A Closer Look at the 2021 LiveWire ONE

2021 LiveWire ONE

Everyone wants a fantastic motorcycle, and Harley Davidson is the king of bikes. Their standalone e-motorcycles are predictably outstanding as well. One of the best things about this sub-brand is that you can get one for a steal. The price this year dropped from $29,799 to $21,999. Is it still worth it? You bet it is! From the smooth lines to the subtle, cool details, this is one motorcycle that is well worth adding to a collection or using as your only bike. Whether you love Harley Davidson, or you just want an electric motorcycle. You need this vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the 2021 LiveWire One.

Why Isn’t LiveWire More Like A Classic Harley

Before we get into everything that makes this bike exceptional, let’s take a look at why it doesn’t resemble a classic Harley Davidson as you know and love it. One glance will tell you that this is not your daddy’s Harley. For example, all the chrome you’d usually see is missing. Why not chrome out an e-motorcycle? The answer is simpler than you might expect. Chrome-plated metal is heavy. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a heavy bike, it does use more power to move. By keeping it light and skipping that extra layer of weight, the electric battery will go further on a charge. Plus, you can go faster when your vehicle isn’t weighed down.

Since 1903 Harley Davidson has led the motorcycle industry. Leaping forward into electrics was almost inevitable for this high-speed, forward-thinking brand. So why give LiveWire its own brand? Harley hasn’t said, but it’s easy to guess. The classic Harley brand is associated heavily with the past, and electrics are the future. Harley Davidson created a new brand to diversify and continue being an industry leader and appeal to a new, more urban, and future thinking market. Of course, it could just be a smart financial move to branch out into a separate company. Regardless of the lack of ‘Harley Davidson’ branding, this is a superb line of motorcycles that delivers as much bang for your buck as the original company while maintaining LiveWire’s sense of autonomy.

Everything You Need In An Electric And More

As Eat Sleep Ride points out, any company that wanted to unseat the king of motorcycles would need to create an outstanding electric motorcycle. In fact, they’d want to make a bike exactly like the LiveWire. Instead of waiting around for that to happen, Harley Davidson stays ahead of the game like they always do by making it first and better. The experience of riding a Live Wire is different from a classic motorcycle. Among the most obvious differences is the noise. In addition to not putting out petroleum pollution, there’s no issue with gas-burning motor sounds. Sure, the deep, almost throaty rumble of an old-school Harley is a pleasure to hear, but it can be hard on the ears over time. Though we wouldn’t go so far as to call this bike ‘sneaky,’ it will certainly creep up on you a lot better than anything with a muffler.

Charging Ahead

One of the concerns many people have with electrics is how long it takes to charge fully. While it’s true that you’ll need to plug your Live Wire in for a while, it’s not as long as you might think. A typical Livewire needs to charge overnight for about ten hours. If ten hours is just too long for you to wait between rides, there’s good news. LiveWIres have a fast charge option. You can get this electric motorcycle powered up in about an hour if you really need it.

Stats and Facts About the 2021 LiveWire

With such a significant price drop, you probably expect this year’s model to be a stripped-down variation. Happily, you’d be entirely wrong. Making it more cost-effective is both a result of technological progress and a smart business move. As the first widely available commercial, mass-produced electric motorcycle, LiveWire doesn’t have to live up to any standards, so they get to set their own. Attracting riders with reasonable lower prices is one way to ensure future generations of LiveWire riders can get their hands on a bike.

The 2021 Livewire looks almost exactly like the previous model. Harley has been working on this style since before they first premiered back in 2014. Electric motorcycles, by necessity, have to look like other motorcycles. Still, there’s a flavor and modern sleekness to this bike that transcends previous expectations of what a bike ‘should’ look like. You get a couple of basic color options in Liquid Black and Horizon White, but this bike doesn’t need to be neon to stand out in a crowd.

A faux fuel tank helps keep your electric bike looking more like a motorcycle, but that’s mostly for show. This machine runs on a fully upgraded liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous Revelation motor. You can go about two-hundred and fifty kilometers in the city and a cool hundred fifty on the highway in a single charge. Combine that with a quick charger, and you can get where you need to go, with mandatory rest stops for ‘refueling.’

The original LiveWire sported 105 hp and 86 lb-ft torque with a 15.5 kWh battery. The 2021brings that down by a minuscule amount to 101 hp and 84 lb-ft. with a 15.4 kWh battery. It’s a minimal difference that saves riders a lot on their initial investment for a new bike. As Motorcycle.com says, most of the other features are much the same. From the six-axis IMU, ABS, and traction control to the frame and swingarm, this LiveWire is a close relative to its older sibling. It also retains features like the 4.3-inch TFT display, five-spoke cast-aluminum wheels, and haptic pulse.

Just A Hint Of Harley

The only nod to the past and progenitor brand of the LiveWire is the tires. H-D Michelin Scorcher Sport tires have the classic brand marked on their rubber, but that’s the only bit that does. Intriguingly, this gives a poetic effect. It’s almost as though a LiveWire is literally riding on the history that led up to its invention.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycles have always inherently been cost and gas-efficient. With electricity, your gas price is nonexistent, plus with the LiveWire, you know you’re getting a great bike from a well-loved and trusted manufacturer. If you’re considering a LiveWire, then go get it. So long as you don’t mind forgoing the classic shield logo from Harley, you can have a superb machine at a great price point, and it’s good for the environment as well as your pocketbook.

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