How Lilly Singh Achieved a Net Worth of $16 Million

Lilly Singh

Social media is one of the hallmarks of technology, especially where the internet and communication fields are concerned. Many have taken advantage of the dawn of this concept and made a fortune from it. One such person who views social platforms as a cash source is Lilly Singh. She prides herself in making a fortune from the various capacities she uses in multiple online platforms. As such many of her followers have the question, what is the Lilly Singh net worth? Celebrity Net Worth a celebrity asset-base database site, provides the answer placing her value at $16 million. It is an awe-inspiring amount that also raises curiosity on how she achieved such a figure. Stick on as we expound on how she made it to her millionaire status.

Net Worth$16 Million
NameLilly Singh
BornScarborough, Ontario
Birth DateSeptember 26, 1988
Source of WealthCanadian YouTuber, Comedian, Talk Show Host, Writer, and Actress

Lilly Singh’s Early Life

Lilly Singh is Canadian and was born on September 26th, 1988, making her 31 years old as at the moment. She was raised in Scarborough, a division of Ontario alongside her older sister Tina Singh who is six years older than her. Her sister is also an internet personality like her and has her YouTube channel that focuses on her family life.

Her parents are Indian who emigrated from the Punjab region and raised her as a Sikh. For her education, she attended Mary Shadd Public School and Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute for her elementary and high school education, respectively. She, later on, attended York University in her hometown of Toronto, where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in psychology. She describes herself as a tomboy while growing up, and was a member of the Girl Guides of Canada where she participated in many of their youth programs.

Achieving Her Net Worth

You cannot help but be amazed by the Lilly Singh net worth. So back to the previous question, how did she claw to such a decent value? To answer the question, we will look at her engagements.

1. YouTubing

The YouTube online video platform means a lot more to Lilly, aside from being a site to watch videos. Once she completed her undergraduate studies, she opened her YouTube channel as she waited to proceed with her education at the postgraduate level. She went by the superwoman moniker, a name she related with since her childhood- as she felt she could achieve anything she wanted. That was back in 2010 as the platform was gaining mainstream appeal. On her YouTube channels, she uploaded vlogs of her personal life and what she was up to during the day. She opened another channel in December 2011, and it went into the behind the scene aspect of her vlogs.

She used to make daily uploads to her channels, but at the moment, she drops several uploads during the course of the week. YouTube pays decently and mostly relies on the number of adverts that viewers view or click on. She also acts as an endorser on her videos, which is a form of advertising and brings in decent earnings to her side.

With over 14 million subscribers and a total of over 3 billion views, she is one of the top earners in YouTube. According to The List, she got into YouTubing to cope with stress and depression. As from the site, she wanted to be an entertainer, but she could not due to her strict family background. At the moment, her channel brings in estimated earnings of roughly $8 million per year, which is an excellent way to rid depression and stress.

2. Venture Into Artistry

As earlier indicated, Lilly initially wanted to be an entertainer, but she could not. However, with her popularity growing, she got involved in entertainment to try to check out her artistic leanings. For her artistry, she has experimented with comedy, singing, and even dancing. Among the songs, she features include Hipshaker, a collabo with Punjabi singer Jassi Sidhu and #LEH with Kanwer Singh, who is her close friend. She has also tried out rapping. For comedy, it is evident in her vlogs, where she uses satire to bring out the humor. She has been a guest comedienne in various shows and halls.

3. Movies

Singh also ventured into acting and has appearances in various projects. She featured on 2017’s the Prom as Miss Fallsburg and even in Dr. Cabbie as Lilly. In 2016 she had two projects, Ice Age: Collision Course and Bad Moms, where she took on the roles of Bubbles and Cathy, respectively.

4. Her Talk Show

In September 2019, ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’ premiered on NBC. It is a late-night talk show where she talks on a host of topics taking on a satirical tone. The show received praise from various critics who saw it as having its touch of uniqueness. The show has had multiple guests grace it, such as Meghan Trainor and Neyo, and has an average viewership of 666000. Her stint as a talk show host is one of the contributors to her net worth.

5. Writing And Motivational Speaking

Lilly is also an author with one book out, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide To Conquering Life, which came out on March 28th, 2017. She is also a motivational speaker and attends various gatherings to give talks on life and other relevant topics. Such duties also add some figures to her bank account.


Lilly Singh found her home on social media as a way to cope with stress once she completed her undergraduate education. It turned out to be a goldmine, and so far, it is the most significant contributor to her millionaire status. She is a tale of resilience that many can look up to. Lilly is from an immigrant family with strong cultural values, and she identifies as bisexual. Despite the hurdles she faced from her attributes as a minority, she clawed up and $16 million as her value is the evidence of her hard work. You can catch her on her late-night talk show or subscribe to her channel to see what she is up to.

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