Managing Work-Related Stress in Financial Services


It is rare that anything good will come from stress. No matter how much we may love our job, there will always be periods of increased stress. Stress may bring on arguments, conflicts and, in some cases, even unhealthy eating. Many people feel strain from not only their jobs but from everyday pressures; the important thing is knowing that you’re not alone. Stress can be very overwhelming, especially when it’s job-related. Finding different strategies for managing job-related stresses is critical to success and being able to push forward.

Every now and then it’s important to decompress. Here are some methods that have helped alleviate work-related stress for my employees that may work for you as well:

Get In a Good Workout:

That’s right, working out can help improve employees’ work-related stress! Fear not if employees don’t have a gym membership; workouts can be achieved by doing something as simple as taking a walk outside or bike ride. Every few months I take my company to a cycling class. It’s important for my employees to have an outlet for ensuring they are not overworked. Additionally, I also provide healthy snacks in the office; employees should consider eating a healthier diet. Healthy alternatives and positive thinking can improve employees’ work-related stress. Working in the financial sector can be taxing (no pun intended). I wanted to reduce the stress levels in my workplace, so I purchased a mini basketball hoop for my employees to incorporate some fun with a channel for de-stressing into their workday. Countless times, my employees have informed me how shooting hoops de-stresses them when they are on hold for extended periods of time or just need a quick mental break.

Make Coming to Work Enjoyable:

Since working in the financial industry can be demanding, employers want to ensure that their employees aren’t dreading their work day ahead. Incorporating little activities or gatherings can make all of the difference.  If an employer’s team is unhappy, chances are the work ethic won’t be up to par. What I do to encourage my employees is hold a themed pot-luck lunch every last Friday of the month, and I give them full range to come up with ideas.  Having company lunches lifts overall company morale, increases productivity, boosts employee satisfaction and, most importantly, gets workers up from having lunch at their desks. The goal of having activities like this in the office is keeping employees from getting stir crazy. It is important for employers to come up with ideas that foster teamwork and creativity among staff; employers shouldn’t want their employees feeling lack of social support.

Encourage Breaks:

Work-related stress can take a toll on employees’ health and well-being, so encouraging appropriate breaks can help to improve stress levels. It’s important that employers let employees take time to recharge as you don’t want people burning out. I encourage my employees not to let their vacation days go to waste so they can unwind and disconnect from work. Healthy employees are productive employees. As the Founder of a debt resolutions law firm, I try to offer support while providing health and wellness related resources for my employees so they can live a balanced life. Removing stress allows for greater productivity and better health which, in turn, has a positive impact. Among my employees, I have seen improved focus, enhanced creativity, and greater skills in problem-solving due to fostering an environment that promotes work-life balance. Also, encouraging employees to take their vacation or sick days typically result with fewer absences since people who are more stressed tend to get sick more often.

When my employees plan their vacations, all I ask is that they plan them ahead of time and not last minute. Planning time-off ahead isn’t only beneficial to the company but the employee as well because they won’t need to be stressed about coming back to a full inbox with a heavy workload. When employees take a vacation, they shouldn’t have to worry about deadlines or any other loose ends while they are away.

Write Down What You Are Feeling:
Stress can embody you, especially when you feel like there’s no escape. Work-related stress may even follow you home. To alleviate the anxieties employees may be feeling, employees should write down all of the reasons they are stressed out at work. They should focus on the main issue that’s causing them stress and try to come up with a solution. For example, “I am stressed because I feel like I am being undervalued at my company.” Example of solution; remind yourself of the work you do and then make your contributions known. Employees can’t be appreciated for all they’ve been doing if their managers and colleagues don’t know what they’ve been working on. If something is bothering employees in the workplace, they shouldn’t let it slip under the rug. If they are feeling unappreciated, they should voice their concerns to management. It’s essential for me that I let my staff know they can come and talk to me if they are feeling undervalued.

Everyone who is employed at some point will feel work-related stress, especially when working in the financial sector. Employers should be looking for ways to lessen your employees’ stress levels for ensuring it doesn’t become chronic stress. While employers may not always be able to deter stress for their employees, they can take steps and incorporate tactics that will help them manage work-related stress better, which doesn’t only benefit the employee but their workplace as well.

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