What We Know about the 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder

German auto manufacturer Porsche is known for their beautiful, quick, and nimble production sports cars. Ever since the very first Porsche was released in the early 1930s, the name has been synonymous with power, grace, and unmatched aesthetics. In modern times, they are often some of the best sports cars on the market and are strongly competitive in many areas. The newest offering from Porsche, a 2019 model debuting sometime soon, is the Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder. This is a special edition vehicle that serves as a tribute to the 1960s 718 Spyder. It has classic Porsche styling and we can anticipate that it will also have awesome amounts of power like other cars by this manufacturer.

The Body

The new Porsche has some beautiful curves and a low profile. The overall vibe that the car sets off is one of aggression, speed, and maneuverability. The homages to the 60s Spyders are clear, making this new Porsche a great tribute to the classics. For example, it sports rear humps directly behind the cabin, which is a trademark feature of a Spyder. Other features included in this body design are flying buttresses on the engine cover, improving the sleek look of the car. It also has new rear bumper vents, which have been custom-designed for this model. Though it looks a lot like a Boxster, these design elements set it apart. The streamlined look of the new Porsche will be further enhanced by the lightweight construction and aerodynamic design of the new roof style. It is also a convertible, so you will be able to get a little wind in your hair if you decide to pick one of these up.

The Motor and Transmission

Nothing is set in stone for the 718 Boxter Spyder yet. However, we can speculate that it may include a naturally aspirated flat-6, which could provide up to 400 horsepower. Though the regular Boxster includes a turbocharged flat-4, the engineer (August Achleitner) behind this Porsche line has the final say – and he prefers the six-cylinder motor. Another thing that has not yet been announced is which transmission styles will be offered with the new Porsche. As a minimalist special edition, we may see a repeat of the last time that this model was released – only a manual transmission was offered. However, it is possible that a semi-automatic or automatic transmission could make it into this beast as well.

Wheels and Suspension

There will undoubtedly be an upgrade to the chassis made in this model, decreasing the weight of the car. It will also likely have an improved suspension that will offer less suspension travel and better performance in all conditions. This will go hand-in-hand with the lowered ride height. The wheels are a new feature of this Porsche model. The design has been redone to give this special edition its own flair. And it looks great – low-profile rims with racing tires are a classic combination.

The Interior

This Porsche sports car will offer improved seats for both racing and comfort. In addition, there will be a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel for improved handling and control. The interior will be finished in cloth – but full leather will also be an option. Technology will also be updated in this ride, with the probable inclusion of a Porsche Communication Management System. These are capable of easy interfacing with phones and other devices. Plus, they offer voice-controlled navigation, so you can focus on driving instead of looking up directions. This car is race-inspired, so the interior might be a bit stripped down. For example, it is likely that they will not include a radio or air-conditioning in the base model. However, they should also be available at no cost for those who need their creature comforts. The interior door handles will also be replaced with cloth loops (a common racecar feature).

Other Features

Though the Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder already has a lot of great features, there are a few more that you should know about. First, the brake lights have been redesigned and now include 3D LED technology. There is a four-point brake light system, with LED activated lettering between the lights. The exhaust system has also been revamped and will use a dual-exhaust system with exits on either side of the rear diffuser. Finally, this model will also include a decklid spoiler.

The Price

The last iteration of the Boxster Spyder was relatively expensive (though not compared to some other sports cars) at $82,100 in 2015. Due to the upgrades and the economy, we can expect the newest iteration to fetch about $87,000 without any options. It may end up as one of Porsche’s most expensive vehicles.

The Verdict

So far, the 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder is shaping up to be a pretty great vehicle. Though we won’t be able to tell until we are actually behind the wheel of one, it is looking quite promising. We are especially excited to see which motor Porsche elects to use – and how much power we will get from it. It should be a powerful, maneuverable car. Whether it comes with a manual transmission for purists, or simply a racing transmission due to its inspiration, it will perform well on the road and on the track. This car will likely be worth the money for anyone who is serious about Porsche or racing in general.

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