The Top 5 Luxury Experiences in Luxembourg

Known as Luxembourgeois, the people of Luxembourg are relaxed, kind, helpful and trilingual. The country’s official language is Latzebuergesch and they also officially speak French and German. This is due to the fact that the country boarders France to the East and Germany to the West. Unofficially, most speak English so tourists can come to this small city and feel right at home. The economic structure of the country sits on banking, insurance, steel, engineering, telecommunications, wine-growing, agriculture and tourism.

With its location directly in the center of Western Europe, Luxembourg truly is a crossroads of Europe. With that being said, there are five tourist regions in the country, each with a different type of environment. These include the heart of the “Good Land” region where the millennial capital Luxembourg City sits, the treasures of the Ardennes, mythical rocks of the Mullerthal, the wine kingdom of Moselle Valley and the architectural and industrial heritage in the Land of the Red Rocks.

Here are five great luxury things to do in Luxembourg.

Hotel Simoncini


Distinguished by being a combination of modern hospitality but have an old passion for art, the Hotel Simoncini has two roles, one of the floors is entirely dedicated to art and is actually a gallery that houses sculptures and paintings while hosting numerous cultural and artistic events such as poetry nights. The actual hotel consumes the other five floors but still maintains that art-worthy charm. With a location in the center of town, Hotel Simoncini is one of the most popular and cultural destinations in the entire country. The hotel is situation only a few minutes’ walk from the central shopping center area. Make sure to look for the variety of intriguing and inspiring art on the art floor as well as the cultural events that frequent the hotel.

Combining art and history within a hotel is becoming a growing trend as it provides visitors with insight into the local culture while offering them a chance to actually live the art within each room. Hotel Simoncini provides this service and gives the experience of a lifetime in the small country of Luxembourg. The cultural events certainly add to the appeal of the hotel and make it a top choice for travelers from around the world.

L’Hotel de L’Abbaye


Housed in a beautiful 19th century Covent, L’Hotel de ‘Abbaye is a boutique hotel that sits in Mondorf-les-Brains, only a five-minute walk to the city center. The architecture is enchanting and includes fine gardens on the property and an incredibly relaxing terrace making it the ideal luxury hotel for tranquility and relaxation. Within the hotel, there are renovated and luxurious rooms as well as two suites with beautiful garden views. Also, there is a fine dining restaurant, wellness area and meeting and conference rooms.

Le Place d’Armes

Le Place d’Armes

Another oasis for tranquility, peace and quiet while located in the heart of the city is Le Place d’Armes. This hotel is set in an exceptional building that dates back to the 18th century. With one of the most beautiful interior courtyards in the Benelux Region, this boutique hotel has earned a glamorous reputation and loyal following of the most high-end clients that visit the country. The combination of modern and antique furnishings with breathtaking pieces of artwork and luxurious details help to preserve the glory of this building. The hotel is situated in the heart of the historical shopping center in Luxembourg City making it the ideal location to play and relax.

The 133 richly appointed rooms boast lavish and elegant interiors surrounded by century-old brick. The brasserie-lounge, Suite 701, is a local favorite due to its convivial urban vibe and unparalleled rooftop terrace. To enliven your senses, Rainspa is an urban oasis that is uniquely designed for massage and facial therapies in addition to its innovative hammam vaporium. Le Place d’Armes is one of the first boutique hotels in the city.

Spa at Mondorf


Located on the boarder of France and Luxembourg at the southern end of the country, the Mondrof Domaine Thermal’s most expensive package is a Spring Day for 2 and encompasses as an retire day of pampering, rest and relaxation including three treatments. First is one wrap with exfoliating cream that is meant to purify and drain while having a peeling effect on the skin. The second treatment is a Nettle bath that relaxes, detoxifies and activates blood circulation within the body to leave you feeling refreshed. The final treatment is a massage with wild grass oil consisting of lily of the valley, jasmine and nutmeg. This treatment leaves you feeling nourished, refreshed and regenerated. The cost of this package also gives you 1 hour and 30 minutes of free time at the Wellness and Fitness facilities

There are additional packages that range from quick spa breaks to care rituals to anti-cellulite and firming care options. As one of the premier spas in the country, the Spa at Mondorf will ensure that you leave the premises feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws at you next.

Valley of the Seven Castles

Valley of the Seven Castles

With the closest town being Eisch, Luxembourg, the Valley of the Seven Castles is a valley that stretches from the beginning of the Alzette up to Steinfort at the border of Belgium. The entire route can be traversed by car in about one-hour. The valley is named after the seven castles that line the route including, Mersch, Schoenfels, Hollenfels, Ansembourg castle, Septfontaines, New Castle of Ansembourg and Koerich Castle. There are only a few hotels in the closest town of Eisch but there are luxury day-trips from Luxembourg which take you in a private luxurious coach to each castle, provide the history of the castle and allow you to learn more about the culture of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a small country with small population and only a few attractions. Like most European countries, there are many old churches and castles. The difference with Luxembourg is that their history is not nearly as rich as neighboring countries. Nevertheless, visitors can have a five-star experience at one of the three aforementioned hotels, the luxury spa or simply getting out of the city to learn more about the culture of the people.

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