A Look at the 2018 Lotus Evora Sport 410


The Evora 400 is a gem that brought a sense of freedom and made a definite statement that class and elegance was rolling through the neighborhood. Those of us who fell in love with this model are in for an exciting experience as the release of the new updated version is pending in the near future. The new Sport 410 has all of the earmarks of exceeding the beauty and grandeur of its predecessor.

The additional ten thousand dollars for upgrading to this sweetheart for many will be well worth the cost and for others, it will mean breaking the piggy bank. We have an inside track on what you can expect from the new 2018 Lotus Evora Sport 410.

More light weight

There are some significant changes from the Lotus 400. The 2018 Lotus Evora Sport 410 will parade carbon dioxide fibers in the body work with savings in the total body weight. To futher lighten the vehicle, the rear seating has been removed along with the guide wallets and armrests doorway and part of the door board. The use of lighter materials further enhances this new body weight. The new model has a thinner appearance for a more svelte and sleeker look.

The battery has been upgraded to a lithium ion version which saves an additional twenty five pounds. The new Evora is estimated to be one hundred and fifty four pounds lighter. It will come with the options for the type of air cooling, touch screen with navigation, music system and back up camera. Interior material choices will include natural leather or the stock micro suede which is installed unless special arrangements are made upon order.



The new Lotus Evora Sport 410 will be powered by a 3.5L V6 engine with 302 lb ft and we know that it will be high quality because the motor is sourced from Toyota. This reflects a ten horse power increase over the Evora 400 model and a three second gain over the 400 with regard to reaching target speed. You’ll also have your choice of a manual six speed or six speed automatic transmission. It will average zero to sixty miles per hour in approximately 3.9 to 4 seconds, depending on which transmission type you go with.

The Suspension has been tweaked with re-valved dampers for an increase in spring rate which is also aided by the lighter weight of the vehicle as a whole. It also features a geared Torsen type limited slip differential, AP racing brakes featuring two piece rotors and hydraulically assisted steering which is essentially the same as found in the Evora 400, but there was no reason to change these specs because the performance is ultra high and required no adjustment.

The wheels are Magnesium with special forging to be lightweight with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires of nineteen to twenty inches on both rear and front. Ten spoke light rims lower the revocation .2 inches.

A new oil cooler for the transmission has been added to the 410 Sport model and in addition, the rear spoiler and front splitter are designed to increase downforce dramatically for greater aerodynamic performance. We can thank the engineers for redesigning the tailgate which integrates a louvered section where the element of glass once existed. This is another redesign which not only increases the aerodynamics of the vehicle, but it adds a touch of class and ups the aesthetic value a few notches on the scale. It really looks cool.

There are plenty of changes made where they are needed. The results will amount to a deliciously responsive chassis which is flat enough but turns very fast. Precision steering makes this car handle like a dream. During testing, the ride quality is amazing even when taken over rougher roadways. With regard to comfort, this two seater is not a car for the entire family but it is designed to offer a comfortable ride for people of most sizes up to six feet in height.



Although nothing has been set in stone the expected price tag of the Lotus Evora 410 Sport is in the neighborhood of $89,000to $105,000. Bear in mind that you get what you pay for and if you enjoy luxury and high performance in your automobile, this may be the one that you’re looking for. The quality of materials, components and workmanship are factors which play into the price increase and the cost we believe, will be commensurate with the overall value of this fine and sporty luxury car.

Release Date

The 2018 Lotus Evora 410 Sport is something that will be worth waiting for so you have a little time to make room in your garage. It is set to appear for sale at the earliest in the spring and more likely by the middle of summer. This new and sporty jewel will be available in a variety of colors and your choice of micro suede fabric or genuine leather interior choices so it’s time to start planning on colors and fabrics while you’re at it.


Final thoughts

The new Lotus Evora 410 Sport for 2018 is generating waves of excitement among loyal fans who are looking forward to its impending release. Although the price tag is going to be on the steep side, it is after all a luxury sport car which has undergone some very drastic retooling to help it to reach the optimum in looks and performance to please the demands of a loyal base of fans who consistently want just a little more out of their vehicles.

Designers kept the elements that were working intact while taking on the challenge of increasing performance by making it more lightweight. Their innovative use of new lighter materials and the removal of all components which were not imperative for comfort, luxury and performance has delivered an automobile that is faster and performs with even greater precision and ease of handling. The new and improved version will no doubt deliver satisfaction for buyers who are in the market for an ultra sporty two seat sport version of the Evora and we’re all excited about its release.

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