A Closer Look at The The MB&F HM10 Bulldog

MB&F Bulldog

MB&F does two things incredibly well: have fun and think outside the box. Actually, make that three things. Because as anyone who’s eyed up their strikingly eye-catching collection will know, they also make exceedingly good watches. Since its launch in 2005, MB&F (short for Maximilian Busser and Friends, in case you didn’t know) has earned a reputation for delivering some of the boldest, most creative 3D watches available… and in a market that’s quickly becoming saturated with 3D wannabees, that’s saying something. Their latest release, the HM10 Bulldog, exemplifies everything the brand has become known for: exquisite craftsmanship, precision timekeeping, and a design that blends the weird and the wonderful to masterful effect. If you’ve seen the photos and want to find out more about MB&F’s latest piece of wrist candy, you’re in the right place to do exactly that. Without further ado, here are ten 10 things you didn’t know about the MB&F HM10 Bulldog.

1. The Brand

MB&F might not have the history of other swiss watchmakers like Breitling or Patek Phillippe, but it’s certainly got the pedigree. Since its inception in 2005, it’s developed a reputation for combining state-of-the-art technology with faultless craftsmanship, creating timeless pieces that push the boundaries of creativity and convention. Their sculptured, three-dimensional pieces have set a new standard in the industry, and rightly earned a place in the collections of millions of discerning (not to mention wealthy – fun they may be, but these watches are anything but cheap) watch enthusiasts.

2. The Inspiration

Wondering what kind of mind came up with the MB&F HM10 Bulldog? Then look no further than MB&F founder and creative director Maximilian Büsser. As Büsser explained via robbreport.com, the inspiration for the piece came in the hinterland between the dream state and reality… which may somewhat explain the creative originality of its design. “I was dozing off and boom! This thing came into my mind,” Büsser recalled. “It’s the very first piece I’ve created without sketching, the first one that arrived randomly in my mind.”

3. The Design

Like many of MB&F’s creations, the HM10 Bulldog takes its inspiration from the animal kingdom. If the name alone wasn’t enough to tell you which species (and breed) is behind its look, just take a peek beneath the 3D movement, where you’ll see a bulldog’s jaw with bared teeth. As Forbes comments, the teeth are in fact the power reserve indication. When the watch is fully wound, the teeth are open. When it starts running out of power, they close. Simple, but oh so creative.

4. The Editions

Want choice? Then you’ve got it… the MB&F HM10 Bulldog comes in two very distinct editions. The first is an arresting titanium model. The second is an even more striking red gold and titanium version. Both are bold, both are finished to exceptional standards. But if you want to save your cents where you can, you might want to stick to the titanium version, as you’ll understand when we get to….

5. The Price

MB&F might make modern watches, it might make fun watches. It may even make watches the likes of which you’ve never seen before. What it doesn’t do is make cheap watches. If you fancy wrapping your wrist in an HM10 Bulldog, you’d better start saving…. because at $105,000 for the titanium edition and $120,000 for the titanium and red gold edition, every little helps.

6. The Size

Even in a market bursting with big watches, the HM10 Bulldog is a hefty proposition. Measuring a sizeable 45mm in diameter and 54mm from nose to tail, no one could accuse it of being delicate. And yet according to those lucky enough to have tried it out, it’s not in any way cumbersome. Unlike some scaled-up watches that catch on the sleeve and weigh the wrist down, the HM10 Bulldog sits comfortably and quietly. Whether that’s down to the way the long-hinged lugs wrap around the wrist, who knows? Perhaps it’s more to do with the supremely supple, eminently luxurious calf-leather strap. Either way, you’ll have no complaints about its wearability.

7. The Collection

The HM10 Bulldog may be the latest release from MB&F, but it’s certainly not the first in its line of Horological Machines. Other pieces from the collection include Horological Machine No.1 (HM1), Horological Machine No.2 (HM2), Horological Machine No.3 (HM3), Horological Machine No.3 Frog (HM3 Frog), Horological Machine No.4 (HM4), Horological Machine No.5 (HM5), Horological Machine No.6 (HM6) and Horological Machine X (HMX).

8. The Finishing

Regardless of the technology buried inside, a watch that isn’t finished to the proper standards won’t make it off the starting blocks, let alone take prize position in a collection. Fortunately, the HM10 Bulldog is finished to exacting standards, with dark grey, ruthenium-plated movement bridges decorated with stunningly rendered Geneva stripes, hand-polished bevels, and an exquisitely crafted winding click spring complete with beveled edges and countersinks.

9. The Power

Sick of watches that start to run down within just a few hours? With the MB&F HM10 Bulldog, you’ll have no such worries. The watch comes with a massive 45-hour power reserve, and thanks to its aluminum, paper-thin domes, it’s as energy-efficient as they come.

10. The Spec

If you like what you’ve read about the MB&F HM10 Bulldog but need a bit more detail on the spec before splashing out on one, you’re in the right place. Courtesy of the MB&F website, here’s all you need to know about the machine: CASE – Material: launch editions in grade 5 titanium or 18k 5N+ red gold and titanium. Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 24 mm. Water-resistant to 5 ATM / 50m / 160ft. ENGINE – Manual-winding in-house movement. Bespoke flying 14mm balance wheel with four traditional regulating screws floating above the domed dials. Super-LumiNova on hour/minute domes and markers. Frequency: 2.5Hz (18,000bph). 301 components / 34 jewels / 45h power reserve. FUNCTIONS & INDICATIONS – Hours on left dome (rotating in 12 hours). Minutes on right dome (rotating in 60 minutes). Power reserve indicated by opening and closing of the jaws (end of power reserve = closed jaws).

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