Love Literature? Don’t Miss Visiting These British Writer’s Homes in London

Many renowned British writers’ homes are preserved with care in London, and they have been a centre of attraction for the people who love literature. If you are also a literature enthusiast who is in need of some inspiration while travelling to London, do make a visit to some of the most famous British writers. While planning a London trip from Mumbai, you can make Mumbai to London flights price comparison and choose the one that suits your budget and journey dates.

Let’s explore some famous author’s house and wander through their home:

Charles Dickens

One of the most eminent writers of all the time, Charles John Huffam Dickens had his property at 48 Doughty Street Bloomsbury, London, where he lived from 1837 to 1839. Today, Dickens property is known as Dickens House Museum. This Victorian writer wrote world’s one of the most famous books like David Copperfield (which is said to be an autobiographical), Hard Times and Great Expectations among others. But an important thing to know that he wrote Oliver Twist, Barnaby Rudge as well as completed The Pickwick Papers (his first novel) there. This narrow house has four floors containing furniture, paintings, rare editions and some objects that are related to Dickens.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

This property is at 221B Baker Street, London. One can say that London literary visit is incomplete without a trip to Sherlock Holmes Museum at Baker Street, which is dedicated to Arthur Conan Doyle for his fictional creations. Though it is not the home, you just cannot miss it. This museum is a set up in such a way that will deceive you to believe that Sherlock and Dr Watson stay here. Conan Doyle is a British writer who wrote and published his renowned series called Sherlock Holmes and many other books of the same genre, mystery and thriller.

Samuel Johnson

Located near Fleet Street in London, a visit to Samuel Johnson’s house is a must. He owned this property when he got his commission for compiling Dictionary for the English Today, the exhibition in the house is themed on the life and work of Johnson. The bedroom of this house which is now turned into an exhibition space contains Johnson’s first edition dictionary. The top of the house where once Johnson studied now have some damages from blasts in World War-II which have now blackened.

John Keats

In Hempstead, London Keats House is a place to reliving John’s romantic poetry. The building is situated at 10 Keats Grove, John spent a short period of his life here. He spent two years in the building from 1818 to 1820. During this period of time, John fell in love with a girl who was also a poet, Fanny Brawne. His friend, Charles Brown affirmed that John composed a poem called Ode to Nightingale, in the garden of Keats House. Keats house has programs like poetry reading and lectures.

Thomas Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle House is not visited much as he was not a known literary writer, but he has published famous, intellectual series of essays and philosophical works as well, which apparently became the inspiration for other writers. Thomas wrote The French Revolution: A History, which inspired Charles Dickens to write a famous story called A Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens, Ruskin Bond and Thackeray visited the house, in this period of time. The house is situated at 24 Cheyenne Row, Chelsea which is now owned by the National Trust.

Take a tour of these places to give a broad way to your imagination and inspire yourself. Plan an itinerary soon!

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