10 Things You Need to Know about Lyfts Membership Program


With ride sharing becoming more and more popular with individuals across the country, Lyft has been looking for ways to sway even more passengers their way. It has become so convenient today to grab such a ride that many people are ditching their own cars altogether. It is simply that easy to get around by using your phone and a bit of ingenuity. Many are finding it to be a cost effective form of transportation as well. There are simply that many advantages. Now, Lyft has announced a membership rewards program that is unparalleled in the industry. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out as it continues to be unveiled, but the hope is that it will attract more loyal riders its way and encourage even more drivers in the most congested of cities across the country. As you consider the Lyfts Membership Program, here are ten things that you really should know about it.

1. It contains an all-access plan.

When you become a member of Lyft, you can get the all-access plan. This is essentially a ride pass. You will pay for it before you begin to use it. The key is that you will purchase a certain number of rides for a specific dollar amount for each one. If you do happen to go over the cap allowed for each ride, you will end up with a discount on the amount that you go over. You will be able to use the all-access plan anywhere in the United States that Lyft is available. It will automatically renew itself every 30 days until you cancel the plan that you chose.

2. Members can schedule rides into the future.

Another great feature fo the Lyft Membership program is that you can actually schedule rides with the service into the future. This is great when you know you have to be somewhere and do not want to risk being stuck without a ride. You also might know that certain times of the day are subject to surge charges or that it is difficult to find an available ride because of high demand. By scheduling the ride in advance, you avoid this and save some money at the same time.

3. You can connect your Delta SkyMiles account with your Lyft Membership Program.

Lyft has recently partnered with the Delta SkyMiles rewards program, so members will be able to take advantage of this. The benefits are actually quite nice. If you link both your Delta membership and Lyft membership, you can earn 1 mile for every one dollar that you spend. This actually increases to an impressive 2 miles for every dollar spent on rides to an airport.

4. There are various subscription passes available.

Another great aspect of the Lyft Membership program is that there are various subscription plans that you can become a part of. The smart savings plan, for example, allows you to have a certain percentage discount off of any ride that you take within a specified amount of time. The commute plan is for people that use Lyft to ride back and forth to work, while the personal plan allows you to choose certain pick up and drop off plans that you intend on using more frequently. Each of these enables you to save a bit of money with each trip just by planning ahead.

5. You can create a Lyft business profile.

Many people use Lyft for work. If you are one of them, then you can use the Membership program to create your own profile. It is a way to expense for your trips and to switch back and forth between personal and work related trips. It is yet another way that Lyft is trying to make its service more convenient and accessible to the people that need it the most.

6. Earn free rides when you refer new passengers

As a Lyft member, you can also get free rides just for referring new passengers to the service. There is actually no limit to how many new trips you can earn with this promotion. It is considered to be one of the best and easiest ways to save money with the service. People you refer will become Lyft members and can also begin saving money the same way.

7. You can use credits, discounts, and promo codes with Lyft.

Lyft also provides its members with regular discounts. You will find flat fares that will give you a ride up to a certain cap. There are also fixed discounts applied to certain fares during various times of the years. These discounts will typically show up directly in your app, so you will know when you can begin to take advantage of them.

8. You can no longer earn JetBlue miles with Lyft.

Long time Lyft members may remember that they could earn miles with JetBlue Airways. It is important to know that this is no longer the case. You will only be able to earn miles with the Delta SkyMiles program moving forward.

9. The program is not quite available yet in its entirety.

The program is still being developed and not all components are available everywhere. It should be fine tuned in the coming months and you will then be able to take full advantage of the Lyft Membership program.

10. The program will only be available in the United States initially.

While Lyft is beginning to expand outside of the country, the membership program will only be available inside the United States for now. This means that you will not get the same benefits and rewards if you use Lyft when traveling outside the country.

So, there you have the Lyfts Membership Program in a nutshell. There are some good perks and benefits here that should entice quite a few people to join. Which are the most appealing to you? Are there any rewards that you could do without? What about some that would like to see added? It will interesting to see what the final version of the program looks like once it is in operation and riders start to make their comments and suggestions known.

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