A Closer Look at the MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential

MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential

The MB&F legacy machine sequential watch is MB&F’s first chronograph. Stephen McDonnell is the brains behind this watch, and he had previously reinvented watches for MB&F. The question you may be asking yourself is why it took so long for MB&F to make chronographs, yet they had been in business for quite some time. According to Watch I Love, MB&F felt they would make chronographs that were similar to their competitors’ and hence decided to wait until they released a unique chronograph. Indeed, MB&F released a unique chronograph. The MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential is a big and imposing watch with sleek lines. Despite its size, it can fit on any wrist due to the length and shape of its lugs. Additionally, it has a wide face filled to the edges with quadruple sub-dials and intricate mechanics. A lot can be said about this unique chronograph, so it is time we narrow it down to its specifications. Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics of this watch.

Water Resistance

If you are a swimmer, you understand the struggle of where to leave your watch if it cannot resist water. You cannot swim with it, and you cannot leave it behind since it would be stolen. Fortunately, this watch has a water resistance level of 80 meters. That means you can swim with it; however, there is one thing you need to remember. Even though you can swim with it, you cannot dive with it. There are different levels of water resistance. Based on this watch’s resistance level, you cannot swim with it in deep waters. So, if you must swim with it, ensure you do so in a shallow pool. According to Watch Time, if you desire a watch for swimming in deep waters, consider the ones with a water resistance level of at least 300 meters.

Case Material

The watch’s case is made of zirconium. Zirconium is not a popular choice for most watch enthusiasts since most watch cases are made of titanium or stainless steel. However, the metal is very hard. According to Titanium Buzz, it is as strong as titanium and harder than stainless steel. Due to its hardness, its case cannot easily be scratched. Since it is not as hard as sapphire, you should be careful not to drop it since it may change its shape. Also, the metal is resistant to corrosion. It forms a protective oxide layer so that air or water does not affect the case. As a result, the case will not rust, and your case will remain to look new for a long time.

Multiple Timing Modes

Since this is a chronograph, it is natural that you would want to time yourself. This watch has four timing modes depending on the nature of your activity: independent mode, cumulative mode, simultaneous mode, and sequential mode. The watch has many modes due to a component called the Twinverter. These multiple modes make this chronograph stand out from other chronographs since most of them tend to display one type of mode. Here is a brief description of what each timing mode does:

Independent mode

Measures the duration of multiple events even when the events overlap in timing. This is applicable when you have to cook multiple dishes at different times. For instance, you can time how long it takes for bacon to cook and also set another time for how long it takes rice to cook.

Cumulative mode

Measures each cumulative duration of two intermittent events. This mode is helpful when you need to know how much time you spend doing two activities. For instance, you may need to cook and clean your house. You can set the chronograph as soon as you cook and then use the Twinverter to determine how long it takes you to clean.

Simultaneous mode

Measures the duration of two events that start concurrently. For instance, you can use it to record a marathon race. The Twinverter allows you to start multiple chronographs at the same time, but for the different endpoints, you will stop each chronograph.

Sequential mode

Measures individual sub-durations of a single continuous multi-phase event. This mode is best used in competitive sports where you can measure individual lap times.

Strap Material

This watch’s strap is made of rubber. Rubber is not exactly the choice of most watch wearers, but the material is very advantageous. Some people claim that rubber is not an attractive material for watches, but MB&F was able to make it attractive due to the choice of grey and black colors. As a result, the color makes the material resemble other materials like metal. Rubber is a good material due to its comfort. First, it fits perfectly on your wrist since the material can adjust to any size of the person’s wrist. As a result, the material will neither be too loose nor too tight on your wrist. Additionally, it is not affected by temperature changes like metal straps. Metal tends to become cold when exposed to cold weather, making it too cold for your wrist. Rubber, on the other hand, retains the same temperature. Also, the material is easier to clean than leather. For instance, if water or dust lands on your rubber strap, you will wipe or flick off the stain. On the other hand, leather is hard to clean since the stain tends to be stubborn when it lands on it. As a result, the stain makes the watch rather unappealing.


Chronographs have existed for a long time, yet they do not compare with the MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential. The manufacturers waited for a long time before releasing it, and their waiting paid off. An outstanding feature of this chronograph is its ability to time multiple events simultaneously. So, reading time from this watch is not the only thing you can do with this watch. Another thing you can appreciate about this watch is its durability. For instance, it is made with strong materials like rubber and zirconium. Due to the strength of these materials, you will not need to visit a shop to have this watch repaired. So, if you need a multi-purpose and durable watch, you know the one to get.

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