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How Lori Greiner Achieved a Net Worth Is $50 Million

According to a number of sources, Shark Tank star, Lori Greiner, is worth an estimated $50 million dollars. Each of the Shark Tank panel members has amassed their wealth in different ways. There is no shortage of people who are interested in knowing how Lori Greiner was able to reach a net worth of $50 million.

How Lori's Early Life Contributed To Her Fortune

As the story goes, Lori is an ideal playlist for the show, because her push to build wealth began with the invention of a very simple item that allowed her to launch into the world of business. Greiner, born in Chicago in 1969, began her business career by designing a jewelry box that had the capacity hold 100 pairs of earrings. Sounds like someone had an earring fetish. As it turns out, Loir was able to generate $1 million in revenue in the first year of selling her jury box.

Lori's Investments On Shark Tank

Greiner eventually moved on from jewelry box sells, parlaying her earnings to a kitchen product design business, where she has experienced a great deal of success. That is not all, Lori seems to have a thing for the camera. Not only does she star on the panel of Shark Tank, but she also hosts a popular cable television show on QVC called Clever and Unique Creations by Lori Greiner. To top it all off, she serves and the Founder/President and CEO of her own company, For Your Ease Only — a company that focuses on helping develop quality products at affordable prices. Lori has been featured in multitudinous publications, including Oprah’s “O” magazine and Forbes.

Net Worth$50 Million
NameLori Greiner
BornChicago, Illinois
Birth DateDecember 9, 1969
Source of WealthInvestor, TV Personality, Author
CountryUnited States

Fortunately, Greiner is not all business. She understands the importance of balance. She also lives the family life, something that she works very hard to keep private and guarded against the media. There does not appear to be an end to her run on Shark Tank in the coming future. She is a natural and her experience makes her very approachable. In fact, it was Lori investment in the Scrub Daddy sponge that has proven to be the greatest success to date for the show. In fact, she sold over two million sponges in a 24-hour period on QVC.

If balancing family, business, and television is not enough, Lori has also authored a book entitled Invent, Sell It, Bank It: Make Your Million Dollar Idea Into a reality.”

When I mention the fact that Lori is seriously into the invention and creating of products that people can afford, I am not simply making a subtle mention of her accolades in business. She is obviously committed to making an impact by helping business owners create quality products that are affordable. She holds more than 120 patents in the United States and around the world. She has created more than 400 products at this point and she appears to just be getting started.

If her schedule is not busy enough, Lori travels around the world speaking at events. She has a strong passion to inspire and encourage people to go after their dreams. She makes it a point to be engaged at ground zero. We see so many people who experience this type of success look to distance themselves from the rest of the world, but Lori is completely opposite, putting in the time and effort to give a hand up to the average person.

Whether she is on Shark Tank, QVC, or traveling the world as a motivation speaker, she is proving that you can do anything that you put your mind through. I absolutely admire her passion and fortitude. There are certain people you look at and their presence alone demands that you do better and that you avoid offering excuses. At the end of the day, she has proven that anything is possible.

When asked about her fortune, Lori says that she has experienced her successes because she is a hard worker, but also because she is a smart entrepreneur. While it is important to take chances, the risks should not be foolish and you should be able to recover from them in a reasonable amount of time. I get the feeling that Lori has not even scratched the surface of what she will ultimately be worth before it is all over.

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