What It Means To Be An Innovative Company

Investor and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis recently conducted a Twitter poll of 1,000 people to get their views on which technology company is the most innovative: Amazon, Google, Facebook or Tesla.

Tesla ran away with 50 percent of the vote. This led Peter to propose four reasons for this clear win, creating an informal ‘road map’ for other companies to follow. I decided to test those reasons against our core values and characteristics here at LegalShield. We often refer to the company as a 45-year-old startup, so we definitely think of our company as innovative. But we also believe that we surpass the Diamandis benchmark in some ways.

A “crystal clear” massively transformative purpose

Tesla’s ‘MTP’ is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and the company works tirelessly, under the direction of Elon Musk, to ensure that every product it brings to market is focused on this specific vision, outlined in Musk’s Master Plan. He wrote this 10 years ago. In short:

  1. Build a luxury sports car, make money
  2. Use that money to build an affordable car
  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car
  4. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options
  5. Don’t tell anyone

For those who are not familiar with our company history: Our founder, Harland C. Stonecipher, was an Oklahoma insurance salesman who, after his business and personal finances were nearly ruined due to legal expenses resulting from a car accident, set out to pioneer a new way for people to protect themselves from the high cost of legal services. He turned his vision into what is known today as LegalShield. Long respected for its pioneering spirit and determination to extend access to justice for all, LegalShield has become one of North America’s leading providers of affordable legal plans and identity theft protection—and expert restoration—for individuals, families and small businesses.

An interesting distinction worth pointing out: Tesla has long been favored by celebrities and the Silicon Valley elite, and the limited production of vehicles, all expensive and sold without incentives, has excluded 99 percent of Americans. In contrast, Stonecipher was open about how he wanted his company to work for “middle-income, hard-working Americans.” We’re proud to be in the company of other multi-generational, blue-chip organizations that are woven into the fabric of our country.

At LegalShield, we don’t hire people simply to do their job. We recruit them to join our family and live our 10 core commitments for improving their chances for success—and to help the company reach its goals. We are open and unabashedly truthful about what we hope to accomplish by 2020, and we manifest what we ask of the universe.

Founder personality is confident, focused, passionate and outspoken

It’s hard to think of a modern personality who is more singularly driven by his desire to succeed than Musk, who is revered in some circles for putting his entire personal fortune on the line in order to rescue Tesla from the devastating Great Recession. His passion and tenacious desire to succeed are matched only by his outspoken confidence.

From politicians to sports figures, great leaders have always leveraged their success ‘on the battlefield’ to speak authoritatively on what matters to them.

Stonecipher was an Oklahoma gentleman, but he was as sharp-minded, witty and driven as any visionary leader. LegalShield remains committed to recruiting and promoting executive leaders who demonstrate the ability communicate our vision, goals and passion to our employees, members and independent associates.

Media news frenzy and social media influence

In 2017, CEOs need only post a few sentences on social media to make headlines around the world. For me, Facebook is my preferred platform for sharing company news and personal milestones. Still, too many people, particularly CEOs, see social media only as a one-way street for communicating with audiences. You are not declaring edicts: you are there to share your news and your views, and you must be ready to respond to followers and stakeholders. I love that all of LegalShield’s social media platforms give me a direct line of communication with media outlets, reporters, associates and prospective members. We communicate at the speed of life, and we embrace technology as a means for providing exceptional customer service. Increase our likes and follows? It’s absolutely a piece of our Vision2020, because we want to inspire people and entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada to seize their destiny and make their lives better.

Real and tangible products

At LegalShield, our legal and identity theft plans will never go into space—although we did choose a space rocket to illustrate our latest product, ‘Launch’, but I’m going to suggest something that may be controversial: people need affordable legal services more than they need the luxury of driving an electric vehicle.

Access to justice changes peoples’ lives in a significant, real way. Bad things happen to good people. We’ve all seen it or experienced it ourselves. Too many Americans were raised to think that they cannot afford or are not worthy of legal representation. As a result they do not seek legal counsel, and end up in situations that are more costly than they should have been in terms of dollars and peace of mind.

Our products enable everyone to live free under the law.

I think it’s safe to say that we passed the Diamandis test, and then some. But with great power—innovation is the greatest power today—comes great responsibility; we are constantly working hard to improve our service offerings and innovate, from our apps to the standards to which we hold are provider law firms.

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