Lumos Ultra: The New Standard in Bike Helmets

Lumos Ultra is a new bike helmet model that recently appeared in a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the new line of bicycling safety gear. This is an innovative invention that is unlike any other we’ve seen. It’s obvious from the overwhelming response from backers on Kickstarter that this helmet is going to be a popular item. This is a helmet that any cyclist would be interested in considering. After a thorough review of the campaign and the helmet, here are important facts that all riders need to know about.

What is the Lumos Ultra?

Most seasoned cyclists know the importance of a good helmet. In an environment where anything can happen, it’s vital to have protection for your head when riding a bicycle. With this in mind, the creators of the Lumos Ultra bike helmet have created a new bike helmet model designed with features that help deflect the main force of an impact in an accidental fall or collision. This unique and innovative bike helmet is packed with useful safety features that may serve to disrupt the current industry.

Features and benefits

  • Crash Test Certified – This helmet prototype has undergone initial crash tests and it has passed with a good safety margin for certification.
  • MIPS Upgradeable – Lumos Ultra helmets will be available with a MIPS option. This is an extra safety feature that protects the head from rotational motion injury by spreading the force of the impact throughout the helmet.
  • Weatherproof – This helmet is built to IPX6 weatherproofing standards for use in all weather types.
  • Bright Front and Rear Lights – The Lumos Ultra features a Chips On Board LED lighting package that is compact and provides high-intensity light to make sure that the rider can see the road ahead in dark lighting and others can see the bright lights from the front and from behind for enhanced safety while riding at night.
  • Rear Turn Signals – The helmet also comes with a rear turn signal system that is operated by raising your arm if you have an Apple watch. It also comes with a wireless remote for the handlebar to provide single-button signaling an option.
  • Equipped with Smart Technology – The helmet comes with a Smart companion app and it is Apple Watch Compatible. It is also rechargeable through a USB C.
  • Ventilation – This helmet is well-ventilated thanks to 3 built-in exhausts that allow air to circulate around the head to offer a cooler ride during hot days.
  • Lightweight – The total weight of the helmet is just 490 grams for the first prototype completed. The company is still working on further reducing the weight with a goal of just 370 grams for the final weight.
  • Optional accessory available – The company that offers the Lumos Ultra also offers an optional attachable visor that defects sunlight and rain from the eyes.
  • Sizing – The Ultra is available in small, medium to large, and extra-large sizes for kids through adults. It is designed with a click-fit dial system that makes fitting customizable for the ideal fit for safety and protection.

The campaign for the Lumos Ultra bike helmet

Lumos set up a variety of different pledge levels for those who believe in the value of this product to invest in its success in the marketplace. Pledges under $79 are done without a reward simply because the backer believes in the product. An Early Bird Pledge of $79 or more is another offer made. All backers in this category receive a limited edition chrome decal along with a helmet and the remote. There are currently 164 backers in this category with 6 offers left. For $109 or more Lumos throws in the MIPS with everything offered in the first category. There are already 2,855 backers for this offer. For pledges of $155 or more, the offer is for 2 helmets and 2 remotes. There are 493 backers taking this offer. For $215 or more the offer includes 2 helmets with MIPS and 2 remotes. There are 699 backers for this offer. These are just a few of the numerous pledge categories with most offering early bird rewards representing a discount in the price of the Lumos Ultra bike helmet, remote, and accessories.

This campaign has exceeded its goal

The original goal was to raise $60,000. We learned that this amount was met with 100% of the funding in just 4 minutes of going live. The total amount raised so far is $1,310.565 with 11,133 backers pledging their support for the Lumos Ultra bike helmet system. There are still 34 days to go in the campaign, as of the writing of this informational piece, before the end of the offer. Shipments of the rewards/early bird orders are promised to commence in November of 2020.

To sum it up

The Lumos Ultra bike helmet is possibly one of the most innovative creations within the protective gear industry for cyclists. The designers have covered all the bases for safety by offering a helmet that is crash test certified to meet the standards established for bike helmet safety. The helmet is also well ventilated for comfort and it comes in three adjustable sizes so it fits almost anyone if the right size is ordered. There are additional safety features available for the helmet upon request. It will be released in up to 13 different colors according to the information we received and those who get in early on the project by pledging support can enjoy significant savings on the cost of this innovation. We love the technology that provides smart functions including a remote turn signal control when used with an Apple iPhone, LED lighting to make it safer to ride in the dark, and more.

Final assessment

The campaign is already a raging success and the fact that they raised more than a million dollars when the initial goal was just $60,000 tells us that this is likely to be a huge success when it becomes available at retail stores. There are already more than 11,000 backers who believe in the Lumos Ultra bike helmet.

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