industry between workers and childcare providers. Parents are regaining their confidence with the option of vaccinations for the continuing risks of Covid-19 infections. They’re likely to be with us for years to come. Many employers that shifted their infrastructures to accommodate social distancing implemented remote working environments. They’re not asking workers to reconvene at job sites. Parents unaccustomed to the need for childcare services are scrambling to find providers for their children while they work. The convenience offered by Kinside could not have come at a better time. We expect to see great things from this new app-based platform in the months and years ahead.

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