The Four Best Leather Hole Punches on the Market Today

Most of us have had an awkward moment with a belt when we’ve needed a hole that isn’t there. Whether it’s more or less room you require, it’s a problem that can be surprisingly difficult to solve, especially if you don’t have the right tools to hand. While high quality leather is both supple and malleable, it’s also tough – good luck punching a hole by hand.  By far the best (and neatest) way to create extra holes on leather belts, collars, straps and other items is with a leather hole punch. These tools are widely available, inexpensive and easy to use. In fact, they work the same way as a paper hole punch. Simply place your device over the area where you’d like to create a hole and apply force with a mallet or hammer.

Leather hole punches are a handy item to keep around the house even if used infrequently. They’re especially useful for people who craft with leather or make their own clothes. You may need a leather hole punch if you’ve welcomed a puppy into your family. Dogs grow at a remarkable pace and it won’t be long before that shiny new collar needs some extra room! There are lots of reasons to use a leather hole punch. If you need one, make sure it’s sturdy and reliable. Here are four of the best leather hole punches on the market right now:

Skilled Crafter Leather Hole Punch

As the Skilled Crafter Leather Hole Punch is designed for frequent use, it comes with an ergonomic shape and large ‘easy grip’ handles. It is a great choice for leather crafters and designers because it can be operated without the risk of repetitive wrist strains. The enlarged strike plate and double handles mean it needs only a little force to create uniform holes.

Favorite Feature: This leather hole punch from Skilled Crafter comes with two additional strike plates. If the first plate begins to wear, just swap it for a new one and your tool will be like new again.

EvZ Leather Belt Hole Punch

If you want a leather hole punch that’s easy to use but likely to last a long time, this tool from EvZ is a good choice. In fact, it’s so easy to handle that it may take some getting used to. It requires significantly less force than many similar punches. Take care when applying force; increase the squeeze slowly and make sure the head is locked in place before use.

Favorite Feature: There are no fewer than six hole sizes and a range of shapes to choose from when using this leather punch. So, whatever your needs – belt adjustment, crafting, pet care – this tool will find a way to meet it.

Pro Master Leather Hole Punch

While this leather hole punch from Pro Master is less heavy duty than some of the other options on our list, it is perfect for occasional use. Though it only creates round holes, there are six different sizes available. For simple tasks and adjustments, it provides everything you need. It also comes with two additional punch plates and a three year warranty.

Favorite Feature: We were pretty delighted with this hole punch’s eyelet setting pliers. It’s a feature not often seen on midrange punches even though crafters and sewers are bound to find it indispensable.

SE 7924LP Heavy Duty Leather Hole Punch

For those who prefer their crafting tools simple and unfussy, the SE 7924LP doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fairly basic ‘meat and potatoes’ tool, with no extra accessories, but it gets the job done when it comes to quick and regular adjustments. It is a little longer than most leather punches to accommodate for heavy use and thick materials.

Favorite Feature: The adjustable head is simple, sturdy and highly effective. Just rotate it until it’s in the right position and push gently to click into place.

Picking the Right Leather Hole Punch for Your Needs

Generally speaking, it’s not necessary to spend lots of money on a leather hole punch. Even if you’re a heaver crafter, a midrange product is likely to do the job just fine. The important thing is making sure you have the right variety of holes, sizes and shapes. If you need to punch ovals or squares, don’t forget to look for a leather tool that includes variable plates – the majority of punches are basic models with one circular shape.

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