KTM Motorcycles is Releasing a Limited Production RC 8C


KTM Motorcycles is a brand that is known in racing circuits and among the general circles of motorcycle enthusiasts. The motorcycle giant from Austria has released a very special edition with a limited production run that is making the news and getting KTM fans whipped into a frenzy.

KTM Motorcycles is releasing a limited production RC 8C

According to Motorcycle.com, The new limited edition KTM RC 8C is a new sportbike that is made specifically for use on the track. It’s one of the most highly anticipated models ever released by KTM. The new KTM RC 8C is an evolved motorcycle that has many of the same elements as the GP2.

Specifications of the KTM RC 8C

The specialty track bike features an 899 cc LC8c engine with a steel trellis frame and swingarm along with a composite tail unit and fuel tank. The powerplant cranks 126.1 horsepower with 734.5 lb-ft of torque. The bike is the Duke engine with a new Twin Air developed air intake system that channels the air through the ram air intake to the box then to the engine. The bike sports a stainless steel exhaust system with a Kramer design and an Akrapovic muffler made of titanium.

Autocar, takes the description of the new track-only motorcycle beyond the fact that it’s foundationally an 890 Duke R. The KTM factory racing team and Kramer Motorcycles joined forces to design and build this limited-edition bike. The design takes into consideration the need to eliminate the hassles involved with the maintenance and running of a GP motorcycle. The winglets on the front fairing contribute to its impeccable aerodynamics similar to the set that appears on the RC16. KTM chose the engine that featured production specifications to make it one that was more affordable to maintain and repair and to ensure parts availability.

Lightweight for enhanced track performance

Although the horsepower may not seem high, the dry weight of a mere 140 kg makes up the difference. KTM accomplished this by using a variety of parts and components that were lighter in weight yet durable. They chose cast aluminum material for the swingarm with carbon fiber fenders, and Dymag forged wheels. The crankcase is also cast aluminum with forged pistons. It’s the aggregate of all the small details that combine to make a big difference in the dry weight of the bike.

Chassis of the RC 8C

The steel tube frame is a Kramer design featuring a WP Apex Pro USD fork that is adjustable measuring 43 mm along with a preload adjustment on its WP mono-shock. It comes as o surprise that it’s equipped with Brembo Sylema calipers and a 230 mm rear disc with a 190 Front disco and a Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder. The latter is equipped with the rider’s choice of race, sport, or normal positions for control over the bite point and response. The bike is decked out with a host of adjustability features for adapting to the track with adjustable bars and pegs, the headstock angle, and the fork.

A new rare collectible in the making

According to Ride Apart, we’re witnessing the making of a new legend that also happens to be a rare collectible motorcycle, practically from day one of the announcements that KTM would begin taking pre-orders for the bike. The KTM RC 8C was made with a limited production run of just 100 examples to be released and distributed to buyers throughout the world. It was well-announced in the right circles before the new track-only motorcycle was available for pre-order. The bike will come with a special package that will only be made available to twenty-five customers as an option. It will include an extra set of Dymag wheels, KTM Race carpet, tire warmers, front and rear paddock stands, an extra set of front and rear disks, and track time with Mika Kallio and Dani Pedrosa.

Pricing and availability

The new KTM RC 8C limited edition track-only motorcycle is set for delivery to buyers as a 2022 model. Although this is a bike that you’ll probably have trouble finding. It’s not a model that is out yet, but you won’t be able to stroll down to your local dealership and find one on the lot. Nor will you be able to order the bike because every last example has already been spoken for. We learned that the 2022 KTM RC 8C was made available for pre-order on July 22, 2021. It’s significant that the time when pre-orders were accepted began at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time. KTM kept track of how fast the one hundred bikes were gobbled up and it took a mere four minutes. The fortunate early birds that placed their pre-orders through KTM’s website paid $38,999 for each bike with no quibbling.

Final thoughts

The 2022 KTM RC 8C limited edition track-only bike with a bespoke chassis and Duke 890 R didn’t last long on KTM’s website. The demand for the highly anticipated bike by far exceeded the number of models that KTM decided to offer. This is one of the biggest events of the year for KTM, but not nearly as grand of an experience as for the fortunate riders that were among the first in line to secure their pre-order of the limited edition. There will be a measure of sadness and wishful melancholy for those who thought they would have more time to place their orders. They’re all spoken for and the rest of us will wait to hear more about their performance after deliveries are made to the lucky new owners. KTM went over and above by securing track time with two seasoned pro track riders. There will be twenty-five extremely happy new owners who will enjoy the option for a special package on top of the other bespoke features.

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