Longines Heritage 1918 Review: Paying Tribute to Bracelet Chronographs

Luxury time pieces stand as examples of the precision and skill of the watchmakers of their origin. Longines is a Swiss brand that has a penchant for offering some of the highest quality in materials, design and craftsmanship along with issuing and the reissue of iconic pieces that contain a rich history. The inspiration for some collectors is as valuable as the aesthetics and complications as it provides the personality that is what makes each collectible watch worth merit. The combination of multiple elements are considered as a part of the overall valuation of each piece. This makes the description and details rendered by manufacturers and critics so vital. We’re going to take a closer look at the Longines Heritage 1918 to examine the elements that make it such a treasure.

Inspiration for the 1918

The Longines watchmakers pay tribute to their first versions of bracelet chronographs. This model makes full use of the application of the winged hourglass, typical of the Longines brand with a vintage aesthetic that is reminiscent of yesteryear and all of the charms and mystique associated with this era. A refinement of the fabrication lends a modern approach to the re-issue of the iconic piece that is suitable for both male and female wear.


We begin with the features and specifications which make the 1918 a brilliant remake of the initial chronograph bracelets developed by Longines. While the aesthetics are definitely pleasing to the eye, there is much more that has gone into the reissue that make meld past and present in the creation of a new piece that will find its way into the society of highly collectible luxury time pieces.

The 1918 features an automatic winding mechanical movement with caliber L615 (ETA 2895/2); twenty seven jewels; 11 eleven and a half lines and 28,00 alternations per hour for precision and accurate time keeping. This piece has a forty two hour power reserve. Form and function combine in the 1918. It provides time display in hours minutes. Small seconds at six o clock and the date is displayed at 6 o clock.

The round case is crafted of high quality stainless steel. It is available in two size options measuring 38.5 mm and 41 mm. True luxury aesthetics are displayed in the row of diamonds surrounding the case. A total of sixty fine quality gems that deliver a total of one full carat surround the face of the Top Wesselton VVS.

The multiple purpose crystal is made with sapphire crystal that is made with a multi-layer design of coating that is anti reflective. This ensures that the dial and features will have the highest possible legibility. Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone on the planet, coming in second place only to the diamond. It is highly scratch and crack resistant and serves as protection for the dial and delicate hands that are housed within its dome. The design of the case and crystal promote water resistance up to thirty meters for additional protection of the time piece.

The dial sports a polished white laquered face. This serves as the resilient and charming background for the applied Arabic numerals numbering from one to twelve. The applications are honey in coloring which serves as a nice contrast for the coloring of the dial and the styling offers a retro effect, giving the watch its vintage appearance. It has the dual effect of appearing both new and old at the same time.


Each detail of this time piece has received special attention. The hands applied for the hours and minutes functions are made of blued steel. A honey colored varnish has been applied to complete the vintage theme and tie them in with the Arabic numerals on the dial face. Clean lines of blued steel outline the minutes and hour hands with an impressive design that adds to the aesthetic quality of the dial. The small seconds hand is made of blued steel without the application of the varnish for a nice contrasting effect.

It is neatly enclosed in the circular indicator area for small seconds time keeping that rests just above the six o’ clock position. The placement of the date indicator and small seconds indicator is impeccably positioned to occupy the right amount of space for a perfect balancing of the objects on the dial face. It avoids the appearance of being overcrowded or sparse.

The completion of the Longines Heritage 1918 includes the use of a bracelet that is crafted of high quality alligator skin in a honey coloring. It is a buckle style which may be adjusted for the fit and comfort of the wearer.

The Longines Heritage 1918

This luxury timepiece was manufactured in 2015 and 2016. The average retail price in USD is $2350. This recent inspiration of the early Longines chronograph bracelet was released to celebrate the grand success that the company has enjoyed over the past several decades. Although the movement is changed and the appearance is a bit more modern, it shares some of the same features that are seen in previous versions of the watch. So unique in its design approach, the Heritage 1918 has an equal appeal for both men and women.

It has the style that is a reminder of the type that was so frequently seen at the turn of the century and for the next few decades hence. Watch enthusiasts and collectors who are fond of pieces that promote a strong personality with a bend towards the vintage are the most likely to be entranced by this lovely new offering. Whether it is actually worn on the wrist or placed among the other fine collectibles, it is a highly usable and well functioning time piece that is suitable for everyday use or as a collectors piece.

Final thoughts

The Longines Heritage 1918 is one of those watches that has the power to resonate with certain watch enthusiasts. She is an eye catching piece that exudes a special charm and elegance that conjures images of an era long past. Her remarkable and detailed features are well balanced with decor that is nicely delivered. The iconic piece is certain to become a favorite in elite horological circles.

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